New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill calls out President Trump and his fellow Republicans for gleefully provoking liberals instead of governing.

New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

It's HBO.

New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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96 thoughts on “New Rule: The Troll Party | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. Sadly, the Gamergate rejects who call themselves ‘politically active Republicans’ are PROUD to be trolls. It’s not an insult to them.

  2. You must be a snowflake if you think more American’s don’t have health insurance because they just don’t want it.

  3. Funny enough, conservatives historically cared about the environment hence the word conserve. The yellow stone national park was built by a republican president

  4. Republican snow flakes who think college campuses, 3rd wave feminism, and gluten free food is the biggest problem are the worst

  5. Nailed it. So many conservatives and Trump supporters don’t care about principles or honesty or good governing. They just care about pissing off liberals.

    Look, it may be working, but that’s because liberals still care about what happens to the country.

  6. As a Libertarian, I see both Democrats and Republicans equally pissing eachother off for no real reason. Meanwhile my party just gets more popcorn and watches and laughs.

  7. de·duct·i·ble dəˈdəktəb(ə)l/Submit
    *(in an insurance policy)* .. _a specified amount of money that the insured must pay before an insurance company will pay a claim._
    ^ this…. THIS is why most of us healthy people DO NOT WANT. It’s a huge insult for us to pay 1000’s of dollars per year and then be told by receptionists that we still gotta pay most of the bill out of pocket.

  8. I dodged the draft because the ouchie in my foot paralysed my trigger finger but now much like my supporters i ‘m always triggered :*(

  9. APG19912009 In this day and age it would take acid rain and fire falling from the sky to get conservatives to wake up and realize governing the country is more important than spiting the liberal/independent/whatever who lives down the block from you.

  10. I voted for Trump because I wanted the snowflakes to melt. Since November, I am been getting exactly what I wanted non-stop. Thank you liberals!

  11. Yawn – expected come back – you’re not even in the top 20 rebuttals I’ve got from rednecks! You need to step up you game…

  12. ilr Obviously you know nothing of how market insurance works. If I wreck my car, I have to pay a deductible before the insurance picks up the remaining cost of the damages. That’s the way market insurance works. You don’t care for market insurance for healthcare? Then support single payer like all other civilized countries have. Otherwise, you will forever be stuck with market insurance for healthcare.

  13. I really admire this freedom that media outlets (still) have in America. No one would even think of doing such a thing on TV in my country. You don’t even need any rules to protect the outlets, people police simply themselves.

  14. BigBadJerry Rogers Doubt it. Those comments were made years ago and he alluded to what he saw at a Hollywood party. Milo will be back and he is only the tip of the iceberg of cultural change

  15. And if the Republicans do manage to repeal the AHA I’d love to see these meme-addicted trolls pray fervently to their Kek God Pepe to give them or their grandparents healthcare coverage.

  16. In the 1960’s and 70’s if it was one thing the middle class and poor Americans understood it was that Republicans only represented the rich. After the success of the anti-war, environmental, black civil rights and equal rights movements for women and gay people Republicans realized conservative ideology was bankrupt and couldn’t win the public debate of ideas based on merit. So instead Republicans chose to substitute the public debate of ideas by employing a more ruthless and cynical strategy by simply engaging in relentless obstruction while inciting hatred towards their Democrat and liberal political opponents by scapegoating and name calling rather than offering any constructive solutions to the problems working class Americans were dealing with.

    In the 1980’s Republican/conservative political strategy of inciting of hatred often based on race was greatly amplified with the creation of a new public information venue where a “debate” of ideas wasn’t necessary, hate talk radio and the Faux fake right wing news channel that vilifies everything “liberal” 24/7, 365 days a year.

    Now we see the results of 30 years of right wing propaganda, an angry mob of white working class people at Trump rallies who show up with their pitch forks and torches seeking revenge for what they have been convinced of in the right wing media is their victimization by liberals.They’re so bent on revenge that they even enthusiastically participate in class warfare on themselves by voting for Republicans.

    Nothing better illustrates Republicans cynical bankrupt strategy of obstruction and inciting hatred than the health care debate. For 8 years Republicans have talked trash about the ACA/Obama Care and promised they have a far superior private sector health care plan. But now that Republicans control the congress, senate, Supreme court and presidency and it”s time to put up or shut up it turns out they lied and never had a health care plan of their own. Instead they just want to throw 35 million working class Americans off Obama Care in order to give more big tax cuts to the 1%.

