‘Barbara Wants To Protect Jace’ Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

'Barbara Wants To Protect Jace' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

'Barbara Wants To Protect Jace' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Barbara Wants To Protect Jace' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

Barbara defends her reasons for wanting to continue to parent Jace. Get ready for a new episode of #TeenMom2 Monday at 9/8c!

'Barbara Wants To Protect Jace' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

#MTV #TeenMom2

'Barbara Wants To Protect Jace' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Barbara Wants To Protect Jace' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

Teen Mom is a spin-off of the MTV documentary series 16 & Pregnant. Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age – all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother.

'Barbara Wants To Protect Jace' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Barbara Wants To Protect Jace' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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51 thoughts on “‘Barbara Wants To Protect Jace’ Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV”

  1. Janelle has changed but I feel
    Janelle always needs a man to be a certain way , I’m sure if Janelle was single and in college and just feeling independent and happy her mom would give her jace but as you can see Janelle isn’t , she never smiles and she is only staying out of trouble because she’s with somebody that isn’t. Janelle cares about the looks of everything. She should be greatful her mom was there to pick up the peices. Janelle needs to learn to
    Love herself

  2. I agree with Barbara in some sense. From my point of view JENELLE thinks that she is straight and everything is going positive in life when it’s not. Each and every guy has no respect for her mother. She allows them to talk to her mom anyway they feel and if they can talk to an elder especially your girl’s mom like that JENELLE is going to be treated the same or even worst. As for Jace he is neither good with his grandmother or his mother because he still is very rude. He hits on his grandma and doesn’t listen. He needs to go somewhere where there is positivity and someone can teach him how to be respectful!!

  3. Jenelle chose David over jace plain and simple the poor kid is scared of him and jenelle basically said get over it like what mother does that

  4. I agree with barbara, i think jenelle loves her kids butttt like barbara said “the guys” thats the problem 😕

  5. Odalis Rivera because it’s a civil conversation no drama the deleted scenes in my opinion are always better

  6. Yungin i agree. They need to spent some of that mtv movie and get him help. Im sure seeing all that drama from both sides & jenelle going from man to man has affected him.

  7. Yea but it’s not Barbara’s choice its the courts choice. It the jury and the judges choice and they don’t find her fit. And plus she is dating a guy who verbally abuse her children. And jace’s therapist even said in court that Jace’s is afraid of Jenelle’s fiance but Jenelle clearly doesn’t care. If she did she would have left him by now but she doesn’t.

  8. Barbara has a point, Jenelle should have cleaned herself up when Jace was still little. I hate how her “friend” tries to make Barbara feel like the bad person. “She cried because she wants her baby back” um I am sorry but Jace is not a baby. He is almost 8 years old and has only known Jenelle as the “fun” parent. Jenelle was too busy finding “Mr. Right” before she could be bothered by wanting Jace back. It has always been about what Jenelle wants first and then her boy toys second and then her friends and finally her children.

  9. Elizabeth Dawn I know it’s courts but barsbara always had primary custody it’s actually up to her. She just got it in writing now that she is the legal guardian, Janelle signed her rights away at 16.

  10. MTV always leaves out the crucial parts of this storyline.
    Why is not mentioned that Jace told his therapist that he’s scared of David and David’s daughter because they are mean to him? And jenelle doesn’t take that into account and basically told him to get over it. Or the fact that the new baby was born with THC in her system and that jenelle was being investigated?
    This pattern with jenelle is exhausting because as far as she’s concerned she’s a victim

  11. Why do they always leave out scenes that are important to the show? Producers are Shady as hell. Barbara took care of Jace when his mother was strung out on drugs and dating drug dealers and going in and out of jail. She can barely deal with the two kids she has at home.

  12. Barbra is right if Jenelle cared that badly why didn’t this custody battle happen a long time ago? Before she had 2 other children?!

  13. She is jaces hero… For her to take in her grandson while jenelle was out having fun and then now that she settled down wants her kid back to create this big happy family…like no not going to happen. How would you feel if u raise a kid till he’s 7 years old and all of a sudden have to give him back like Barbara said it should of bn done when he was a BABY

  14. Go Barbara…. Jenelle has proved herself good however it’s not been too long really unfortunately she bucked up her ideas a few years too late. He’s better with Barbara

  15. Jace said he was afraid of David. He said that to his therapist. It’s clear that he needs to stay with Barbara.

  16. You don’t wait 8 years to try, and to get your kid back and expect it to work. since day one she’s chosen partying. guys, and drugs over her kid and still choosing a man over her kids to this very day and apparently drugs yes Jenelle has come a long way, but she still has a lot of work to do especially when it comes to the men in her life. every single guy has the same pattern not working live off her money and disrespects her mom and tells her exactly what she wants to hear. Honestly she hasn’t changed much at all.

  17. The Flores Family I believe it’s also to protect Jenelle they should’ve put it since we all think what Barbara is saying

  18. These people Jenelle finds to co-sign her really think Jace is a puppy or something. It’s not about what’s being done to Jenelle. It’s about Jaces well being. She could’ve left the guys alone a long time ago & moved 5 mins away from Jace & been around him everyday. She’s the one that moved to the woods with that crazy man. I don’t get what they expect Barbara to do.

