Horrors of the Deep

Horrors Of The Deep

Horrors Of The Deep

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Horrors Of The Deep

Get ready for more jumpscares than you could ever hope to handle!
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Horrors Of The Deep

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Horrors Of The Deep

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Horrors Of The Deep

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Horrors Of The Deep

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Horrors Of The Deep

89 thoughts on “Horrors of the Deep”

  1. 12:10 😂 he screamed with the Monster

    Edit: wow thanks for the likes didn’t think I would get 200

  2. Keiko Yang Lol yeah! he does this in all of his fnaf games and it makes the screams more horrifying than before😆💜😅

  3. Darkiplier Moments? There are definitely a few in this video. Especially when he reads the notes.

  4. Mark is literally one of the few people I can watch horror with. His narrator-like voice makes everything just a little bit less scary, but don’t get me wrong, those jumpscares still scare me haha. I just feel like Mark is narrating a story whenever he gameplays. It’s different when I have to record and play the game myself tho… I’ve nowhere to hide.

  5. “Auditorium of the Crip. Where’s the Auditorium of the Bloods?”. Now isnt that lovely? I never knew the bloods and crips loved gothic architecture 😀 lmfao

  6. ermmm…. the video name is “Horrors of the Deep” but the name of the game is “Horror of the Deep”…

  7. 4:58 Mark getting scared by those pipes really had me remembering Vanish! Pipes will always be one of Mark’s big scares!

    Did Mark ever finish Vanish btw? I really can’t remember…

  8. Aryan Ramnand Well I never said this game is scary myself, also I’m sorry if I came off as triggered. I wasn’t meaning for it to sound that way

  9. Who is lighting all these darn candles? There’s, like, a million freakn’ candles! _What, are these monsters aspiring interior decorators or something?!?_

  10. Jumpscare list because I couldn’t find one (also rip me)

    2:06 – shadow person thing
    3:41 – creepy statue (though this one’s more surprising than scary, to me at least, but Mark jumps so I’m adding it)
    4:59 – loud noise
    7:01 – surprising noise (not too scary because it’s not too loud)
    7:57 – thump/thud sound (I mean, I jumped and so did Mark a bit so…)
    9:20 – Mark starts freaking out and some stip-stepping
    10:41 – Screaming possessed child thing
    12:10 – The possessed child AND Mark start screaming
    12:26 – Possessed child _again_
    14:03 – Loudish stip-steppy (Mark gets kinda freaked therefore ADDING IT TOO LIST)
    15:42 – More shadow people things as well as wonky vision stuff
    16:06 – Loud hiss + Mark scream
    17:09 – Foreboding hiss/scream that gets louder as Mark continues down the hall (and it kinda just gets softer and louder for a while, like basically the rest of the game)
    18:33 – The hiss/screech + wonky vision
    19:20 – Crawling demon child, wonky vision, and hiss/screeching

    Please tell me if I got so terrified by something I missed it, or if you saw something that scared you but wasn’t on the list 🙂

  11. That’s how he talks everyone he reads notes in horror games. He did something similar in outlast 2

  12. Really? Your reaction to fear is punching? Not grabbing the nearest axe and going hamask on the source of it? Not a berserkr? Okay, fine, I’ll just sit over here and mope because no one else is a hamrammr.

    *yells at Ođínn*
    “Allfather, why don’tcha you make more of us!?”

    *Ođínn yells back*
    “I’m too busy stabbing Jötnar, fehœk off!”

  13. Once I had my hands under mine and freaked out and kinda flipped the laptop. It didn’t do anywhere but my hand got really messed up and I still got the scar. This was a few years ago

  14. Agnarr Salventius Don’t worry i look for the nearest sharp item as well ;-; even if it is my mom’s nails, still effective

  15. British city because! Usually people use old British cities for gloomy, spooky atmosphere (well not usually… It’s just some games that I play xD. Well hum… STILL BRITISH CITY)

  16. DatDudeAlek He’s also scared of Mannequins, which is shown in Nox Timor and Little Nightmares.

  17. I don’t think Mark would have the patience to play through the main story. I didn’t even have the patience to watch the Game Grumps do it.

  18. Zero3Delta Majoras Mask would actually be the best Zelda game for Mark. Its probably the shortest in the series and has a much darker tone than any other.

  19. Morganic there are little zombie gnomes that fix the place when nobodies looking😂😂😂😂

  20. HE FINISHED IT IM TIRED OF PEOPLE SA- …I think I’m kinda slowly turning into a girl version of Mark…I was about to say ‘I’m tired of people saying that he didn’t finish it! He finished it!’ Except I was gonna put in all caps…I DONT KNOW WHAT IM SAYING ANY MORE! I WRITE NONSENCE IN EVERYTHING I RIGHT THAT COULD BE SOME SORT OF PLOT FOR A STORY! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  21. Why was this such a great comment and then everyone came and now it’s just a huge fight??? Do people enjoy doing this to people that enjoy commenting ???

  22. DatDudeAlek Dungeon nightmares had those pipe jumpscares too. I still can’t finish that game tho

  23. Thank you so much!! I’ve got a light heart and unfortunately I love horror so I can never stay away, people like you are my saviours!!! <3

  24. It is titled Horrors Of The Deep because of how many Horrors or also known as jump scares that are in the game. I honestly don’t know why I am explaining this to you because it is quite obvious, and it takes anyone with common sense to understand it so I think you are just trolling. I could possibly be wrong though.

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