Surprise audience guest on the C-Stage in Dublin!

Surprise Audience Guest On The C-Stage In Dublin!

Surprise Audience Guest On The C-Stage In Dublin!

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Surprise Audience Guest On The C-Stage In Dublin!

8 July 2017, Croke Park, Dublin

Surprise Audience Guest On The C-Stage In Dublin!

Surprise Audience Guest On The C-Stage In Dublin!

Surprise Audience Guest On The C-Stage In Dublin!
Surprise Audience Guest On The C-Stage In Dublin!
Surprise Audience Guest On The C-Stage In Dublin!

78 thoughts on “Surprise audience guest on the C-Stage in Dublin!”

  1. Tanto Coldplay como los fans
    Tienen un gran corazón♥
    Siempre lo eh dicho, Coldplay es la mejor banda😍

  2. And the truth is the people like us who are just good never gets chance to meet them from too close and the god gifted people like him always meet them and gets famous…I don’t want to offend anyone…But still i am proud i am okay.

  3. Si je comprend bien, y’a un mec qui à quitté le groupe “Coldplay” car il est bléssé, et en fait il était là au concert ?

  4. Pakistani Coldplayers who dream about going to one of their concerts and singing along with the band and thousands of other Coldplayers, I feel you!!
    love to Coldplay from 🇵🇰

  5. Coldplay are so kind. I mean how can anyone throw anything on them except flowers. Hope Jonny is fine

  6. That dude got to be next to Coldplay and Chris Martin … and here I am doing nothing with my life

  7. Charlie CH enfaite je disais ça vu qu’il est revenu pour le concert même en fauteuil roulant. mais bon je sais même pas qui c’est. Par contre le groupe est vraiment cool. Je te conseille Stranberry Swing un classique du groupe pour moi même si elle date maintenant

  8. Ok, je vais écouter, jte dis si j’aime! 😉 En tout cas c’est un de mes groupe préféré!!

  9. Charlie CH Moi aussi je l’ai kiffe et pour beaucoup d’autres personnes aussi ils sont pas inconnus soit sur. je t’assure qu’à voir la vitesse des ventes de billets pour leur concert

  10. C’est bon j’ai écoutée: Elle est pas mal, surtout le clip il est bien fait !!

  11. Sí, Coldplay es una banda fantástica, con un corazón grande y bueno …
    Además de crear muchas canciones hermosas …

  12. RKroft96 I’ll just say I have slight social anxiety and the only part that is bad is the queuing. When the concert starts you just forget yourself, I am really shy and I sang really high and screamed. The music is so loud that you can’t even hear yourself

  13. jatin dialani c’mon dude I’m a proud Indian too but whyd u comment so rudely.. spread love Not hate. Thats exactly what Coldplay’s about.

  14. Zaid Khan Have L💖VEd! them since their first album!🎶🎉🎶

  15. TheIrishPC Yeah I In There Its Verry Hot In Inside And Outside
    I Can’t Moving On This

  16. True. I was standing, had 7% battery left, and trying to contact my parents who were in the stands. Through the crowd, I managed to meet up with them, and use the dregs to my phone to guide us back to the car

  17. ddf7 dude you just uploaded intro of every video like 20 seconds what about rest huh?

  18. RKroft96 ^ True. I have awful anxiety and I went to see Green Day a week ago. I was considering not going after all, but I’m so glad I did. When you’re at a concert your anxiety just melts away, which is unexpected considering you’re in a big crowd. Everyone around you is having a great time and the atmosphere & environment is amazing. There’s so much worry and fret leading up to the concert but when you’re actually there, you just have a great time. I hope you’re able to go to future concerts, give it a go. You’ll be surprised!

  19. Khushi singh rajput is there any video that shows what happened? ~your profile pic is amazing~

  20. Vi NyS Coldplay es el responsable de que me guste este género de música que es mi favorito

  21. TheIrishPC my phone was on 1% for the last half hour of the concert and I was praying that it wouldn’t go off!! Luckily, it lasted until I got home from a two hour train ride!!

  22. shano82 zidan Thank you. I have just seen it. omg. He doesn’t deserve that!!! They don’t deserve anything like that!!! Why?? How can anyone do something like that? omg

  23. Dion Di Maio I didn’t find it that bad although I was taking photos for nearly an hour with people. They wanted to have a pic with the elephant man

  24. I met him and I wasn’t “god gifted” I was dancing with him on stage at the end

  25. MEER I live near there and I was in England and I came back when everyone was leaving

  26. Julie Pauwels am I going insane or is anyone else having trouble understanding what this guy is saying

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