10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney

10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney

10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney

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10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney

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10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney

When you think of Disney stars, you probably think of actors and actresses who are sweet and wholesome. The company expects all of its talented stars to maintain this image to appeal to their young fans. But none of us are perfect, and Disney stars are bound to slip up and make a mistake just like the rest of us. We’re going to show you 10 stars who were fired by Disney for various reasons, from one star who was dumped for his rude emails to another who was given the boot after getting into a few altercations with his neighbours.

10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney

PewDiePie is a huge star who found success on YouTube. He later signed a deal with Disney’s Maker Studios, but they severed ties with him after they found a series of offensive imagery on his channel.

10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney

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10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney

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10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney

90 thoughts on “10 Stars Who Were FIRED By Disney”

  1. Pewdiepie, didn’t do anything wrong!He just wanted to show how far fiverr can go but his way of showing it wasn’t good, and he apologised from his bottom of heart !He’s a great person!
    I’ve been watching his channel from a long time.Just watch his Response.#IStandWithFelix

  2. Bro Jake quite! He didnt get fired! This is what Jake was talking about saying that u cant belive everything social meda says

  3. Everyone! Jake Paul got fired! He lied when he said he quit. I mean seriously with the videos he posts why tf would Disney keep him. 🙄

  4. Jake Paul didn’t get fired, him and Disney split cuz he wanted to focus more on adult roles and his company, and he was to busy to be on set all the time, and Disney had to work around his schedule, so they both decided to split. Even on Disney channel’s twitter it says that, even though everyone thinks he got fired.

  5. Tess Ley Jake didn’t quit, he got dropped. You can’t quit in mid contract or in the middle of the season…

  6. 85% people came for Jake Paul ( the thumbnail )
    13% people came here for the title
    2% people don’t even know y they r here

  7. Diamond baby boo #lite Speaking of not listing to social media, he LIED!!! You can’t quit on a contract.

  8. Diamond baby boo #lite Well, if we can’t trust everything on the Social Media, I don’t think what Jake said is true. You do know that people can say whatever they want without being caught. Jake can lie on the Internet, so does everyone. I’m in Disney’s side.

  9. Genji Shimada dude, I was being sarcastic. Only dumb fucks believe everything their precious idol tells them. I thought ‘yeah, because YouTubers never lie’ was enough for people to get the sarcasm.
    Btw, I’m 29 & despise Jake Paul… sorry you didn’t catch the sarcasm

  10. His way of showing it was funny. Don’t let these SJWs tell you how to think. Always remember they are the ones who are wrong.

  11. Hrishikesh Shirsath ahhh and here’s another 8-year old that says he didn’t get fired

  12. lailacakes962 no he didn’t actually. Disney actors are under contract. Quitting the show would breach contract which would get Jake into a lot of legal trouble with Disney. Lawsuits, jail time we would hear all about it on the news because Jake is on there practically every week for controversies.

  13. D.a Beauty I hate Jake Paul so badly he is so flipping ugly Logan is much better

  14. Jasmine Hernandez I think you’re getting two stories mixed up. Jake Paul is the one that people say he wasn’t fired not Pewdiepie

  15. Hannaimations Star vs. The forces of evil is Disney XD not disney Channel
    Sanjay and Craig is a Nickoledon Show and so is bread winners.

  16. Janiya Bey and yes I know they are nick shows, awful ones in fact, and that was why I said them. I was comparing how Disney has more appropriate shows on Disney XD that didn’t have anything about bathroom humor, and how Disney XD and XP actually have some pretty decent jokes and the irony on The Attack is priceless.

  17. Slimeafied and more i agrees that disney channel had a period when it was going down hill but with the new shows like andi mack and ravens home makes me believe that the channel has hope.., also disney movies are still a classic and are still going strong

  18. Ya he got fired but didn’t want to look bad to his fans and so lied and said he left which isn’t possible cause he was still under contract

  19. we all knew the 8 yr old girls would come to defend there beloved jake… GET A FRICKING CLUE

  20. Panna Johns so he decided he wanted to be known as the kid on an adult show not bizzardvark. Disney agreed. IDC if you hate him. Don’t just go against everything he says. And I’m not a Jake pauler. I’m a logangster

  21. Lmnfjondojn y’aLL he just said that to make himself feel better and so his white knights would go argue for him and protect his ego like why would he come to a mutual agreement to quit whereas he could keep raking in extra money from Disney?? Disney fired him for sure.

  22. Julissa &I Mykayla all you Jake paulers are all supporting a racist dumbass man.and another thing is his fans are all 9 year old kids

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