Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!

Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!

Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!

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Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!

Went a bit wild in Primark- Ooops!!
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Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!

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Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!

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Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!

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Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!

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Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!

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20 thoughts on “Homeware & Disney Primark Haul!”

  1. What really gets me about so many clothes in stores is that they have no fit to them because the companies are trying to save as much as possible on design, materials and time. I can’t find any dresses that cinch at the waist and are long enough to cover my bum and I’m only a UK 10.

  2. Yes Louise! I feel the same way about Frozen (Tangled is obviously much better, everyone is crazy.) and I also feel the same way about Disney merch. I love the theme parks and the movies, but decorating with disney stuff just isn’t for me.

  3. Im a larger person and i love to wear 1950s dresses and stuff that generally makes me feel nice (which mostly consists of flowy dresses, leggings, jumpers etc) and today i went shopping and i couldn’t really find anything in my size and it made me feel quite down about myself especially since i was with my sister as she is quite small and anything she liked they had her size so not loving fashion atm summer was also not a strong point for me (croptops and shorts just do not come near me)

  4. If you don’t know what to do with the purses you could possibly do a giveaway? 🤷🏼‍♀️ might be more hassle than it’s worth though 😂

  5. Actually considering booking a flight to the UK for a primark haul alone….does anyone know if primark in the US is any good? I’m from Canada 🙂 no target or primary:(

  6. I would also like the 40s and 50s back, I am so sick of seeing cropped tops and chokers, they seem to be everywhere and I actually find it hard to find clothes I like as a result

  7. I completely agree with your state on fashion right now. Its all kind of shapeless and boxy and personally my body is already kind of boxy so i definitely prefer clothes that give me more shape. Hoping style transitions soon

  8. At the beginning when you said how you aren’t into the current fashion, I thought it’s so nice to hear a YouTuber admit this fashion is crap right now. I’m tired of cold shoulders. I like full skirts, buttons downs and a little bit more prep in my style than I can seem to find anywhere right now. I also wish bootcut pants would come back. Skinnies are fine, I’ll still wear them, but I’m kind of dying for a pair of bootcut jeans.

  9. i just love you and your videos. Always have, always will <3 I am with you on the 90s stuff. Some of it I love ( mainly small back packs and more grunge type flannels) but I HATE crop tops and those strapy tops that no bra works with ever.

  10. The 90s were a giant fashion faux pas to begin with, it’s heinous that the hipsters have recreated it. I spent my life in flannel shirts and ripped jeans, so guess what haute couture trends I’m forcing on our fashion readers this season? PLAID FOR EVERYONE, Grunge will rise again!

  11. unrealistically, i would love the 1800s fashion to come back. i have been obsessed with Victoria and i love all the dresses Jenna Coleman gets to wear!

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