    But Trump’s dead end base could care less about this betrayal or anything else because above all they want revenge and Trump is the instrument of their revenge. Thats why they elected him knowing he was unfit to be president and why they will continue to support him no matter what he does.

  17. Republicans learned a long time ago that their policies are indefensible, illogical garbage. That’s why they just started lying through their teeth about everything after Eisenhower left office. He was the last good Republican president this country has had, and he was good because he thought progressively, and he fucking CARED about the American people.

  18. RealityCk Brilliantly, succinctly and accurately said!

    You had 1 typo, but who cares. Just stating it so the trolls don’t get there first!

    Resist, Remove and Peace!!

  19. Cool new tactic, whatever the left does (safespaces) blame Trump too! Playing Tennis without the net lolol

  20. True, Eisenhower was pro-pedophilia cuck, a leftist war-mongering libtard who wanted his culture destroyed for the benefits of globalist billionaires, bankers, drug dealers, war-mongers, trannies, and terrorists

  21. T P thanks for the heads up but if a typo is all the Trump trolls got in response to my comment then they already lost the debate…

  22. Agreed. What has happened? Both parties used to be decent and filled with morals and logic, but with differing ideologies. Now we have this split where it almost seems like morals and logic are coinciding with one ideology but not the other. It’s absurd.

  23. Just like O’Reilly. Alex Jones is also in trouble. We’re getting rid of the right-wing dickheads one by one, be it corporate repubs, alt-right memebenders or conspiracy theorist nutjobs.

  24. Commander Shepard May I speek for the Kekistani ? We hate the alt-rigth just as much as the feminists.

  25. Horny Fruit Flies There is nothing alt right about Milo. The days of looney leftist are over. Get used to it

  26. Stikibits but also the right has moved so far further to the right that Reagan is way to the left. When your face is up against the right wall, you can’t even look back to where you were without being seen as a rino because that direction is now left. The right is stuck in a shrinking corner and the left has all this huge vaguely defined area. The only place the right can go is into full blown fanaticism and unrealistic ideology. They did it to themselves. But someone will have to be brave enough to take them back to where they were long ago. But they’re so afraid of appearing weak or(god forbid) compromising..that I feel it will never happen.

  27. Dewayne, the irony is many of these Trump supporters don’t understand that the ACA and Obama Care are one in the same thing. They also don’t understand that the health insurance they currently have is the ACA and by voting for Trump and Republicans they voted to lose their health insurance.

  28. Lord Peasant
    Then you’re an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Nor to write anywhere, nor to breathe in fact.

  29. +jag10
    Well, at least you were honest enough to start with “from what I understand”!
    That it then turned out, you didn’t understand anything, at all – well, that’s just another sad example of how there’s a severe lack in education in the US…..

  30. “New rule: Vladimir Putin has to admit he doctored… he doctored this vacation photo. And not just to make to make your stomach look tighter, Vlad. You airbrushed out whole parts of the original.”

  31. 1994CPK
    Of course it did, half of the Trump cabinet member are ex Goldman&Sachs ^^ Drain the swamp he said ^^
    It lost a trilion this week though, and since your country don’t seem to be stable these days, a big fat fall is to be expected.

  32. The kid saw “Troll” in the title and a pic of Trump on his knees sucking Putin so he clicked on it…

    So the troll is probably some millennial kid interested in trolls and probably enjoy seeing a guy sucking an other one.

  33. You just listed: Education, equality and health.

    Republicans literally hate everything that matters. They hate their country.

  34. The UNABOMBER only went nuts after he saw nature being built over by industrialization. He was a conservationist.

  35. I am an example of the highly educated, well, those of free-mind and free-will. Most PhD I’ve met are hive mind libtards, snowflakes who have been coddled their entire lives. ya know, the kind of people who’ve never actually worked. The exception are the foreign PhD, these people aren’t afraid of honest work and in many cases supplant Snowflake Americanus… leaving the libtard PhD to fill paper cups of grande frappacino for PhD students

  36. Maser209 if libertarians can be socially and economically liberal then I’m technically in your league

  37. Commander Shepard lol. North Korea may attack any day and people in Flint still dont have clean drinking water. But forget all that, lets scream about SJWs

  38. On the whole, Democrats and their current policies are far far, far, far, far, far, far better than any of the idiotic policies of the Republican party. Go ahead, name one good policy of the GOP – Go ahead I triple dog dare you, go for it, if they’re such a great party just tell me one single policy that you’d want enacted from the GOP agenda. Pleeeeeease, pretty please. Now as for character. . . . well I don’t need to spell it out for you, Donald Trump is a moron with no negotiating skill, no political competence, and zero qualification to be the president. Hillary on the other hand has served her country for 30 years and is the most qualified person to run for the office of President in all of American History. But you jokers didn’t even bother to read her resume. Shame on you! Get a clue!

