So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks

So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks

So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks

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So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks

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So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks

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So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks

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So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks

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So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks

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So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks

Hi, I'm Louise! I started this channel in 2009 after readers of my blog (also called Sprinkle of Glitter) suggested I give YouTube a try. I was instantly hooked and have found my internet playground on here. I make videos about beauty & fashion, positive living, motherhood, lifestyle and occasionally have special guests (friends, kittens or my sweet Daughter Darcy). Hit the subscribe button to never miss a video again!

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52 thoughts on “So Much To Tell You | 19 Weeks”

  1. Honestly, I think political correctness has gone mad. I consider myself to be proudly liberal and left wing and have many LGBT friends but the fact people are getting picky about what words you use to share your amazing news (which is supposed to be such an exciting time) is ludicrous. You can’t say anything without offending or triggering someone and it makes me sad to think that freedom of speech and expression has turned into a censorship etiquette. If somebody wants to call themselves gender fluid, non- binary, whatever the hell you like, then cool, you do you – but to try and impose it on a baby that hasn’t even been BORN yet is, in my opinion, unnecessary. *goes back to drinking coffee*

  2. Everyone needs to stop telling Louise that her baby is non-binary, it’s her baby. Let her make the decisions. If she raises her girls, pays for her girls, and works hard for a good life for her girls, she can make her own parenting decisions. Not other people’s baby. You all are just ruining a special and sweet moment for Louise and her growing family. Just because some of you are non-binary of transgender. She never did anything to hurt anyone, leave Louise and her family ALONE.

  3. My heart is so warm from watching all your baby videos. Hearing the heart beat in this video is so special and I feel like you are being really open and it’s so lovely. I’m only 17 so I don’t plan on having a baby for another 10+ years but I thoroughly enjoy these videos as well as Ebony Days pregnancy videos.

    Thank you so much Louise for bringing so much love and laughter to mine and others lives, I can’t wait to see the pregnancy progress further and watch her grow. I’ve seen Darcy grow since she was 1 as this was when I found your channel and seeing her beauty and personality develop and express is beautiful so I’m excited to do it again. I love you and I wish you all the best! 💗

    P.S. bloody love the annual stationary hauls
    Bump Bump Bump

  4. So sorry some people went overboard with the whole gender thing Louise. So happy that you’re happy with your midwife now, you totally deserve that (especially if you had troubles with Darcy). Lots of love 🙂 x

  5. It’s Grace some people work it out differently but the 19th week is usually in the 4th month (usually starts at 18weeks) I’m currently 24 weeks so by those calculations puts me in my 5th month nearly 6th. Pregnancy dating is a complicated thing 🙂 x

  6. Thank you!! I’m so happy with her. I will just say for the record, my NHS midwife has also been amazing and so kind and supportive too, I just love now that I have the same person for care AND birth you see <3 xxxx

  7. Andrea O’Brien I can’t say I want to, personally. I’m not mature enough mentally to handle a child and to keep them from having a similar upbringing to me. I get this might be a joke, or something, but reading it, and remembering my dream last night… kinda makes me uncomfortable… and, all I can think is “I really need to get this out somehow…” dreams can really mess with your head…

  8. Sprinkleofglitter I have a idea for a unique but beautiful name for your daughter that you and Liam may like:
    Carmensita 💙💜❤💛

  9. Andrea O’Brien i see all of these rly deeo and meaningful comments…. then this 😂😂 i laughed too hard

  10. two people in my life that i love and admire is pregnant. Louise and my science teacher. I love listening to the pregnancy videos they are just so nice :)))

  11. Heatherness this made me laugh out loud. my life long dream of being noticed has finally come true


  13. I’m all for LGBTQ+ and transgender rights and everything, but COME ON! It’s a GENDER REVEAL! Her baby is a girl! If they decide otherwise when they’re older, then that’s fine! But she’s now a girl. Please stop being offended over everything. Most people accept trans rights, but this is taking it too far.

  14. I’m gay and have MANY LGBT freinds but it’s just awful now. We can’t go around calling everyone they/them until they tell us a gender, it’s just not how things work and tbh i’d be quite offended being a ‘them’. haha. I understand people don’t like that a gender is ‘pushed’ onto a child but they can change it when they’re older and Louise is clearly the kind of person who will always support her children and who has LGBT friends

  15. I was chubby and pregnant same time as my skinny sister and people could feel my baby kicking on the outside before they could feel hers.

  16. Poor Louise, she doesn’t need negativity in response to such a happy thing. Not everyone knows everything about gender and sex and not knowing is not the same as being transphobic

  17. Lauren Hilinski people are NOT telling Louise her baby is non binary, they are saying it would be a sex reveal because society made up the concept of gender.

  18. I’m SO GLAD that you are so understanding and open to the whole gender identity topic. Unfortunately so many parents in this world are so closed to this. Amazing, Louise.

  19. Thank you. Thank you so much for being completely lovely! Please make the videos you want to make and I feel like a family too. Bump bump bump😊

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