McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

Bill and his guests – Richard Dawkins, Fareed Zakaria, Jon Meacham, and Jim Parsons – answer viewer questions after the show.

McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

It's HBO.

McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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107 thoughts on “McMaster, Morality, McConnell, McCain | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. Bill wouldn’t have anything to talk about if Trump wasn’t president, along with CNN, ABC, NBC etc etc etc…..

  2. Greetings from Venezuela Bill, love your show. I would like you too address the dire situation we are living here in Venezuela some time in your show. Wee need you on our side

  3. No, the reason stigma of the immoral atheist exist is because of the sh*t that comes out of Richard Dawkins’ mouth. Sorry, but atheists like Dawkins certainly doesn’t help the image of the atheist community.

  4. Even though I don’t particularly agree with Hitchens and Dawkins politically, I have tremendous respect for them

  5. Cultural appropriation of the Muslim religion is Islam’s biggest problem. Islamic extremists are appropriating and eradicating  the history and tradition of Islam thus creating a post-Muslim world. Instead of promoting Islam reformation, we need to support a Islam counter-reformation, that would restore Islam to it’s intellectual diversity of the Golden Era.

  6. i don’t understand all this bitching about milo he was already on the show a week before he got booted and disgraced he wasn’t even a good guest he was stupid and he was just rambling about anything of importance so why would bill have him back anyway

  7. These men are very articulate, Knowledgeable, and funny. I think they’re all great conversationalists. I could listen to them all day. I prefer the genteelness side rather than having opinionated and nervous people try and talk over each other.

  8. Jim Parsons is looking really out of place, he could have at least acted little bit like Sheldon Cooper.

  9. Wow tonight’s episode was unusually hysterical. After last weeks Ralph Reed appearance, Bill decided to invite all liberals on…identity politics yay!


  10. I am a CHRISTIAN And I believe there is a God, I believe in God.. I just have a very, VERY hard time believing in the actual ENGLISH language Bible because it contradicts and doesn’t make sense sometimes.. I want to learn Hebrew, and doing so, in order to actually learn and understand what the REAL Bible says…

  11. Such a profound misunderstanding of Christianity. They understand Cultural Christianity, but not Biblical Christianity.

  12. if you heard the full quote he was actually critical of Trump, people took that out of context.

  13. That pretty much goes for most people, even ones we admire.

    If you talk to a person based on facts, you’re bound to learn a great deal about them, what kind of a person they are, and come away from it with a positive experience.
    If you talk to a person based on their feelings, you’re bound to make an excuse for why you have to leave quickly. And likely never strike up a conversation with them again.

  14. Those liberal elites you speak of.. Those are corporate democrats the ones who take pac money like hillary. The real left, the progressives, are fighting against this corruption.

  15. yea jim was a little of out his depth, pretty sure they brought him on for the levity.

  16. ugh Jim Parsons is a bore. the panel on tonight’s show would’ve been at least twice as interesting if Dawkins had replaced Jim. should’ve just had the dweeb plug whatever he was plugging over in the interview chair and had Sir Richard on with the other guests to make it a 3-way conversation. also the Big Bang Theory is not funny and represents everything wrong with sitcoms today. did I mention Jim Parsons sucks?

  17. i guess you support maduro a dictator that wastes your number 1 export oil for selling barrors of oil for pennies on the dollar your country will fall into civil chaos amd unemployment will continue to climb because there will be no foreign investment maduro should step down if he loved your country but he’s a dictator and loves himself the most but hey i know my country isn’t perfect we just elected our own idiot for president

  18. I’d be interested in knowing why, because in my view Dawkins and Hitchens do not agree on a lot when it comes to politics. Like the war on Iraq and the so called war on terrorism.

  19. he’s uncle tom, willing to appease white majority politics and burn the bridge for other brown people

  20. You should watch the full show, he didn’t seem out of his depth when he was being interviewed. Besides, he isn’t a political commentator so I doubt he really wants to get into it with people like Zakaria and Meacham

  21. Zachary Xavier it’s ok they’re too poor and stupid to be dangerous on any grand scale, they can easily be distracted with country music and shiny things.

  22. Leave Parson alone, he was on with two heavyweight guests and I think he composed himself just fine. He seems like a great guy and at least doesn’t shoot his mouth off when he’s not informed on a subject (unlike our POTUS).

  23. @Kuldeep Gill:
    Well, the thing is: at the end of the day, Jim Parson is Jim Parson – not Sheldon Cooper.
    Cooper is just a character he plays from time to time.
    The one is the actor – the other the role, the actor pretends to be.
    Big difference!
    EDIT: And just to add, before someone points to the fact, that you know this already, since you wrote: “he could have at least acted little bit like Sheldon Cooper.”
    It would have been very embarassing, if he had acted like Cooper in a round of people talking (though in humorous tone) about serious issues.

