COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

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COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs


COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

This video is sponsored by Tesco. All opinions and creative input is my own.

COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

Tesco Scan As You Shop ↠ *awin*tesco_all*says*rhiannon_ashlee&utm_medium=tesco_wide&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_campaign=aff*rhiannon_ashlee

COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

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COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

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COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs

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51 thoughts on “COME SHOPPING WITH US! AD | Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs”

  1. I dont support self checkouts or self scanners…people need jobs.this is not a comment directed at rhiannon though,just my views on the subject x

  2. Wonderful video! The only problem I have with tesco’s scanning system, is that I’m always stopped, for a “random check” which takes longer than going to a normal till 😀 Just my luck, I suppose x

  3. surely some people will pretend to scan items and just put them in bags? hmm doesnt seem too safe! xx

  4. Sad. Confused. 7 minutes. I can’t do this.
    Haha I joke! I’ve never used Tesco scan and shop. We always shop at Aldi as it is just so much cheaper than everywhere else! Was that a full food shop for you? It was very budget friendly. We struggle to keep our shop low! X

  5. If someone I watch includes AD in the title or on the thumbnail I always watch. Because I appreciate the honesty.

  6. haha rhiannon this is so funny i work at tesco and my store just did scan as you shop training on thursday! the lady who does the training ensured us that it wont affect anyones jobs at all (neither do self service machines) so i don’t see why people are commenting about that! they’ll probably show your vlog in the training from now on cause they showed us another girl’s vlog using it!

  7. In my country unfortunately this system wouldn’t work out. That’s exactly what people would do. It’s a shame because markets here are always crowded and have the longest queues.

  8. im 90% sure its actually a jumpsuit from asos and she put a sweater over it making it look like they are trousers 🙂

  9. We have it here, and there are random checks done frequently enough to warn off potential thieves. Probably some mathematical system to minimize loss, and there are always people around the registers to make sure you actually pay. Some also have that thing where you have to scan a receipt to exit the pay area.

  10. It’s good to see your channel growing! Being invited by Tesco for an Ad it’s a sign of that, I think 😂

  11. Her twitter: ‘I’ll never understand why some people are so bothered by where a vlogger decides to food shop?’

    I’ll never understand why she gets so bothered by comments on her videos (that could not even be classed as hate) that she needs to tweet about it. The most inoffensive criticisms get under her skin so easily.

  12. With self scanners the person still needs to go to a till to checkout, so theres that. With self service its quite nice to not have to rely on staffed tills to process transactions as much, it means that the labour intensive and time consuming jobs on the shop floor get done with enough time, theres a lot of jobs in shops that machines can’t replace (at least not yet) so these sorts of machines make it easier on staff to do their jobs and not be as stressed 🙂

  13. Yeah like with the onions. Rhiannon made a label with 2 onions, could have had it scanned like she did, and then crammed one or two more onions in there. I mean, not that she would, but just to show as an example. I don’t think this system is very safe!!! You do have to get a scanner with the card, and if you are caught, I don’t think you are going to still be allowed to use the system, but I fear that Tesco is going to leave itself open to get ripped off majorly with this before their eyes open. And what if people put one or two more things in their cart without scanning them? Then what? I mean, you’d have to have someone check and then what happened with “time saved”? I don’t think so.

  14. My mom is an Aldi & Lidl shopper here as well (Belgium). We have been Aldi & Lidl shoppers for many years here, since the stores came to Belgium. For Aldi that was since my teens, and I’m 45 now. 🙂

  15. I do find it quite funny that this is a tesco sponsored video but we all know full well Rhiannon usually shops at M&S

  16. i don’t mind ads at all, people have to make their living and all that. but it’s so fake and contrived when you never shop at tesco lol

  17. ana S Hahaha, you’re in denial about future technological advances. They reckon that 49% of all current jobs will be automated in and around 2050. Truck drivers, taxi drivers, shop keepers, analysts, risk assessor etc. etc. It’s time we start up skilling people so that they won’t be jobless in the future.

