The Force vs The Hulk – MOVIE FIGHTS! Live from Comic-Con 2017

The Force Vs The Hulk - MOVIE FIGHTS! Live From Comic-Con 2017

The Force Vs The Hulk - MOVIE FIGHTS! Live From Comic-Con 2017

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The Force Vs The Hulk - MOVIE FIGHTS! Live From Comic-Con 2017

Check out our panel LIVE from San Diego Comic Con!

The Force Vs The Hulk - MOVIE FIGHTS! Live From Comic-Con 2017

ROUND 1 02:55 – Star Wars prequels vs Hobbit trilogy
ROUND 2 09:55 – Better overall movie franchise: X-Men vs Spider-Man
ROUND 3 17:00 – Worst movie to cosplay as?
ROUND 4 22:44 – What's more powerful: The Force or The Hulk?
ROUND 5 28:48 – What superhero’s powers would you least want to have in real life?
ROUND 6 34:46 – Make a movie better by swapping out the lead with Groot.
ROUND 7 38:35 – Best comic book movie performance

The Force Vs The Hulk - MOVIE FIGHTS! Live From Comic-Con 2017

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The Force Vs The Hulk - MOVIE FIGHTS! Live From Comic-Con 2017

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The Force Vs The Hulk - MOVIE FIGHTS! Live From Comic-Con 2017

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The Force Vs The Hulk - MOVIE FIGHTS! Live From Comic-Con 2017

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52 thoughts on “The Force vs The Hulk – MOVIE FIGHTS! Live from Comic-Con 2017”

  1. Obviously X-men movies over spiderman movies, Spiderman 1, 2 & Homecoming are the only great movies, X-men has Logan, First Class, Deadpool, DOFP, X-Men 1 and X2

  2. I respect everyone’s opinion but I truly don’t get the hate for the Hobbit Trilogy. Is it amazing like LOTR absolutely not but they are not nearly as bad as the Prequels!! I think their good movies that yes shouldn’t be split into 3 parts.

  3. I’m confused. can someone tell me when spencer became the movie fights champ? thought the last title match was between dan and mike

  4. No way you can say that the Hobbit had bad acting. Sure it had a lot of green screen, but it wasn’t bad CG like in the prequels.

  5. They can afford to take their programming out from the paywall now because of their sponsorship deal with T-Mobile.

  6. 1:45 Hal: “This guy loves movies and is super funny! Make some noise for Doug . . .”
    Me: “WALKER?!!!”
    Hal: “Benson!”
    Me: who even is that

  7. Spencer cashed in his money in the bank contract at the end. I know it’s not called “money in the bank”, but it might as well be.

  8. Round 5 really bothered me, Alicia clearly doesn’t know much about Professor X, she saw Logan then just made assumptions from there. Professor X’s powers don’t cause him to be crippled and he only can’t control his powers because of his dementia. A young person with good mental health wouldn’t have any problem at all keeping their powers in check. In 99% of X-Men stories, Professor X’s powers are presented as having zero downsides. I can’t help but feel that she just saw Logan recently and said “Oh, that must be how Professor X is all the time, that would suck.”

  9. The more I listen Star Wars prequel hate, the more I think that people hate those movies just because it is popular to hate those movies.
    Listen to the Allicia’s argument, she is arguing that giving a Darth Vader a personality, a past, is a bad thing….

  10. um, yes it does, I just didn’t want to spoil the actual details in case you wanted to watch it for yourself. Go back to the dan/mike fight and watch it all the way to the end of the video and you will get your answer.

  11. Spencer had the Showstopper. So he pulled it out at the end and beat a weakened Dan… Sneaky bastard. #notmychamp

  12. Here’s an idea: Have rankings like the ufc does. That way we all know who are the top contenders. And it can change every month or two. I would imagine that today, for example Dan is ranked at 1, and Mike at 2.
    Anyway, good fight like always.

  13. Oh, please do explain how Leia is more weak and lame than the woman who died of a broken heart. Padme married Anakin AFTER he admitted to slaughtering the Tuskens, because you know, she’s totally a better character than Leia and the things she does make SENSE. You said Leia is arguably worse, but you made no argument… weird. Almost like it you already know it’s not true.

    You don’t have a leg to stand on. Just because you don’t accept criticism, or don’t understand them, doesn’t make them invalid. Either you’re trying way too hard to be edgy, or you need to learn a lot about what makes a decent plot or character, ON TOP of how to express those ideas in a discussion. I’d be crushing you if there were a moderator like Andy, because even though you claim something is arguable, you didn’t argue it and went off on a tangent about you not being a Star Wars fan. Logic was not your friend today, was it?

  14. he had a shitty, annoying, dumb, personality. the PREMISE of the prequels is fantastic. the execution, no.

  15. Biggest mistake by Ellis: not bringing up Ewan McGregor. Everybody wants an Ewan McGregor solo film. Nobody wants a solo movie with anyone from the Hobbit.

  16. Benjamin Burt Look up Doug Loves Movies. He’s a really good comedian, nerd, stoner. Stoner-comedian. Also Super High Me is awesome, I think it’s on Netflix. ☺☺☺☺

  17. Brock English hell in her closing argument she said if you had his power you would be crippled. She doesn’t know comics.

  18. FilmLover1998 I really enjoyed the first hobbit but the final film was a train wreck. Even frodo hated it.

  19. WorldPrez the final fight is between a dwarf and an orc who are slipping around on ice.. I laughed out loud in the cinema

  20. Wlof25 It’s cool to hate the hobbit trilogy too. Everything about movie fights is what’s trendy to hate or love.

  21. Of course Dan would win, he is the people’s champ. He is the most popular out of all of them. I personally think Spencer and Mike are the 2 strongest fighters.(I still think Dan is one of the best)

  22. I’m pretty sure mark gave great reviews to all the hobbit movies definitely the first one he might have given it 5/5

  23. Alex Sander yeah that would be fun, plus it would keep the pressure on the fighters to perform well and make for better fights

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