  19. He is Jenelle’s biological son but Barbara has been his mother since day ONE. That producer is ridiculous. You know how you would feel if your mother did that to you? Really? If your mother clothed/fed/cared for your son when you were unfit, when you didn’t even want to be there, when without her he would be dead or taken away by CPS a long time ago? 🙄

  20. Yes! I’ve been saying if David was to do meth tomorrow, Janelle would be a meth head by Tuesday. She’s only as stable as the person she’s in the relationship with. Up until it doesn’t work, then she’s at the reunion holding hands with her mom crying about how the guy was soo abusive. 🙄

  21. Kai And then he told Jenelle that he didn’t say he was scared. That’s a clear sign right there. I feel bad, now he won’t trust his counselor because he’ll think they’ll tell jennelle what he says. I know how this kid is thinking, I was in that position as a kid.

  22. NEWSHOO it’s bad for his therapist only because they are obligated to tell the truth in court. I think it was the truth but he didn’t eat to tell his mom that.

  23. He is acting up because of Jenelle. He sees how jenee trear his grandmother and so he models that, thinking that it ks acceptable. He is also anger because he constantly live in fear. Barbara and Jenelle talk in front of him. Can you believe the fear he had that he might be sent to live with Jenelle and David? When children feel out pf control in their lives they act out of control.

  24. Did you ever think that it might be what Barbara is doing that’s alienating Jenelle from her? It’s easy to blame David for this. But when is Barbara going to take at least some responsibility for how Jenelle turned out and how Jace is turning out?
    Barbara is basically doing the same thing to Jace that she did to Jenelle.

  25. I had that kind of childhood only time i ever saw my papa cry was when itold him i wanted to stay with my mom (because i let her get in my head what a mistake that was)

  26. You’re right but it hasn’t been just David. Kieffer( or “Kieffah”) , Nathan, Courtland all took priority over Jace in Jenelle’s life in addition to partying and drugs. Jenelle has always been much more worried about being without a man than she has being a decent mother.

  27. Exactly! They are both to blame for the way Jace turned out and to be honest at this point Barbara has the greater influence. We saw this latest episode that Barbara is trying to project her feelings onto Jace. Barbara should’ve talked Jenelle into adoption when she was younger and this all could’ve been avoided because now this boy is so damaged.

  28. hello there Oh please! Jace had terrible behavior since he was a toddler. At this point, we can’t blame Jenelle anymore. If y’all aren’t willing to blame Barbara for the way Jenelle is then you shouldn’t blame Jenelle for Jace’s actions. She’s not the one raising him.

  29. No she’s not lol. Jace would’ve been better off in foster care all those years ago because at least then he had the chance of being adopted and ending up in a good and loving home. Barbara is screwing up Jace just the same way she screwed up Jenelle🤷🏿‍♀️

    Neither household is better than the other clearly since Jace had bad behaviors since he was a toddler.

  30. I only clicked this video because I thought they were actually gonna air the footage of Barbara talking about jenelles CPS investigation. But of course MTV took that right out. SMFH

  31. Celeste K Then she needs to grow up and be a responsible mother instead of focusing on being somebody’s wife or girlfriend and help jace . She has him on the weekends. Jenelle still needs to work on herself and I’m sorry but at some point in our lives we need to stop acting like mommy and daddy are the reason for our behaviours and do better than our determinisms . if she did that years ago Barbara wouldn’t be raising jace and “screwing him up”. Jenelle is still selfish as a mother and we can’t blame Barbara for that

  32. Barbara says things to Jace that she knows that she shouldn’t say to him just like she said things to Jenelle that she knows she shouldn’t have said to her.
    Have you ever heard the old axiom “Children are products of their environment?”? Both Jenelle and Jace are victims of their parents. Jennelle of her mother and Jace of Jennelle. There’s no denying that Jace destroys meme Evan’s house because he wants attention from his mother.

  33. Celeste K And as I said. That is jenelle’s responsibility to figure out. We cannot prove that Barbara treats Jenelle and Jace the same but I see what you’re saying
    We cannot blame Barbara for the reason why jenelle was strung out on drugs for years, or chose other things over her child nor can we blame Barbara for the fact that jace admitted that he is terrified of his step father and she told him to get over it.
    Jace ofcourse loves his mother but unfortunately it’s what’s in his best interest is decided here by the law.
    The situation between mother and grandma needs to change

  34. barb has told her that we would set a schedule for him to go back to her but barb always changed it. Barb and Jenelle have used jace against each other. something has need to be in writing for a long time

  35. 703nat No it’s not. They disclosed that he was diagnosed at 6 but Jace was cussing up a storm when he was like 2 years old. ADHD doesn’t cause a 2 year old to pick up foul language, that’s parenting. Not only that but Babs said he’s being medicated for it therefore his possible ADHD isn’t the problem, it’s the way he’s being raised is.

    I don’t even believe he has ADHD because his behavior is not prevalent across environments, and there’s quite a bit of conversation within the realm of mental health that ADHD is over diagnosed. Jace’s behavior is without a doubt the result of his upbringing.

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