KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence

KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence

KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence

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KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence

What if every time you waved at someone theY BLEW THE F*CK UP!?
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KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence

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KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence

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KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence

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KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence

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KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence

83 thoughts on “KILLING WITH A WAVE?! | Waviolence”

  1. Hey you should do more stuff with Ryan and Matt, I know you’re all probably very busy individuals so if you can’t I get it <3 love you

  2. I can imagine Jack with this power….
    **Wapoosh** top of d’ mor-

  3. The power of ones wave is truly a deadly attribute. Only the masters of jacking off can master this technique of “waviolence”

  4. Who else thinks mark should make a vlog channel leave a like so he knows how many ppl would like to see that

  5. Wow this game is so relatable! Whenever I wave to my friends in public, they just disappear…

  6. Multiple Fandom Lover mark is just making wade do his “fart face” and everybody kills themselves because they cant handle the anticipation of wades chipotle farts

  7. +A Very Disappointed Red Engineer you sound disappointed. If this was Reddit I would say username checks out. But it isn’t. So I won’t.

  8. Alyssa, Mydude Haha nah, I just chase after them, they’ll never be free of me 😉

  9. Marlena Campana yes, i think he posted it on twitter. Apparently ryan and matt felt like mark treated them more as workers than as friends so they deleted all their videos on their channel featuring mark and announced that they wouldn’t be recording any more videos with mark. even though mark apologized, they still haven’t made up their minds. kinda sad to be honest, but hey, what can you do

  10. Plutogia Pythia Kurohebi Ok so I just looked it up to see what I can find and I saw the whole thing mark posted about it and he explained what happened. That’s so sad because I love the three of them so much but thank you for informing me about it

  11. Marlena Campana no prob 🙂 i was sad too when i found out about it, but his videos are still as they should be so i think it’s okay it turned out like that

  12. Plutogia Pythia Kurohebi I suppose I just hope that there is no hurt feelings between them

  13. It’s a joke. Because Canadian’s are considered very polite (and we are. I’m Canadian)

  14. It’s in his name! Markindieplier
    Just don’t look into it

    I said don’t.

    Damn you.

  15. +Lim Zheng Long
    it is in certain situations such as when a friend raises their hand for one.

  16. RealMerhaban1 dogs are only partially colorblind, so they don’t see everything in black and white

  17. FroyoHead Animation, im tired of the annoying font you type all your comments in.change it m8

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