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10 TIMES Police Officers Were CAUGHT BREAKING The Law!

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SECRETS Of Police Officers Finally REVEALED!

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From the time we are small children, we are taught that our local police officers are people that we can trust, and we are encouraged to look to them in times of trouble. It’s easy to forget that cops are humans as well and behind those badges are both good people and bad ones. We will take a look at ten times police officers were caught breaking the very laws that they were hired to uphold. Getting caught stealing cigarettes doesn’t sound so bad, until you realize that officer Mario Rodriguez stole over half a million of them. Oh, and then he proceeded to try to extort money from an undercover officer. Not all cases are so open and shut, especially if certain Baltimore police officers are involved. Several officers have recently been found planting evidence and cases are already beginning to get thrown out because of it. Of course, the real question is what happened to the fellow officers who were supposedly reviewing the footage? James Curley was receiving a police officer’s pay for longer than he was an officer, and while he was on disability he used his down time to stalk his ex wife. One Miami cop ended up getting stalked by her fellow officers after she pulled one over at a traffic stop. Jeff Mann is not only a cop, but a sheriff as well, and was so ashamed of his crime that he ended up suspending himself. Not that we blame him; we wouldn’t want to show our faces at the office after getting caught doing what he did either!

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