This Is How The Prettiest Kids In The World Changed

This Is How The Prettiest Kids In The World Changed

This Is How The Prettiest Kids In The World Changed

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This Is How The Prettiest Kids In The World Changed

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This Is How The Prettiest Kids In The World Changed

There seems to be a current trend to find the most beautiful kids in the world. Though it seems like something new, gorgeous kids have always stolen the spotlight. From celebrity children to a family of actresses, this is how the prettiest kids in the world have changed.

This Is How The Prettiest Kids In The World Changed

At just three-years-old, Meika Woollard started her career as a model. Then, at the age of six, she got her big break when she was featured in a photoshoot for “Town and Country.” Woollard has indeed grown up, but she is still a force to be reckoned with. The Australia native has a quite a following online and hopes to grace the cover of “Vogue” when she grows up.

This Is How The Prettiest Kids In The World Changed

If you are a celebrity, there is a good chance you will have beautiful children. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has been close to his first born daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson, her whole life. It wasn’t until she joined him at the People’s Choice Awards in 2017 that everyone noticed the teen was all grown up. The celebrity daughter is taking after her dad in the looks department, and rumors are swirling that she will be 2018’s “Miss Golden Globe.”

This Is How The Prettiest Kids In The World Changed

When you have a family of beautiful, talented children, it’s only a matter of time before they get some recognition. The McClain sisters starred in Tyler Perry’s “Daddy’s Little Girls,” over a decade again. You won’t believe what they are up to now!

This Is How The Prettiest Kids In The World Changed

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  1. Why do I look like a burned potato compared to these people 😭😭😭

    Edit:omg you guys that’s not me in the profile picture I wish I looked like that but in a female version and dark cause I’m not Caucasian that why I said I looked like a burned potato

  2. This is how the most ” beautiful ” kids change the world: putting others down just cuz other ppl think these kids are prettier!!! I have something to say!!! Everyone is beautiful just they way they are! This video can bully and put others down! So please take down this video and make another video! Take this video down before you can really hurt someone’s feelings! Everyone is beautiful! Beauty counts in the inside not the out!

  3. This makes other ppl feel like there ugly compared to these “kids” it’s like you need blue eyes and blonde hair and clear skin white skin to be pretty EVERYONE ONE OF YOU ARE Beautiful!

    (And by the way I have blonde hair and brown eyes)

  4. There is no “prettiest kids in the world’ every kid is beatiful in their own way.

  5. Legend of the pretty little phan
    We are all pretty on the inside and out. theTalko needs to stop comparing people. Because this “video” that she made is lowering so many girls and teens self esteem. That’s why girls are thinking about getting plastic surgery, so they can look pretty like the girls on this video.

  6. I’m not being rude but half of this kids are ugly😂well I’m gonna have hate on this post but idc I’m serious half of them are rly ugly

  7. I hate it when people become famous because of their looks. If your gonna be famous it should be because of your personality or your talents

  8. Is it just me? I find the children in the video not so pretty? I mean they ARE pretty, but not
    ”The Prettiest kids” ??

  9. Why do you keep making these videos it makes people think they are not beautiful when saying these are the most beautiful ppl in the world. And besides some of these people aren’t that beautiful just saying

  10. They are talented, that’s why they get the roles, just because you think you look ugly doesn’t mean you can bring these people down.

  11. I’m not saying that they are not pretty. Because they are pretty. I’m just saying that they’re not ”The Prettiest Kids” in the world.

  12. Who Asked? You can’t just say “those girls need thicker skin” cause everyone is gunna react differently towards the video.
    This video is more directing the beauty of talent but the title is more sensitive towards viewer because this is basically saying that these are the most beautiful children in the world, when everyone is uniquely beautiful and that’s why people get sensitive

  13. Harley Jacobs same I feel ugly and not beautiful and it also makes me want to be very beautiful 🙁

  14. WindyWeather10 you are not fat and ugly and plus people who have a high weight can loose it but they don’t need to because they really are fabulous

  15. Sigsame thinking a child’s facial features is pretty doesn’t mean you’re a pedophile. If you’re a old person and you like a twelve year old, then yes, you’re a pedophile.

  16. I only miss the beauty in The Rock’s daughter. Her face seems tad bit too manly , probably due to her chin.

  17. Valerie Sanchez you are beautiful! Don’t worry what other people say is beautiful, because you’re perfect just the way you are!!!

  18. Super Master way to bring us -ugly- people down I should just -kill- myself since people think like that

  19. LUV SK i know but i feel like I’m insecure of something but i don’t want to be insecure in something, but damn it makes me feel ugly 😐

  20. Coel Fan account It’s not their fault you people are insecure. Grow a backbone this is how the world works.

  21. +chrisyirene EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL its just people like you think different and judge. I respect your opinion and I do not mean to be rude I am just saying my opinion also

  22. Pineapple Daily dumb, ignorant, and dividing words!! Their were girls of many races in that video wtff

  23. I’ve got blonde hair and blue eyes :/ no offence but ur comment makes me feel selfish bc im blonde and have blue eyes. Its not their fault they were brought up in the spotlight and that they look the way they do.

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