Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES

Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES

Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES

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Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES

We finally hatch the Sea Emperor's eggs! But sadly… we also have to say goodbye to a friend…
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Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES

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Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES

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Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES

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Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES

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Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES

80 thoughts on “Subnautica | Part 73 | THE EGG HATCHES”

  1. Mark, please return to the Emperor one day.
    if you hatch the babies and go away then come back later, you’ll see something really cool and sad. I’m not saying what it is though, also, go through the lost river again.. *Cough* new Giant creature *Cough Cough*

  2. no the ghost leviathan is in the game mark passed it last episode i believe?

  3. You should get jack’s septiceye tank and put it next to mark. Like if you agree.

  4. You should quickly go to the emperor’s aquarium again there will be something waiting for you 🙁

  5. Mark the tree if u remember it’s a ghost leviathan egg the ghost leviathan in the lost river is a juvenile (baby)
    and when they get older (bigger)they leave that biome and goes to another one your lucky that its not fully implimented LIKE SO MARK SEES



  7. Mark plz go look at the emperor again when you go out after hatching the babies and then go back in something will happen no spoilers tho

  8. mark before the game is going to end you must ask your self this : do you want to leave the planet. if you don’t you stay and help cure it if so you do something we don’t know happens it is your choice, make it.

    help him see this and like

  9. Subnautica creators need to put a singing talking fish wall ornament in the game, like the ones you can find at novelty shops or gift stores.

  10. Hey Mark, I’m not 100% sure but you need to go back to the emperor’s prison because the little yellow orbs you saw is, apparently the cure left by the baby emperors and you can use them to cure yourself, maybe.

  11. well the creature is called The Ghost leviathan.

    the “Giant cove tree” turns out to be Ghost leviathan eggs, when they hatch they spawn in the Lost river and ghost forrest, they are juveniles then but will be bigger, they then go to the Grand reef and to the Void where they will become adult sized, They’ll be huge. if you want to see all the updates for Subnautica ASAP I recommend you subscribe to these guys: AwesomeCrunch and Acituanbus. they make video’s about all the updates Right when they come out 🙂

  12. The Emperor’s death was honestly one of the saddest character deaths I know.
    She was the only being on the entire planet you get to interact with.
    She stayed alive far past her due date in a cage, half of her babies murdered for the sake of trying to make a cure, unable to talk to the Precursors. Assumed over 1000 years spent in a cage with her unborn children that she knew would never see the light of day unless someone who she could speak to could go to the mind boggling length of getting to her without dying. And even after saving the only life left on the planet, she doesn’t get to see the surface, and dies in the same place she has stayed for over 1000 years.

    The Emperor seems very certain of the possibility of reincarnation, I hope in future updates they’ll add some little hint that the Emperor, now rebirthed as something else, is swimming happily somewhere

  13. ghost leviathan lore: mark u probably wont read this but that tree u thought was the membrane tree was the ghost leviathan eggs and there a baby ghost leviathan will spawn and as it grows bigger it will go to bigger biomes and if you go to the end of the map a giant ghost leviathan and probably eat you while you’re screaming for big box Barry but the Ghost will be bigger than the emporer. hope you read this.

  14. ~Mark:”I always hate going down here because its just so unnatural…”
    ~Me:”You say its unnatural, but I call it, *pause for dramatic effect*, Supernatural…”*then Sam, Dean, and Cas pop out of nowhere*

  15. baby emperors cure the planet. u can even go visit them spreading their enzymes in different biomes

  16. Gr8er than u m8
    Watch another video about it to find out, like IGP
    Best not to spoil it for Mark

  17. Pretty sure they move onto the abyss. If I’m correct after they grow up they then go there, and make sure no players explore the depths, and kills them if they go too far.

  18. Odin Destroyer of Used Car Salesmen oh sorry I had no idea that you were joking😁😁😁

  19. That’s correct, but as you could see when Mark looked at them, they’re not implemented yet.

  20. Mark I sware if you don’t finish one shot I will scream at you for the rest of your life!

  21. lamo He put One shot part 6 and not the final episode and im so triggered about it xD

  22. He can still go back to the prison though, to see the last stage of the emperor

  23. I can’t facepalm over this comment too much or I may just knock myself out. -__-

  24. I wish. but Mark doesn’t seem to add him in like Jack does with Anti. 🙁

    then again, it might look like he’s trying to “copy” Jack by doing that.

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  26. Marks never cared if someone claimed he “copied” so he probably would. But, I dont think he edited it in just because stuff like that has happened to me while filming stuff for projects

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