Game Critics

Game Critics

Game Critics

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Game Critics

Game Critics

Game Critics
Game Critics
Game Critics
Game Critics

51 thoughts on “Game Critics”

  1. I’m surprised you haven’t brought up Rooster Teeth podcast with them bashing Gerstmann for “low” Fallout 4 score while playing around with free F4 pip boys and sponsorship from Bethesda

  2. I don’t trust companies like IGN or gamespot. I trust independent like AngryJoe or Dunkey Babyyyyy!

  3. When you have 400+ episodes, you’re bound to do at least one dumb thing. Besides, rt is more than just the know and the podcast, check out funhaus sometime.

  4. who in their right minds would give fallout 4 a “high” score in the first place either

  5. “I stopped listening to dunkey when he said that Anime and Pokemon (turn-based combat) were bad.”
    As someone who actually does enjoy anime (please don’t report my comment) I accept that there are definitely reasons to hate it. Such as the “I watch it for the personality” people. Not all anime are like that though, and although some a streched too long (naruto, Dragon Ball, and WAY more) There are definitely some good ones too.

  6. Bigtime Youtubers are the worst shills out there. This is implied and indirect with big media outlets but lots of these Youtubers are straight up bought

  7. 3:05 “Deeper, *funnier*, and even stranger than Fargo.” ~New York Press

    What in God’s holy name is funny about No Country For Old Men? That movie is either intense, gloomy, scary, or outright dark from beginning to end.

  8. Megurine Luka Did you play Fallout 4? it was so good even if the dialogue system was awful

  9. On the flip side, YouTube critics will just regurgitate the most basic opinions of their audience.  It’s boring to listen to reviews that will never challenge their viewers.

  10. GiantBomb are the only site that matter tbh. They use the 5 point scale, they only review games in their own time and only ones they feel are worth talking about, they post detailed gameplay videos, they are unbiased, they don’t post trailers or get hyped up about unreleased games and they get into deeper discussions during their podcasts.

  11. Dear comments,
    No, your opinions aren’t that much better or automatically more objective.

  12. I never have understood why this was so hard for people to get. I for example like Griffin’s comedy videos, however I do not go to Polygon for games reviews.

  13. IGN critics, their job is not to review a game game. Their job is to give the game a number and try to get as many sells as possible while be as correct as possible.

  14. Giant Bomb is NOT unbiased, that’s impossible to expect from any game critic. What they do have is editorial consistency and a small group of writers who’s points of view you understand, not 30+ writers who’s opinions are all over the place.

    A critic having a strong, identifiable voice is exactly what Dunkey was talking about as a positive.

  15. Youtubers can also be the biggest shills. Big media sites have their issues with advertising but some Youtubers are straight out bought by media companies. Unlike big media sites, people are fooled into trusting vloggers and influencers because they’re just “regular folks” like you and me.

    Dirty AF

  16. No Country for Old Men has a lot of comedic moments, sure its not a comedy, but that doesn’t mean its not funny.

  17. Tiki Torchs Learn proper tense and grammar, then maybe take another swing at that comment champ

  18. No Country for Old Men is a great movie, but I don’t think I ever laughed once watching it. Except maybe for the “not in the sense you mean” line. But I’m not sure if I ever laughed at that part.

  19. I feel like they pioneered a lot of the ideas he talked about. By unbiased, I think you meant not pressured into anything since they are subscription-based. They have always seemed honest and forward-thinking when it comes to business, coverage, and reviews.

  20. I have female friends that genuinely like games. But yeah, they’re the minority.

  21. Bruh, I’m not gonna watch your videos because you are so black and stuff. UNSUBSCRIBE

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