We Tried This New Japanese Trend…

We Tried This New Japanese Trend...

We Tried This New Japanese Trend...

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We Tried This New Japanese Trend...

Taylor and I decided to try Japanese adult swaddling today…

We Tried This New Japanese Trend...

Check out Taylor's video for the full story!

We Tried This New Japanese Trend...

This is the salon we went to!

We Tried This New Japanese Trend...

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We Tried This New Japanese Trend...

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We Tried This New Japanese Trend...

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35 thoughts on “We Tried This New Japanese Trend…”

  1. Come to Poland sometime. I make movies from here with my girlfriend. Would love to show you around. Who’s Polish here? 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s a popped blood vessel in your eye??? I had that happen to me once, you kinda have to wait it out.

  3. Hey Sharla!!! I have a beautiful piece of jewelry I made for you and one for Taylor and wanted to know where I can send them for you both to pick up? I’m a small home based business and I’m trying so hard for it to take off. All in all I made them for you both as my appreciation for all of the fantastic videos that you guys post up on YouTube. I watch them all the time and they always put a smile on my face and brighten up my day. TMI I know this is a taboo subject to talk about but I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and whenever I’m feeling this way your videos help me calm down and relax. So thank you so much for making my days so great! Love you guys and I can’t forget Rosie as well my favorite little brown puffball lol ❤️😊

  4. I have the same issue right now.. Zombie eyes 😂
    I got diagnosed with conjunctivitis 😔
    Better let a eyedoctor check. I was hoping that it might go away by itself

  5. You are so sweet!! My mailing address is on the about page of my youtube channel, if you send them there I will make sure Taylor gets hers <3

  6. Sharmander it happens to me if I have been straining my eyes or if I’m too tired. For me its not dangerous but if it lasts a long time I think you should get it checked out

  7. Sharlaaaa it’s me mochipanko!! I’m so glad you received my package and that you like my stuff ♡ In case anyone is wondering about my store- it’s currently closed since I’m planning to add new prints and stationery soon 😀 also my Twitter is mochiipanko with double “i” (cause mochipanko was taken for some reason lol) anyways I’M SO HAPPY RN!! THANK U AND HOPE U LIKE THE SNACKS

  8. I really love watching you open your mail! 🙂 So many people send you great things and you always get so excited about them and you’re really humble at the same time! You show everything close up on camera, it’s so nice! People feel happy to send you things that they see you appreciate and are so thankful for.

  9. hmmm…I don’t know, I’m not for sure that that’s what it is, but I’d have it checked out just to be safe 🙂

  10. ahhh liya!! i didn’t know you were a fan of sharla’s! i’ve been following you forever on twitter haha i can’t wait until your shop is open again!!!

  11. for your eye, that happened to me once, like i sneezed and it bursted a blood vessel in my eye, it looked pretty scary but it goes away in a few days, mine was really obvious though

  12. I also want to be wrapped up in a wet blanket and rocked back and forth like a babeh lol, I needed this video after my shitty day, thanks

  13. Oh my gosh you by passed the yuri on ice and sanrio collaboration! So jealous but I’ve already preordered stuff 😶

  14. Hmm I’m not sure if it’s because I went vegan but it has been getting thicker! I’ve been using castor oil overnight masks though 🙂

  15. I love watching your vlogs! I lived in Okinawa for a couple years and not a day goes by wishing I was back. Hopefully I can work there again in the near future!

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