2017 Overwatch World Cup | Katowice Group Stage Recap

2017 Overwatch World Cup | Katowice Group Stage Recap

2017 Overwatch World Cup | Katowice Group Stage Recap

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2017 Overwatch World Cup | Katowice Group Stage Recap

The third stop for the Overwatch Group Stage saw us visiting Katowice, Poland where South Korea—2016’s reigning champions—stood as the final boss for Groups E and F. Their prowess was ultimately unmatched…but, from the carnage, a new challenger arose. Congratulations to both Team South Korea and Team Canada. We’ll see you in November!

2017 Overwatch World Cup | Katowice Group Stage Recap

Up next: We’re travelling to sunny California. This weekend, eight nations will be fighting for the final two places in the Overwatch World Cup playoffs at BlizzCon. Who will dominate the competition in Los Angeles? Join us August 11-13 to find out!

2017 Overwatch World Cup | Katowice Group Stage Recap

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2017 Overwatch World Cup | Katowice Group Stage Recap

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2017 Overwatch World Cup | Katowice Group Stage Recap

60 thoughts on “2017 Overwatch World Cup | Katowice Group Stage Recap”

  1. Who cares about this…


  2. No, but you’re the only one who cared about not caring enough to watch the video and comment about it.

  3. China has a good chance at an upset but South Korea is just insane so its anyone’s game in the top 3. But def a lot more on SK side. USA just went 4-0 the team is looking great so far.

  4. ASSASSIN199998 LOL everyone expected one! This event is copy and paste of last year and they know it! Negative feedback, and now they’re releasing a deathmatch game mode to make up for it. No epic skins, only a couple legendaries, there’s really not much they’ve added

  5. +Brendan Buckner How old are you? ‘Cause I’m pretty young and I’m not complaining.

    the event is fine. I don’t know what you are in about with “redo of skins*. 7 legendary skins is a lot. And me and you both know we didn’t get all the skins last year.

    as for Lucio ball, did they need to make a new mode? everybody loved Lucio ball, and this year they made improvements and added a new map and released COPA Lucio Ball.

    This event is fine, and you got to realise Blizzard have more things to work on other than Summer games.

  6. I do not main Bastion, I main Genji, Tracer, and Lucio. I am saying that Bastion should be buffed as he gets targeted more than most heroes.

  7. those inflatable noise makers are silly and dumb. people are so easily manipulated. “dont fight and break things, just bop these things together like an idiot”. XD

  8. Henry Charlotten Canada and russia had 4-0 games before they met,after russia lost to canada, korean 4-0ed russian.

  9. Katowice had no energy compared to Sydney, that might be because Sydney had 4000 plus seats compared to 150….

  10. Yes
    I’m a bastion/mei/hanzo/mccree
    main and bastion is dead so when ever i play him i just get focused

  11. Jarrod I know! I’m so proud that my country has something other than the Winter Olympics we can be considered near the best in the world.

  12. Jamie
    Hey Hey
    you know what makes it better
    my name
    im just gonna say it now then edit it so like no one knows its me
    Its ban
    so you could call me Banstion
    and OW uses it as a threat

  13. Jeff Kaplan says that the rest of the world needs to get buffed.

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