‘Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home’ Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

'Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

'Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

Jenelle has a full house and the madness isn’t slowing down. Don’t miss a new episode of #TeenMom2 this Monday at 9/8c!

'Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

Teen Mom is a spin-off of the MTV documentary series 16 & Pregnant. Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age – all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother.

'Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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56 thoughts on “‘Jace Spends Time At Jenelle’s New Home’ Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV”

  1. Lawd..Kaisers already hitting this mom 😂 smdh and if Jace doesnt get proper psychological help,he may be a future narcissist/sociopath. Seein other kids with his mom when hes not “allowed” to be with her,has to make him feel some kind of way. 🙁

  2. Seeing 2 drug addicts who scream violently infront of their children from all their different partners when they have ZERO REAL LIFE STRESS OF JOBS, INCOME, SCHOOL, DAYCARE FEES pisses me off they are both so undeserving any time KAISER throws a fit Jenelle has a melt down and oh David has no job surprise surprise! these 2 morons need to be kicked off it takes a special kind of idiot to be teamjenelle with her codependent attitude and anger issues towards her kids and mother stop the MTV GRAVY TRAIN ITS MTV WELFARE

  3. Yeah and it’s his grandmother who has the ability to change it….in a weird way I think she feels that even though Jenelle has made gradual improvements with setbacks there is a chance she could mess up again…so she feels that keeping Jace is in his best interest ….OR she thinks that she messed up with Jenelle and has always had a tumultuous relationship and by raising Jace she can get it right the second time

  4. At first I wasn’t sure which one was Brendan…they all are starting to look alike but then when Kaiser spit out that banana on that 4 wheeler I knew

  5. Shelby Hubbard Barb implied that he’s going to start getting psychological help. I hope everything gets better for him. Poor little guy.

  6. i feel like jenelle hates and resents kaiser. never seen her show him a drop of love, especially seeing how nice she is to einsley. that poor boy and jace needs love

  7. WOW!! I can’t ( ha ha) believe Kaiser is outside unsupervised!! He isn’t of age to be outside unsupervised… Neither is Jace really!! And all I ever really EVER see Jenelle and David do is sit around & on their phones!! Poor Jace is so bored!! You would think as little as she whines about getting him she would make her time count…

  8. I’ve watched this show from the very first episode and I have to say that even though Jenelle kicked her drug habit, she really hasn’t changed at all. She is still selfish. She is still a drama queen. And she still puts her relationships before her children. I completely support Babara keeping custody of Jace. Jenelle is not fit to be raising these children. When I watched that fight between her and David when they were moving, I just wanted to cry for Kaiser. She was taking all of her anger out on him. Her being pregnant was no excuse. It was disgusting.

  9. Who the he’ll is watching the kids beside the camera crew…david and jenelle are in the house..wtf is that

  10. Jace looks like he doesn’t even wana be with his mama. Which is understanding because it’s not like she was wanting to take care of him when she first had him. 😒 she’s a poor excuse of a human.

  11. Tori R yes! I agree with you ! Jenelle hasn’t changed. She is a horrible person. And David is a disgusting creep !

  12. Joelle Benitez i thinm he wants to be there i think he is just upset that she doesn’t give him one on one time there’s always another baby or guy in the way of that 💔💔 it really is sad i feel so bad for him 💔

  13. Home Town Honey All that wanting Jace is the love hate power Trip between Barbara and Janelle ,with Poor Jace in between.

  14. Home Town Honey i was just saying in a comment we have a small fenced in backyard and i still dont let him 7 year old outside alone not even with the door open if iam not out there to see all no one will be out there 💔 you just never know what will happen and i know its so sad 💔 he just wants that time with her but shes always popping out kids or putting other guys before him

  15. Home Town Honey and Kaiser was on a Quad too! What , dè are they that high that they just let a 3 year old go ride his 4 wheeler ? Nice. Someone call CPS!

  16. For all you hating on her, she could be broke living under a bridge with her kids. No mom is perfect, stop acting like you personally hangout wit her and know her.

  17. Every time Jenelle and Jace converse, its seems so awkward. Like a little brother who is meeting his much older sister for the first time.

  18. The way Jace went to lift the four wheeler that kaiser was on was a little bit alarming to me.His behavior with babs and the way he talks about violent things Like it’s no big deal,it’s really starting to seem like he’s showing signs of growing up to be a a not so nice person maybe even a psychopath.Its a good thing Davids nephew had the sense and the kindness to tell him to stop and instead turned the situation around to where he was helping kaiser do wheelies and then Jace followed had the nephew not been as sweet I think things might have ended up going a different route

  19. Monique martinez I wish she would go live under a bridge ! That’s actually where David Eason belongs ! He’s a real life Troll!

  20. Tee Bee Kail is actually a good mom imo, she’s just an angry person to others and a shitty wife/gf. I personally don’t like her but I think she is a good mother to her boys. Farrah…. Well she’s just the full package of shitty all around. But again, that’s just my opinion

  21. dee Luno I don’t really think Kaitlyn is a bad mom either but she’s created a bad situation having 3 kids by 3 different partners. Kaitlyn’s bad decisions affect them too & yet, she continues in her ways. I mean I realize she’s a product of her childhood but her mom didn’t have that many kids by that many men.

    And although I’m not crazy about Jenelle, I understand why she is the way she is because I look at her mom & see the way she yells and screams & is very cold hearted towards Jenelle at times & even Jace. So I know Barbara has a lot to do with the way Jenelle is today. My chin dropped when Dr. Drew asked Barbara a few years back if she thought Jenelle was lovable and Barbara said no. If a mother can’t consider her own child lovable what does that say about Barbara as a mother. And I won’t even get started on Farrah because I wouldn’t know where to begin.