  24. Wrong, Weiner was convicted of of transferring obscene material to a minor! He had NO physical contact with her! I am in NO way condoning Weiner’s conduct but it is not pedophilia.
    Milo has defended sex with young boys and has admitted it!
    One does not defend a sexual activity they haven’t engaged in!
    “The complexities and subtleties and complicated nature of many
    relationships. You know, people are messy and complex, in the homosexual
    world particularly. Some of those relationships between younger boys
    and older men, the sort of coming of age relationships, the
    relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover
    who they are, and give them security and safety and provide them with
    love and a reliable and sort of a rock where they can’t speak to their

  25. wow, shapiro can be right on 4 things and talk fast to avoid getting called out on the rest of his nonsense!

  26. You don’t debate something you don’t have a firm grasp of. Probably shouldn’t have been on, but at least he didn’t make himself look stupid

  27. Ann Coulter and Milo behave similarly: inflammatory speech to rile up supporters and detractors to engage their money machines on social media.

  28. +jesus He displayed intent to have sex with her as well. Milo basically talked about pederasty without the criminal intent of Anthony Wiener, who also was a disgusting perv when he was on Bill.

  29. The Christian Myth is bullshit and superstition.
    If you’re going to start splitting hairs about Christianity and a million different ways to claim it and practice it, then your almighty God must be some kind of impotent dope.

  30. Bill has been talking about current events and politics since 1993. He doesn’t “need” Donald. NONE OF US “need” Donald.

  31. Shouldn’t they be in Charlottesville this weekend?
    Sure would love to send a few drones to that shitshow!

  32. Says the “Libertarian” — a political philosophy that embraces capitalism, “Marxist” — the political antithesis to capitalism.

  33. Roman King uh milo was on like 4 shows ago, and he advocated child rape since then so…. no? maybe only have on people with constructive things to say instead of loud contrarians

  34. Mace Windu that is the same stupid thinking that trump thinks he’s been exonerated because he said that 3 times he was assured he was not under personal investigation. One drop of compliment doesn’t undo years of treason

  35. Cody Hald you are dumb. think the opposite of everything you think and maybe the world will start to make sense. you call yourself a progressive, a real left, and you are still condemning hillary? you are a sheep buying into right wing nut job rhetoric.

  36. Rick D maybe they would talk about the successes of hillary, infrastructure and healthcare? god damn, you would rather have nuclear war and someone to yell at than quiet peace? you deserve to be beheaded in public with a butter knife

  37. Don’t worry pedro trivella, Venezuela has plenty of oil which means the US will be riding to the rescue any minute now. Hell, we’re already funding right wing opposition groups to create civic havoc with road blocks, throwing molotov cocktails at State forces, and fomenting unrest. You will be a Client State in no time.

  38. So you call Weiner a pedophile but have absolutely nothing to back that up. Thanks for being the typical ignorant right wing jackass.

  39. That’s because “Cultural Christianity” is a real problem and “Biblical Christianity” is an irrelevant fantasy.

  40. Clinton is the real left. Yours is the fantasy left, the jackasses that ban books and decide who can speak where and what words are ok.

  41. When Milo came on he decimated Leslie Jones and the authoritarian Kathie Griffon left, it showed Bill agrees with Trump on certain things and must be ignored. Then Maher had to equate his non racist comment with Kathy Griffon’s death threat to get back into the fold.

  42. There is no real bible. It’s all translated several times. It wasn’t written in Hebrew anyway.

    Also, the Bible absolutely contradicts physics. On the first fucking page.

  43. Bible has the same stories as Egyptian and greek mythology, later koran copied them from the bible.

  44. Dawkins is smart when it comes to politics for the most part. Hitchens was a fucking chickenhawk, as bad as Bush and Cheney.

  45. +Hirnlego999
    He is not laughing at the Republican elites. he is laughing at the peasants. Even bill said I don’t understand them.

  46. Fareed Zakaria is NOT an “Islamist extremist.” The most you can all him is an Islam apologist.

  47. Roman King
    Bill will never host these nobody’s again. It’s over. They had their chance. It’s over. They’ll be forgotten in a year or 2.

  48. The only people who talk about Venezuela are the ones who say “See? Socialism is evil.”
    They poisoned the well.

  49. Dawkins is so massively dull. If you’ve ever seen him talk with other scientists, he never has anything original to say.

  50. Explain to me how Hillary is the elite but Romney and Trump aren’t.
    It’s a bullshit partisan double standard.

  51. You really think so? This show is on season 15 and that’s not even counting his previous show.

  52. My mom uses the same argument on me in spite of the fact that she thoroughly indoctrinated me into her belief and I believed it for the first 25 years of my life. How she can assert that I don’t understand it when my life used to be dedicated to it is proof that Christians don’t think before they speak. A huge percentage of atheists are apostates, formerly religious, but Christians never take this into consideration before assuming that atheists know nothing of the Bible or the way you people always think your particular interpretation of the Bible is special. But even when we call you out on it, you assert that we simply never understood the belief even when we subscribed to it. But the truth is that, not only did we understand the belief, not only did we have the so-called personal relationship with God which you believe is supposedly separate from religious dogma (which it never truly is), but we understood the Bible more than you people. We were the ones who were most interested in truth, which therefore drove us to study more and understand better than those who don’t question. Studies have shown that atheists tend to know religious books better than the people who believe them. And in cases like mine, we also understood the so-called personal relationship with God better than most other people in our churches. My youth pastor used to tell me I understood God better than just about anybody else he knew. Once again, Christian arguments like yours are weak, ill-considered, and easily debunked. Try thinking harder about this stuff, and you will be welcomed into the atheist community when thinking harder turns you atheist.

