Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A

Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A

Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A

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Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A

Vlogust Day 10! Just a Q&A video for today. Follow me on twitter if you would like to ask a question for the next episode!

Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A

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Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A

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Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A

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Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A

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Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A

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39 thoughts on “Where I Met My Husband | #asksharla Q&A”

  1. I have to agree with Sharla about public transit in Canada. Not that great in Edmonton here where live neither. That is one thing i loved about visiting Japan was the public transit, it was awesome.

  2. The real question here is where are you having kids; Canada, Japan, or Korea. I have over 500 potatoes riding on Japan

  3. Yeah ugh it sucks here in Calgary too. Our trains always end up having problems and breaking down and then it fucks up the entire train schedule for hours. Buses are alright but some drivers don’t care about sticking to the schedule so they’ll arrive early and leave before they should, or just be super late.

  4. Cats fight like drunk girls. They don’t really punch they more so slap the hell out of each other

  5. If I get a female white cat with blue eyes (specifically Persian cat), I’m naming her “Elizabeth 3rd”

  6. can you or anyone suggest japanese TV shows or movies i need to keep up with my listening lol. anything would be helpful. ありがとう😊

  7. She said that shes planning to stay in Japan for a few more yrs and then with her husband permanently move to Japan

  8. Is a home stay for those needing a place while going to school abroad or do they kind of work as a B&B and could my family stay at one during a visit to Japan?

  9. Whenever I play your videos my cat comes running across the house to lick my arm until the video ends. I have no idea why. even if I have headphones on, she knows. it’s like you and my cat have weird telepathy. 😂

  10. Luisa Lima
    Wow. How bad is it in Brazil? I have never been there (I’m hoping that someday I will) so I don’t know.

  11. Wolfy I agree ;(
    If I turn on notification from the MTA subway twitter account, I get spammed everyday. Incidents everyday such as mechanic problems, signal problems, investigations, injured and sick commuters.
    They need to fix the subway system ISTG

  12. Nitesraven Oh really? I went to the subway system, it’s rlly clean and the train doesn’t sway or bump a lot. Also had AC. It’s better than NYC subway same with buses. I can’t say much about schedules.

  13. At least NY has public transit. Try living around Detroit. They have voted down public transit several times. I hate having to drive everywhere.

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