Where’d you go?: Fails of the Week (August 2017) || FailArmy

Where'd You Go?: Fails Of The Week (August 2017) || FailArmy

Where'd You Go?: Fails Of The Week (August 2017) || FailArmy

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Where'd You Go?: Fails Of The Week (August 2017) || FailArmy

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Where'd You Go?: Fails Of The Week (August 2017) || FailArmy

We're at the end of the week and we've curated the best fails of the week for your enjoyment! We've got a few workout fails, a sticky rail and a hilarious slip n' slide. Have a favorite? Le us know in the comments and submit your video to www.failarmy.com if you have one!! Later dudes.

Where'd You Go?: Fails Of The Week (August 2017) || FailArmy


Where'd You Go?: Fails Of The Week (August 2017) || FailArmy

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Where'd You Go?: Fails Of The Week (August 2017) || FailArmy

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Where'd You Go?: Fails Of The Week (August 2017) || FailArmy

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Guy Tries to Slide down Rail
Skater Falls Off Rail and Faceplants
Girl Falls Into Mud During Rope Swing Attempt
Ferret Attempts Jump Off Drawers
Girl Wearing Onesie Falls off Chair
Guy Tries to Jump off Balcony and Onto Tree
Woman Drove Car on Freeway While Putting on Shirt
Man Attempts Cartwheel on Beam
Guy Tumbles Off Snow Mobile
Girl Takes Harsh Dive Into Pool
Guys Load Antlers into Truck and Play at the Lake
Guy Lands on Groin Attempting Scooter Jump
Birthday Candle Burns Guy's Hair
Guy Attempts to Flip Off Tree and Falls on Back
Toddler Runs Into Dad's Nose
Guys Get Thrown off Jet Ski
Woman Falls While on Pogo Stick
Guy Uses Coffee Table as Workout Bench and Breaks it
Family on Slip N' Slide
Guys Try to Ride Kayak
Drone Goes Into Dog
Longboarding Cowboy Falls Into Bush
Motorcyclist Falls off Teeter-Totter
Kid Attempts Frontflip Off Ottoman Unsuccessfully
Man Falls Off Bicycle on Trail
Dog Plays with Beetle in the House

71 thoughts on “Where’d you go?: Fails of the Week (August 2017) || FailArmy”

  1. I once did an experiment in which I went outside and hid to see when my parents will notice. I probably stood there for around 2 hours

  2. Hab das Gefühl es gibt nur Müll auf YouTube und Videos in denen sich Leute auf dir Fresse legen…für letzteres gibts ein Danke von mir

  3. 1:40 Why did he even horn at him like that? Horning is an insult and I don’t think it would help the driver in any way.

    Yes Ill just honk at that person. It will surely help her focus and survive the accident.

  4. @2:20 once when i was in that bubble on water i was trying to run and i fell and broke my pinky 🙂#random fact of the day

  5. I was in the car jumped in the car right after my sister listening to music We stayed where we were for like a minute then my partents ask Arian where is your Brother

  6. The Wakz actually the ball is deflated and you sit inside while the fill it with air through the zip, usually the people know when to bring you in, plus you can unzip from the outside ( this is where I’m from so idk about other places )

  7. Oh… You’re right! >_< Although it's only audible in headphones with lower dynamic range. There isn't even a hint of that sound on acoustics. Thanks guys. 😀

  8. Thumbs up if you realize that posting a video about a cheap phone getting cracked will never go viral

  9. Bɪɢ Sᴍᴏᴋᴇ its a shame that she didn’t drive over the edge, i would have honked as i drove by.

  10. finally someone with a brain! thank you! (sorry if I made mistakes I don’t speak english usually)

  11. Jarmo Verriet, you are wrong. I live near railroad tracks and I hear trains insulting railroad crossings all the time. So now, I honk at the crossings too. Just to let them know what I think of them with their uppity flashing lights and bells.

  12. Alex Balan violet is a deep tone of blue, and contains no traces red. Violet is blue, stop talking about things you don’t understand

  13. Márton Szigeti if I were driving and he honker I would have been scared and lost more control, even if it’s not directly to me

  14. Tom O’Rourke What if you had big farts while being in a bubble? Will the fart stay in there or get out?

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