  53. You should read Israeli archaeologist Israel Finkelstein’s book The Bible Unearthed. He argues that archaeology shows the Exodus and Conquest did not happen. Read Numbers 31 where they are commanded to kill everyone except the women who had known not a man (in other words virgins) spoils of war. Keep reading your Bible and you find some crazy stuff. There are repetitions  and contradictions. The same archaeologist has shown that the so called kingdoms of David and Solomon were not as large as described in the Bible.

  54. You call what the extremists do “cultural appropriation,* others call it following their religion. The thing is, we’re all selective with which passages we choose to follow and which we choose to ignore. Combine that with the fact that like all Abraham religions, Islam is highly contradictory and you have yourself a recipe for great divisions and conflicts. The *good Muslims* follow the good parts, the *bad ones* follow the bad passages. If you look at this from an amoral perspective, you can hardly claim that one side has better Muslims than the other. That is why your claim that one side is *culturally appropriating* the other is ignorant at best or intellectually dishonest and disingenuous at worst. Neither side is appropriating anything, *ALL* of it is Islam.

  55. You don’t need faith in facts. It doesn’t require belief. It is a method that is proven to work.

  56. +Trevor Litchfield
    little snowflake crying like you? Because trump is in office. The panel actually got it right. No one likes trump we just want trump to hurt snowflakes like you. Have fun for another 4 years of punishment call trump.

  57. Eric Fartman the exact same can be said of all of the Abrahamic faiths, especially the Catholic church. Protestant churches are responsible for the witch trials and the genocide of the first people here in America. The also justified their behavior with their interpretation of their faith, insisting that they had the right of it.

  58. My third sentence to my previous comment is literally *” Combine that with the fact that like all Abraham religions, Islam is highly contradictory and you have yourself a recipe for great divisions and conflicts.”* Yet you reply with *”the exact same can be said of all of the Abrahamic faiths”* …well, duuh!! I just said that!! Thing is, Islam was the topic at hand which is why I solely focused on that. God, you’re such a regressive. You will never be satisfied unless Christians and/or the Catholic Church is mentioned in every sentence when discussing Islam. Congrats, you just gave me the most unnecessary and pointless reply I’ve had in a while on YouTube…and that’s saying *A LOT* …

  59. @Fartman So majority of Muslims are only cherry picking the good parts and leaving out the bad parts? That’s a pretty condescending to claim that they only can be a “good Muslim” is by being selective. I don’t think there is anything intellectually dishonest or disingenuous about anything that I’ve said about Islam. If you’re going to claim that Islam extremists’ interpretation of the Quran is just as valid as peaceful Muslims then how are we supposed to combat Islamic radicals? How can we support the Muslims who want to change Islam for the better if we don’t think that religious interpretation is any better than Islam extremists?

  60. How on earth was that Bible bashing? You must not have read the New Testament as well as he has.

  61. @neosoontoretro, “So majority of Muslims are only cherry picking the good parts and leaving out the bad parts? That’s a pretty condescending to claim that they only can be a “good Muslim” is by being selective.”

    -> I don’t care if I’m being condescending, that is the truth. All Abrahamic religions, when followed to the letter are dangerous. According to Islam I’m supposed to be dead for being an ex-Muslim who left that faith. But luckily I’m not because I live in a free nation. In many countries, Muslims can’t leave their religion without receiving the death penalty (under Shariah Law). But sure, people like me are the real problem here because we’re being *”condescending”* …-eyeroll-…

    “If you’re going to claim that Islam extremists’ interpretation of the Quran is just as valid as peaceful Muslims then how are we supposed to combat Islam? How can we support the Muslims who want to change Islam for the better if we don’t think that religious interpretation is any better than Islam extremists?”

    -> From an amoral perspective, they are just as valid.That doesn’t mean that I don’t want the good Muslims to win in this conflict. And to answer your question, we win by propaganda, not bombs. Since this is an ideological warfare after all…

  62. It is true that the New Testament is written in Aramaic and Greek, so if one wants to read the Bible, they should endeavor to learn those languages. However, an educated Jewish man would have known Biblical/Ancient Hebrew, at least as a ceremonial language. After all, it is the language of the Old Testament. Since Jesus never wrote down his own teachings, and his language of choice was not commented on, we can’t be sure of which language he actually spoke as he taught. There is no reason to think it could not have been both.

  63. panic , you honestly think faith is needed in science?! What are you crazy or just seriously intellectually dishonest? Science employs the continual study and testing of theories and objects it has absolutely nothing to do with crossing fingers and hoping something will happen. Furthermore nobody here, except for perhaps the truly moronic, is about to swallow the bullshit allegation of you once being atheist. Perhaps what you had was an extended moment of doubt. See if you genuinely were atheist, then there would exist the possibility of you thinking critically and objectively.

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