‘Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving’ Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

'Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

'Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

Jenelle and David think they may know the reason why Jace is misbehaving. Don’t miss a new episode of #TeenMom2 this Monday at 9/8c!

'Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

Teen Mom is a spin-off of the MTV documentary series 16 & Pregnant. Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age – all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother.

'Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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'Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving' Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV

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62 thoughts on “‘Jenelle Knows Why Jace Is Misbehaving’ Deleted Scene | Teen Mom 2 (Season 8) | MTV”

  1. I’m a teen mom but my kids have the same dad I can’t believe she’s continuing to have more kids before getting her son back 🙃

  2. Hi everyone, I’m a teen mom starting college 🎓 I just started my YouTube channel📽and it would Mean so much if you check it out ❤

  3. It really pisses me off when she sayd there’s nothing i can do about it damn girl you make all that money go get your self a lawyer and fight for your damn son! And keep fighting and keep fighting and keep fighting you dont work so i would be there every day at the court house fighting ti get my child back i know you were young you made a mistake by giving him up I’m not judging you for that but you can’t sit there daying how there is nothing you can do there’s lots you can do your just lazy

  4. Janelle is actually telling the truth, no matter how bad the parents are the kids love them and want to be with them…he sees his siblings together without him, it has to be hard for him.

  5. Barbara needs to release custody back so the whole family can move on. She’s the reason Jace is still in the spot he’s in, not Jenelle

  6. No jenelle he’s being bad because he has a plethora of father figures (by you ) being pushed on him and then they leave when he gets attached kiefer, Gary , courtland , Nathan , josh , and David you all pushed them onto jace and intruduced him way tooooo quickly and he has suffered abandonment . There are literally taped scenes where Barbara is begging you to stay with jace and you get angry and leave because “dude . I have to go out dude ” while your son is crying on a screen door watching you leave . He is acting out because he sees you yell at Barbara and cuss her out and thinks it’s okay behavior , he has seen and heard get mommy arrested 16 times , have children without getting custody of him back , she has gone as far at one point move a state away from jace and now has never chosen to live close to him , jace has even told you on camera that he will miss his grandmother , you are dellusional jenelle , you don’t know the truth , that’s probably why the school doesn’t try to involve you or why judges denied you full custody of jace . Take some responsibility dude .

  7. Glad she wants Jace to come with her, but…um.. maybe he’s doing it because he seen Jenelle behavior. He probably thinks it’s normal, especially seeing the way his Mom have disrespected her Mom all his life. I mean what do you expect.

  8. Not one person that I can tell has admitted their food making their stomach growl or mouth water..#MexicanMunchies

  9. She’s never stopped but no attorney can control the court process. Custody battles take a very long time whether one has a good lawyer or not when both parties involved are on opposite sides.

  10. Yeah she should fight for her son but at the same time how is she stable enough to keep him?

  11. Bossy Tweed i feel like money talks more then anything and she has lots of it i know its a long process but the kid is what 8 now? I know it don’t take 8 damn years to get a child back throw the system she sure had them custody papers signed over to her in one day iam just saying something js dragging it our much longer then it should same thing stands for Amber from Teen Mom OG i think they do it for the drama and the veiws for tv

  12. I think Jenelle has shown she’s improving and Jace should eventually be with her. He’s attached to her mom, but with a transition plan in place, it could happen healthily for Jace, it’s time

  13. Leslie tell it like it is That’s why she shouldn’t had popped out other kids but focus on having him back instead of chasing weed and men and making babies first.

  14. Courtney Simmons i know she did but like i said in my comment i would be going back every single day do it again she got denied once and that’s it she’s done

  15. shida b that and he is also upset about that fact that his own mama is having all these babies but yet she isn’t taking care of him 💔

  16. Idk Janelle, couldve started by getting him back before have two children with two different guys. She placed the importance of having men around over her relationship with her son. And now, he’s facing the consequences of it. It’s truly messed up

  17. Abbie Major lol did you see when they went over and Jenelle was like, “do you love her?” He just said yes so he could hurry up and go play lol.

  18. Shoney Carpenter yes! She’s so severely co dependent, its sad to watch. I feel for Jace. He’s already acting out at such a young age. I predict trouble for him in the future 🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. Pr M wrong you must haven’t been keeping up with them since day one Jenelle has bad choices in men her attitude and anger is serious this the first season so far she hasn’t been in trouble but before she was pregnant with her daughter she got into a bad fist fight in her friend yard Jenelle reminds me of Farrah the way she treats her mom yes Barbra isn’t perfect but she took on a major responsibility she didn’t have too and Jenelle has yet to appreciate it Jace feels left out and wondering why his mom could keep his brother and sister but he has to live with his granny Jenelle has to prove she’s able to take care of all three of them and she now has a man that says she has to have two kids by him to get married what type of bullshit is that when she already has three and he has two I think you don’t know what Barb been through so you can’t judge her

  20. thatstudcj1993 i saw teen mom since day 1 but now jenelle got his own house , she graduated , shes gonna get married, shes more stable now , finally got a family and jayce needs his mom . Needs a father figure , he needs to be around his siblings, about that jayce love maryssa his step sister , he had a great time with her , the boy need that support sistem that only family can provide

  21. I believe she would already have had him back years ago if she hadn’t continue to get pregnant with these baby daddies. She could have spent that energy and time getting custody and taking care of him. Similar to Kail, just a string of immature, selfish decisions.

  22. Tan T Why do you think Jenelle is homeless & addicted? Unless you have current proof, those are false claims. Also, why do you think people diagnosed with bipolar shouldn’t have custody of their children?

  23. Christina Hilton it’s been 7 years you can’t uproot his life without causing more damage

  24. Our early journey what was she meant to do? First sons dad took off and mom took custody off her of him. Yes she was a horrible neglectful mom but she was like 16 when she was pregnant…

  25. Jamie Lopez I don’t defend her but some of what she says is true. However she’s also a mess of a human being and she wasn’t a fit mom with Jace mainly bc of her young age at the time. She just wasn’t ready then.

  26. cynthia zavala he was only attached to Nathan and now maybe David… I don’t even think he met Gary

  27. Rose Queen age has nothing to do with it, I was pregnant at 15 and had my son at 16 and I never ever once left my kid to party or to hang out with friends, and on top of that she was 17, she just doesn’t have common sense, what’s her excuse now? Nothing, because when your a mother you do what’s best for your kids

  28. bahaha girl I just ADORE YOUUUU! thank you BTW for all your videos! I always stop what I’m doing when I get Grace Report update x) gah! you’re the best, keep rockin it sister 😘🌺

  29. Yootoober 95 she was at first when she had Jace. She did drugs for years. Did you watch the first couple of seasons????! Lol

  30. I honestly believe that jace is angry that his mother has a whole other family and kinda “left him behind”. Jenelle hasnt done everything in her power as she has stated. She just has 2 other kids and like 2 other stepkids and jace lives with his grandma a distance away. It’s not fair.

  31. Christina Hilton ABSOLUTELY NOT. Jenelle is not fit to handle all those kids. Did you not see the episode when they were trying to move & she was complaining she can’t do anything because Kaiser was there. I’m sorry Barbara needs to keep Jace. Imagine Jace going over there with Jenelle, he will be crying for Barbara to come get him. Jace even told Barbara that they are mean to him..

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