10 People Who Got BANNED From DISNEY WORLD!

10 People Who Got BANNED From DISNEY WORLD!

10 People Who Got BANNED From DISNEY WORLD!

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10 People Who Got BANNED From DISNEY WORLD!

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10 People Who Got BANNED From DISNEY WORLD!


10 People Who Got BANNED From DISNEY WORLD!

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10 People Who Got BANNED From DISNEY WORLD!

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10 People Who Got BANNED From DISNEY WORLD!

Visiting Disney fills most of us with a sense of nostalgia and a rush of excitement as we see our favorite childhood characters, go on incredible rides, and stuff our bodies with as much fried food as possible. It’s hard to want to imagine causing such a ruckus that you would get kicked out, but that is the reality for the people in our video. We’ll show you fifteen people who got kicked out of Disney World, and some of them ended up banned for life! You might think that Blake Lively lives her life on the straight and narrow, but she actually received a year long ban from Disney when she was only six years old for her involvement in a clever hairspray related scheme. Ariana Grande’s brother, Frankie, was also kicked out of Disney for not being able to resist the urge to show off his best Miley Cyrus impression after a few too many drinks. Most people know that Disney has a dress code, but few know that they can be unflinchingly strict in how they enforce it. One teenager learned this the hard way when her Tinkerbell costume got her and her boyfriend ejected from the park. Another woman was kicked out for merely resembling a princess, and not even a Disney one at that! Perhaps even more shocking is the man who was instructed to look less like Santa Claus or he would be forced to leave the park. One man received a lifetime ban from Disney World for telling an off-putting joke, much to the dismay of his family.

10 People Who Got BANNED From DISNEY WORLD!

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