Real Life Get Ready with Me! | Anna Saccone

Real Life Get Ready With Me! | Anna Saccone

Real Life Get Ready With Me! | Anna Saccone

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Real Life Get Ready With Me! | Anna Saccone

Hi guys! This is my 15 minute "mummy makeup routine" which I do almost every morning when I want to look like I actually have my s**t together :D The only reason I can do this is because Alessia currently naps 9-10am. When she drops this nap, I am officially screwed and will probably have to do my makeup before I go to bed at night…lol. Not really but I know you other mums out there feel me!! Enjoy!

Real Life Get Ready With Me! | Anna Saccone


Real Life Get Ready With Me! | Anna Saccone

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Real Life Get Ready With Me! | Anna Saccone

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Real Life Get Ready With Me! | Anna Saccone

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Real Life Get Ready With Me! | Anna Saccone

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62 thoughts on “Real Life Get Ready with Me! | Anna Saccone”

  1. I’d love to know about your hair care routine as it’s bleached. My ends are balyaged, and I have such issues with frizz and I feel like it gets really dry! But your hair just looks amazing and healthy! Love to know what you do!

  2. this sounds like your filming a video but talking quietly so your mum doesnt hear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. πŸ˜‚ I don’t really care…I’ve got three kids and six dogs…contouring isn’t very high on my list of priorities 😜

  4. hey anna am just concerned and am not spreading hate i love you and love your videos am a medical student and puffy eyes are symptoms of cholestrol. Puffy eyes are not always a symptom but maybe it is so just get a checkup….I love youπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜

  5. I have the deepest respect for you! not only are you a mother of three and you like to present yourself nicely, but at the same time you put yourself online. You are amazing, and you are so much stronger than you probably give yourself credit for. <3

  6. anna i know you mentioned a long time ago about getting laser for acne scars but you were pregnant at the time. Are you still considering getting laser and what kind of laser?

  7. You’re lucky your baby lets you do it. I have twins and at best I get to make myself a sandwich to eat, but I’ve missed plenty of meals. It’s currently 1:30 pm and I haven’t had a chance to get out of my pjs and brush my teeth yet. Makeup may happen again in a few years… maybe… I hope… πŸ˜€

  8. something that can REALLY get rid of the frizz and make your hair look super healthy/restore it back to its natural state is hair botox…the treatment can be a little pricy but it lasts up to 4 months, and there is no injecting anything into your scalp lol (like actual botox)…look it up on the internet, its amazing!!

  9. Alessandra Rose I hope she doesn’t, scars don’t make someone ugly. I love all my scars.

  10. Hannah O’Connor try Pantene conditioner its amazing then just massarge it in to the ends of your hair xxx just me your hair will feel really soft after xxx

  11. Erin Lianna Her hair has been bleached blonde, brown (it’s was brown for her wedding) and it’s been red. You would have to look up her old videos on her channel. It used to be called “The Style Diet”.

  12. LadyCapricorn87 so just because you don’t like that opinion, that makes it wrong? Beauty is subjective, idiot. No opinion on appearance is wrong or right.

  13. Love the makeup. And how you’re getting videos up with a 4 month old is impressive. I would take about a year maternity leave before I could function as a normal human haha.

  14. LetsPlay knowing the trouble they went through with when they lost squid you are giving them trouble how horrible can you be let’s hope your future children are not ugly ! That baby is beautiful

  15. Heyyy my names Michelle too and I LOVE Anna so much. She takes care of three kids and still has time to do makeup, not to mention she is an AMAZING mother. We all love you and care deeply for you Anna ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  16. Jay Kay you might not care for my advice, but I thought I would give you a few tips because my hair grow extremely extremely fast!
    1. When you shower use loads of conditioner, apply it like a mask, but avoid roots and leave it as long as possible, you can wash your body, shave while you are waiting. Then using a comb brush out the conditioner in the shower.
    2. After washing your hair apply lots of hair oil focusing on the ends!
    3. When your hair is wet never ever your a brush, but instead use a comb as brushes break your hair when wet!
    4. I never ever use heat on my hair, I let my hair dry overnight. So try to avoid heat at all costs if you can!
    5. Get a little bit cut off every 4/5 months to avoid split ends.

  17. You look so beautiful Anna. I just love watching your videos for some reason your voice relaxes me πŸ˜‚ β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’•β€οΈ

  18. I’ll just show all forty yrs I am and say I used to use VO5 hot oil treatments all the time when I was younger and it kept my hair smooth and shiny. I’m now wondering why I ever stopped…prob motherhoodπŸ˜‰. If I remember correctly, I could swear I saw Joico products at Marshalls? Thank u Anma for these videos, I know you’re busy, but they’re always great!!❀️❀️

  19. Kelly A I’m sure it’ll get easier. It’s just a phase, but it’s not a fun one. According to the wonder weeks we’re smacked in the middle of leap four. πŸ™‚

  20. Jay Kay they have tantrums that last 1.5-2 hours… they take turns and if I’m not fast enough taking care of them, they feed off of each other. Health-wise they’re doing well. Some people have “easy” babies, others get fussy ones. I got two fussy ones. I’ll survive, I just envy Anna who has three kids and still manages to do her hair, makeup, workout, she makes the beds everyday etc. I’ve temporarily given all of that up.

  21. I feel you, my cousin has twins who are 7 months old, and her maternity leave ended, so she is back to full time work. Her husband also works full time, so sometimes I baby sit when I don’t have school. But must be hard to come home and clean the house, do laundry, cook, bath and feed twins, buy groceries etc I try to help out but I am only there 2 days a week. Like how do mums and dads do this? She is applying for annual leave for 1 year though!

  22. makeupyourmind2019 My mom had 2 sets of twins besides 3 others. What I remember is she always had at least blush and lipstick on, just because she was always tired. She’s 88 now and still the most amazing mother I knowπŸ’–
    By the way, there were no nanny’s either.

  23. You look beautiful with and without makeup! Plus your hair looks amazing! Have you been doing anything different???

  24. Brenda’s Pampered Kitchen good for her, I hear when you have lots of kids the older ones can take care of the younger. I don’t have nannies or a husband to help either. πŸ™‚

  25. Blue Girl she’s a mother of 2 children and a newborn so I’m pretty sure she’s just tired.

  26. Anna Saccone I was gonna say, tired momma syndrome= puffy eyes! 😘

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