WE’RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma – Part 6

WE'RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma - Part 6

WE'RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma - Part 6

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WE'RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma - Part 6

You should have paid your electricity bill…
Bad Dream Series
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WE'RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma - Part 6

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WE'RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma - Part 6

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WE'RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma - Part 6

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WE'RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma - Part 6

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WE'RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma - Part 6

95 thoughts on “WE’RE NOT ALONE HERE | Bad Dream: Coma – Part 6”

  1. I literally just got a notification HOW ARE THERE ALREADY 6.1K VIEWS

    Edit: Holy crap how did I get 200 likes I’ve barely gotten like 10.

  2. At 2:08, I thought that the 3rd picture (the grandma one when it wasn’t zoomed up) was Grillby…. 🤣😂🤣

  3. Legend has it that if you get enough replies on your comment, it will appear at the top of the list.
    Feminism sucks.

  4. Hey Markiplier, recently I had a dream that I met you at some sort of Vidcon styled booth, and when I tried to say hello after the booth ended (obviously at a point where people are welcome to say hello), you seemed quite irritated and probably tired, saying “What do you want?”. If I ever met you, would you act that way? Just curious 🙂

  5. Hey, is that the blue man group in the thumbnail Mark?!? Lmfao (I’m just being sarcastic haha lol)

  6. Larry Daniels I remember when he first hit 18 mil and said congrats in a vid, I wonder when he’ll say something about it haha

  7. Mark, I do request that you do the other endings, especially the bad ending. Apparently it makes for quite a different experience. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks you should do this.

  8. I’m so sad because Regular Show has ended and SPOILERS pops dies it fucking left me depressed why do I get so emotional attached to fictional characters?

  9. That ain’t Trogdor. Trogdor has a beefy, man muscular arm with stick figure feet.
    And purple wings. And he’s green. Like Kermit. But dragon green. Not frog green.

  10. Burninating the countryside,
    Burninating the peasant,
    Burninating all the peoples,
    And their thatched-roof cottages!

  11. TayloriamGaming Cool story bro, I just said it because I didn’t want people to give me crap about it.

  12. He definitely wouldn’t say that to you. He’ll probably be very happy to see you, as he is with all of his fans.

  13. gangnumstyle rock because there no something funny and scary in the part 6 so he just go for the spider cuz yeah ….but sorry..Spider X Markiplier

  14. cdғreezιng I don’t have a joke

    What? I said I don’t have a joke. what are you doing down here?

  15. I am sure he would’t act that way he loves us very much the last thing hes going to do is tell one of us to get lost,it was only a dream so no worries.

  16. Saint_Darkgold he might, he might not. He might just play it once and recommend that everyone else play it for themselves.

  17. +Markiplier i dont expect you to read this at all but i have a game recommendation for you. its called paranormal territory. i downloaded on my phone and i had just started it and it game me a great scare. i think you will like it.

  18. sansrulez 123 imma tell you right now kid, I used to love undertale, now it’s cringe and the fan base is terrible, and my point is proven by what you just said. Now please don’t be so defensive about your little game.

  19. Erm… I don’t think here is where you are to express your hatred towards other people’s intrests. Yes the “fandom” is kinda… 😝… but it isn’t a reason to say that it just straight up sucks completely. Now, I have NEVER played Undertale and the closest I have ever gotten to it was learning a song on the piano, only later to find out it was from the game. If people like it, well, people like it (don’t get me wrong I kinda really hate “fandoms” and Fandom websites, but let’s leave that to the fangurls/boys/attack helicopters. Sorry to say that I just hate when people ruin what I like with the “stuff” they think is funny). So if you don’t like the actual game, maybe give a reason WHY. Like, did the controls feel weird, art style everywhere, storyline hard to follow, etc. Just please don’t try to anger people with literally 5 words?

  20. +Sonic Boom
    you can still check Twitter regardless of having an account. it’s not strictly an app, it’s also a website.

  21. Princess Current I think he may say, “hi.” With a weird face at first. But once you say, “I’m a subscriber.” Or, “I watch your videos!” He might perk up.

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