  18. Why people have such an issue with this I don’t know 😂 Even if she does shop in M&S normally like she said at the start of the video, Tesco invited her to try it out. And she was giving her opinion on the experience I don’t see this as her being fake at all!

  19. I know you’ve gotten some hate lately, but ignore them! I love your channel and have watched every video. I’m not a mum, and I still enjoy your content. Even a little ad like this is enjoyable. Keep is up lovely!

  20. TheGlambitiousBeauty I was wondering how they checked you. What’s to stop you from just putting things in your bag without being scanned?

  21. She literally says Tesco invited her to try the scan and shop. So…what does it matter? She never stated that she was a regular Tesco customer. I think thats kind of the point.

  22. Susan Nguyen they take the receipt and make sure there’s nothing else in the bag; the potential for a random check is supposed to prevent theft, but I find they never actually check that thoroughly 🤷‍♀️

  23. Caitlin mc donald yes, many things in the future will be automated. Then again there is no reason to rush or encourage development like this particular one. It’s not like it is doing anyone any good, they just make more money faster. For themselves. In a small country like ours, self checkout exist, but people mosrly refuse to use them. If there are 8 regular tills and 10 self-heckouts, one or two clients will self-checkout, the other 8 people will line up at the only serviced till that’s open, and wait. I see it every day. The message is pretty clear. At the beginning the single people manning self-checkout tried to talk people into self checkout, but by now they have given up.
    I think the only place where they are more used are train stations (for they would miss their train by lining up) and cities with more americans.

  24. +Olivia Morris exactly! and the funny thing is, I DO shop in tesco but maybe I’ve just not been vlogging on those days 🤷🏼‍♀️

  25. +sophie rachel but I DO shop at Tesco, that’s why I have a Tesco clubcard! they’re the only supermarket in my town that sells Yeo valley so I always go there for that and if I’m in there I’ll get whatever I need that day/week.

  26. Susan Nguyen they scan random items in your trolley before you pay it’ll pop up if they’ve scanned an item you’ve not scanned, equally a random check comes up if it’s either your first time using the service or if you’ve scanned and removed alot of stuff from the machine

  27. Rhiannon is not fake at all! So what if she shops at bloody M&S she can sho where she wants? I wish I bloody could shop there and I would if I could afford it! She works hard and Doug works hard! Leave them to it Jesus Christ does it affect your life that much you have to be so mean!?

  28. Emma Bryant I think now that it’s pretty clear that this person is a troll we need to stop engaging them.

  29. Your ‘troll theory’. I’ll add Detective to your title, Detective Gestapo Ameerah. You do thank me a lot, I think you like me 😉

  30. Marleen G. There are lots of random checks where they have to check a few items in your basket and if they scan something and it’s not on the list you’d have a problem!

  31. Love this video but hate the nasty comments. I enjoyed the video – I enjoy all of your content! Going through a rough patch and your videos are providing a welcome distraction 🙂 xx

  32. If you don’t like her vlogs then don’t watch them. No need for this useless negativity. Just because she’s a vlogger doesn’t mean that she isn’t a normal person with feelings and opinions and complaints. Would you be this mean to her face? I don’t think so.

  33. Kt S maybe you were trying to make it sound like a constructive criticism but anyone can sense there’s an underlying nastiness to your comments. whats wrong if she has the same ootd everyday? whats wrong with having her baby in the vlogs? whats wrong if she “moans” or reacts to people criticising her? she’s human. she’s entitled to react same way you’re reacting to her. you said it yourself, you’re not subscribed so why watch her videos if you dont enjoy it anymore.

  34. Loverdose we went to Tesco late a couple of nights before Christmas and there was one poor guy manning only self service no cashiers were on duty at all, felt so sorry for him there were tons of people there and self service machines kept having problems…or people using them did. But I do use this shopping method and find it very convenient except when you’re in a hurry have a massive shop and they do a spot check then it’s a pain.

  35. I thought her main shop usually comes from Sainsbury…unless she’s like me and goes where the best offers are that week and M&S for top ups

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