I feel guilty, but happy.

I Feel Guilty, But Happy.

I Feel Guilty, But Happy.

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I Feel Guilty, But Happy.

I feel guilty, but happy.

I Feel Guilty, But Happy.

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I Feel Guilty, But Happy.

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I Feel Guilty, But Happy.

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I Feel Guilty, But Happy.

JoshuaDTV is a place where you can be yourself and be accepted for it. I believe in love and a lot of my content reflects that. Life isn't always fair or kind…but if we continue to strive for the good…if we continue to get back up after being knocked down… what can stop us from being the best version of ourselves? Don't just survive…THRIVE. Be Nice to People.

I Feel Guilty, But Happy.


50 thoughts on “I feel guilty, but happy.”

  1. watching the video now and I totally wish I could have an actual conversation with you

  2. i cant wait until he starts dating again. So he can have the love he deserves, truly move on and be happy.

  3. I’m really happy for you. I’m going to be honest, I was not a huge fan of your videos in the past but recently you’ve become my favorite YouTuber. I love your realness. It’s refreshing and brave and I’m proud to call myself a fan of yours

  4. True ‘dat.

    Here’s a little bit of wisdom that I’ve gleaned over 57 years being someone who had mostly guy friends: when it comes to break-ups, most men are able to feel happier, faster. I always felt it was because they are able to assess a situation from a logical perspective whereas women relive all the pain until it doesn’t hurt any more. Don’t feel guilty about being happy. Yeah, it might feel a little uncomfortable for a while, but that discomfort will fade.

    Psyched about the new music and videos! 🙂

    Just remember, we all wish you the largest amount of happiness your life can receive. With all that love and happiness coming your way, you can’t help but enjoy it, so blame any guilt you may feel about being happy on us! You get by with a little help from your friends. 😉 ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Still clickbaiting about divorce. We all see that your views are falling,but please just make some interesting videos and put some big clickbait rather than this.

  6. “Was hmm shmmm phttt… sry I spit.” THIS IS A DEFINITE EXPLANATION OF MY LIFE

  7. Melissa AKmomma

    ♥️Me too. 💛A conversation of hope. Giving Josh hope & faith not to give up on love & life. That it’s ok to move forward in a positive light😂I’m so loving this new found 💥freedom💥
    It’s breath taking🌊
    I love Josh’s song🔥 “One in a Million”🔥

  8. You’re mental detox matters most! Keep it up, Josh! Finding joy in the midst of pain shows that you’re walking in the right direction! 😊 Praying for you!

  9. She really fucked him up. She was so terrible to him it seems… Take care of you, Josh! Mental health is so important.

  10. +S K Rumi is an absolute genius! I found him because many of my Muslim friends told me this quote during many times when I was upset or going through trouble. I’m Christian and not Muslim but I can respect and admire all the great things that Rumi and other Muslims in history with words of wisdom like that 🙂

  11. BeccaBxo: Me too, however, I like that he is taking the time to figure out his own head before he begins something with someone else.

  12. Lauren Koppang I do too. It took me so long to actually understand this quote and I hope Josh sees that quote or something like that and heal

  13. Pammi ASMR I said sorry and I also wrote that comment to prove a point so thank you

  14. paula morin that’s not true, because that’s exactly what is happening here. You might think that it’s not the right decision for josh to talk about it on the internet, but at the end of the day it’s his choice. Just because he’s talking about it online doesn’t mean that his pain isn’t real. It’s not clickbait. It’s how he feels right now.

  15. Jasmine Vlogs 1. It’s not funny to be mean and call people stupid. 2. By saying Josh looks like a hot dad doesn’t mean I’m hitting on him. 3. I forgive you. 4. Be nice to people.

  16. paula morin I would highly disagree, talking about your mental health when not fully stable is healthy, and beneficial to everyone

  17. Payton Dundas Yes,and why is his recent videos all about dating in the title?! You can’t tell me that there is no click bait on his channel for the past 2 months. In one video he is like sad and depressed and then he is happy in another video lol

  18. paula morin there are about 2 videos that could be related to dating… most of them are just about how josh is feeling right now. Feelings don’t stay the same. They’re always changing. You can’t expect someone to always be happy or always be sad. Everyone has good and bad days.

  19. Jasmine Vlogs You’re a child. Josh is divorced, doesn’t matter why. Women can hit on him if they please.

  20. Hey Paula why are you being such a Bitter Betty on Josh’s video? Honestly why are you on his channel if you are just going to leave rude comments? Josh is all about being nice to people and you want to try to bring him down… That’s so sad that you feel the need to be rude to someone going through a tough time in their life. And if you think it’s all for views then he wouldn’t be making sappy divorce-centered videos he would be making them centered around having fun with friends and/or family. That’s what get the views not sad videos.

  21. Rachael Sy – you hit the nail right on the head. I agree…I think he is being very brave.

  22. JoshuaDTV I absolutely love the person you are and the fact that you are so in tune with your emotions! I am broken right now to so I can definitely relate! 💔❤

  23. BeccaBxo I agree , he’s going to make someone reallllyyyy happy but I’m glad he’s taking time to himself , it always helps after a breakup.

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