It’s My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

It's My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

It's My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

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It's My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

Mophie Juice Pack Case (USA Link) –
Mophie Juice Pack Case (International) –
Mophie Charge Force Case (USA Link) –
Mophie Charge Force Case (International) –

It's My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

The Mophie line of battery products are probably my favorite smartphone accessories. Mophie makes battery cases and other power related products for the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel XL and others (likely the upcoming iPhone 8 as well). I'm currently using the Charge Force case with my Galaxy S8.

It's My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

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It's My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

It's My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

85 thoughts on “It’s My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)”

  1. Mophie has not paid me for this video, I’m simply a fan of these products. They make these battery cases for other smartphones as well including the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. You can find most of them through the following links –

    Mophie Juice Pack Case (USA Link) –
    Mophie Juice Pack Case (International) –

    Mophie Charge Force Case (USA Link) –
    Mophie Charge Force Case (International) –

  2. Sumit, Your Subscriber What the fuk!! Dude u r on every indian channel i know and even here. What the fuk do u do with ur life

  3. Cruale07 I believe the s8 supports wireless charging on it’s own. So all you need is a wireless charger. (But maybe Google it first)

  4. My S8 charges about 10 minutes slower from 30%-100%, not a huge difference if that’s the concern.

  5. samsung galaxy s8 for 64 gb is 750 on Verizon, iPhone 7 for 128gb on Verizon is 800. Why are people saying iPhone is overpriced? Very confused by that comment.

  6. You need to do something with the waffles tho. Pour some syrup on them and cut them up or something.

  7. Daniel Daniel in my country the S8 is a $1000 and the iPhone 7 is $600. The price depends on what country you live in.

  8. Phones are made to be both functional and stylish. When you cover it up, you not only lose some of that awesome style, you also waste a little bit of money as the phone’s design and look was included in that high price you paid. However, a lot of people don’t care as much and you aren’t losing everything.It might be a lesser S8, but it’s still an S8 that does the same exact thing. It still has a point even if it’s diminished somewhat.

  9. Yonas Getu Yeah, but one of the best things about the S8 is its design. So why would you get a case for it? If you’re gonna get a case for your phone, you might as well get a Pixel.

  10. Hey guys, don’t hate on nick crompton – he might be from England, Arkansas (it’s an actual city go look it up)

  11. Well the iphone 7 does not have an infinity display, iris scanner, 6gb of ram, expandable memory, wireless charging, quick charging, or a heaphone jack…

  12. Ryan Gensler the S8 is a next gen phone… the iphone 7 isnt. So technically yea, the iphones are overhyped and overpriced. Especially with apples next gen phone being around $1000
    Edit: that being in the USA, i see other people commenting different prices in their country

  13. Ryan Gensler bro that’s an iPhone 7 and that’s an next gen Samsung S8, just wait until the iPhone 8 comes out and then you’ll see what every one is talking about, you should compare the iPhone 7 with the Samsung Galaxy S7 not S8

  14. Mr Random I have a Samsung S8+ and I never use Bixby, I wish I didn’t even have it because the button has no use

  15. I would be happy to have a slightly-thicker phone if it meant better battery life. I think most people would sacrifice thinness for battery. Why do phone MFGs think everybody wants a ridiculously thin phone?

  16. Yes there is suck thing as fast wirless charge Wich is about half the speed of fast cable charging. But in my opinion when your sleeping and you lay next to your bedstand and quickly just through your phone on a wirless charger next to your bed stand it’s hella convent not cables to fuss with in the dark ext. Also you get to look at that beautiful AOD in the S8 and it functions like a desk clock

  17. Mashal Kanyon Sure, but personally I think the S8 (or most phones) looks way better without a case.

  18. just chillin i think you are Indian because you subscribed hindi channels like:
    Technical Guruji
    Gaurav Choudhari
    Techno Ruhez
    BB Ki Vines

  19. Some people like iPhones, some people like Galaxies. They’re both beautiful phones, they both have pros & cons, & they are both amazing pieces of tech. I’m not too sure why there’s an argument about this above me.

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