  39. Bingo! The American Education system is in shambles. (And 220 million Americans have Lead in their water so. . . )

  40. Cal, I won’t go into the details of my business, but I can assure you that those laws do NOT protect Americans. They only protect multi-billion dollar corporations at the EXPENSE of Americans and small business owners with the government’s needless bureaucracy.

    Multi-billion dollar corporations spend a lot money lobbying to get what they want from Washington. It is useful idiots like you that protect multi-billion dollar corporations. You people always think that more regulations are good. You have no idea about the concept of “unintended consequences.”

  41. David Hill if you look at the very very basic philosophy of each parties extremely sides (authoritarian left, etc. for the left and neo Nazis, etc. for the right) then yes you could say they are SIMILAR. However that is only the case for the extreme ends of the spectrum. Now maser you can’t say say that about the parties as a whole without REALLY stretching the truth. Each party has sub categories with their own ideas of what is best which will often clash with other sub categories. They just appear to all be the same in election years because they all have a common enemy.

  42. jag10 no he kept regulations on corporate America and taxed the rich a lot. That is what makes him a radical socialist compared to today’s GOP.

  43. Yep. The government made your business fail. Not you, no sir. No responsibility of your own at all.

    And if you really wanted to affect change for the good of small businesses and the other ‘little guys’ you wouldn’t have voted for Trump. He has made a living screwing small businesses. And now that he’s in office, he has surrounded himself with billionaires and Goldman Sachs people. And he has not done anything but cater to the multinational corporations. I am all for supporting small businesses, mom and pop stores, entrepreneurs and the like. You bet on the wrong horse. He’s only working to enrich himself and his buddies.

  44. So jag, since you need a brain transplant, who do you think is going to do it for you? One of you honest hard working tough as nails bitchboys?

  45. Cal,
    “The government made your business fail. Not you, no sir. No responsibility of your own at all.”

    That’s not what I said. That’s not what I said at all. Don’t put words in my mouth. Go back reread my comment. Try not to straw man me.

    Also, my business still operates and is profitable in spite of the needless bureaucracy. But what would you know about running a business? Do you even have a job?

  46. What I know is you are on here crying about snowflakes while acting like a snowflake. ‘Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.’ And don’t get mad when you get taxed to pay for a long list of items that you benefit from. Education = smart workers. Roads = your vehicles or your customer’s vehicles or your goods can get from point to point. Roads also = your customers being able to commute to work to make money with which they buy your goods. Police = you don’t have to deal with constant burglary of your business and your business assets.

    Are there some regulations that are unfair and benefit large corporations over the rest of us? Absolutely. And Trump and the Republicans are doing nothing to change that. In fact, right now they are working to undermine Net Neutrality. Which opens the door wide open for internet providers to slow down traffic to your website and millions of others and give high speed connectivity to only those who pay for it. Things are getting and will get worse under Trump for small businesses. Things have only gotten better for small businesses who happen to be in the niche field of companies who make profit off of dumping waste into water supplies.

  47. T. E. Lawrence kill yourself. Do it. The world would be better without racists like you and Trump.

  48. I find it sad and pitiful that: shitposting, trolling, and memes are considered “political activism” now a days.

  49. And the Award for “Most RECKLESS, STUPID, MINDLESS, and DOLTISH reason to vote for a President” goes to……….

  50. All that said, AMERICA needs more than 1 fucking party in charge of all of our lives.
    I’m fucking sick and tired of either being labeled a “communist” or a “neo-nazi” !

  51. jag10

    did trannies exist in the 50’s?…. none the less, obvious troll is obvious…..

    You know what’s crazy?………. Eisenhower was the Prez that came up with our current (failing and floundering) infrastructure system. A REPUBLICAN thought it was a strategic advantage, militarily speaking, to have a modern up to date road system across the country…….

  52. Stephen Draffin

    While Milo condones “white nationalism” and “white identity politics”, he’s more than happy to sell the same people his books and take their hard earned american $$$.

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