  22. thatstudcj1993 ok. Well I heard from Jessica Eason via twitter , that Jenelle did indeed smoke pot throughout her pregnancy with Envelope ! I mean Ensley 😂

  23. Tete combs .. No ones perfect, i am not a Janel fan, but shes not the worst of moms. Iv seen worst mothers and fathers. Plus Jesus Christ loves her and therefore i hope the best for them.

  24. Shmooboogie I wonder how these kids never had major accidents before, ending up in a hospital or worse… They must have gardian angels up there

  25. Family should always build you up and never tear you down. It doesn’t mean that family can’t be honest with you about something but it should never come across in a critical or cruel way.

    Barb is a control freak, she’s mean, she’s critical & gets off on drama. Jenelle’s only mistake was signing off on custody without fighting Barb for it. Even if she had to get a court-appointed attorney it would have been better than saying, here you go, you can have custody for now. Because as you can see Barb’s not willing to give Jenelle her own son back. I don’t like the yelling and screaming at Jenelle’s house either but it’s no different at Barbs house so shouldn’t Jace stay with his mom especially if the environments are basically the same.

  26. PresentingNic ..well this is america you have people taking kids with out you knowing …its better to be safe then sorry..i don’t know what world you Live in…

  27. Jennifer Gonzalez the real world, children need to learn how to look after themselves too. By not allowing them some freedom they won’t learn these things. The majority of children abused or killed actually know the person, it’s a very small percentage with strangers doing it.

  28. PresentingNic do you have kids?… Because I have a 10 year old and he know what the real world is and I’m still watch over him…i can see you haven’t really seen what’s been going on now…all people are saying is the camra crew is not responsible for watching those kids it’s david and Janelle job to..one of them could have stayed in the house and the other one outside that the point of being a parent

  29. If they’re getting married it doesn’t mean that he can’t chat with his friends or family. If you want to have a happy family then stop suspecting your partner all the time.

  30. Jennifer Gonzalez I don’t think the crew were actually “looking after” them. They were recording them for the show. I’m not saying not to look out for them – just not to hover over them. They need some freedom and with that comes boundaries. They need to know what is allowed, how much freedom they can stretch and if over stretched there should be consequences. I’ve been working with kids for years and unfortunately I’ve witnessed the negative impacts it has on kids into adulthood by not giving them opportunities to explore without constant minders. Mental health being the biggest one. Parents don’t always know what is best for their kids – here is jenelle as your example, but other parents who think they are doing what is best for their kids, don’t realise it either even though they have the best intentions. Not meaning to offend at all just stating how our country is worlds apart from yours and what I have witnessed over the years.

  31. For all of you folks saying that Jenelle should get Jace back, she should never get Jace back. Because that will damage Jace even more. Jenelle waited WAY too long. Jace will act out more, he isn’t a baby anymore. He’ll feel resentment and abandonment, he will miss Barbara. Jenelle is not stable enough to be a parent, she must have a man next to her. When Jenelle is alone with the crying children, she yells and screams with them. Jenelle will not be able to handle Jace, she can barely handle Kaiser.

  32. I think Jace is sad because he wants to be with his mom and siblings. We’ve seen him multiple times saying that he wants to be with janelle but Barbra is keeping him away for her own selfish reasons. Janelle has gotten her life together and she’s trying, David seems like a good person, he genuinely cares for her children and if people keep dwelling on the fact that they both did drugs in the past how are they supposed to move on?

  33. I think it’s because he sees his mom living her life without thinking of him first and how his other siblings can stay with her but he can’t, and if janelle actually cared for him instead of putting her boyfriend first maybe one day he would be able to live with her

  34. Autumn Nash Actually it’s a good thing jace isn’t there because jenelle has waited WAY to long, if she really wanted jace back she would stop dating and focus on getting her kid back and plus it’s not like it’s an easy process they would have to go to court and i doubt she would be able to get him back from there and Barbara gives him all the attention that jenelle doesn’t, it’s really sad even though she changed she has yet to grow up and see the real problems she needs to take care of, she isn’t a stable person and if her and david argue it’s not a good environment for him.

  35. Reina Jackson It’s closer to their daily lives than this show given people snap all day everyday and it’s in real time. What the OP is claiming to have never seen her “show Kaiser love”, on this show whereas I’ve seen that almost everyday on her Snapchat.

  36. Sierra Pearl Shrewd “act out more”, he’s assaulting Barbara, how much worse can he get?? Assaulting a parent at this age (with no remorse) is kind of the line crosser. I’m just saying, Jace has had behavioral problems for a very long time (remember he was cursing like a sailor at 2/3). At that point Jenelle was barely around as she was with Kieffer strung out on drugs, so who did he learn it from? Therefore in my opinion, Jace’s behavior is a reflection on Babs.

    I constantly see people claim Jenelle getting him back is the worst thing for him whereas apparently being with Babs isn’t that much better. All she’s provided is food and shelter, she’s not really doing a good job raising him to be a functioning member in society. I mean Leah had a very similar situation like Jace and she doesn’t behave like him. Bentley, Aubrey and Nova have pointless fathers and they don’t behave like Jace. I wish people would stop letting Babs off the hook. She takes a huge part in why Jace is the way he is.

  37. Yeah he said don’t do that to him. I think Barbara is just too old to be raising Jace he is going to run all over her plus she raised Jenelle so and I think Barbara is pretty crazy herself too

  38. lilliesxo lilliesxo Wait what?? So you didn’t see the snap like 2 days ago with just her and Kaiser bonding as she’s teaching him how to fish? Or when she was with him last week (just the two of them) helping him ride his 4 wheeler and playing in puddles? Even when she’s just laying in bed with him taking snaps with all the funny filters? I feel like you’re not being truthful.

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