It Can Hyper Chill Warm Drinks Instantly

It Can Hyper Chill Warm Drinks Instantly

It Can Hyper Chill Warm Drinks Instantly

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It Can Hyper Chill Warm Drinks Instantly

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It Can Hyper Chill Warm Drinks Instantly

The HyperChiller makes perfect iced coffee, iced tea or other iced beverages in only 60 seconds without diluting your drink. You fill the HyperChiller with water and leave it in the freezer. Pour your hot beverage into the HyperChiller and 1 minute later your got a perfectly chilled drink. You can even place the HyperChiller directly below your single serve coffee maker for instant iced coffee.

It Can Hyper Chill Warm Drinks Instantly

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It Can Hyper Chill Warm Drinks Instantly

It Can Hyper Chill Warm Drinks Instantly

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  1. I can’t drink coffee I’m still too young 😂 but…. I want this for my mom and dad 😂

  2. The coffee doesn’t dilute the ice, the hot water thaws the ice. The coffee is already diluted with the hot water you added. Am I awkwardly intelligent, or are you jus stoopid?

  3. I don’t know if I didn’t understand it, but just make coffee, put some ice, let it melt and put some more when it’s cold. Ta dah, no gadget needed.

  4. If it’s summer so u want ice coffee over regular I get that but why r u wearing a jacket?👀👀👀

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  7. did you try ice coffee with cream and actual ice cream topped on with it? Now that’s the real thing, I’m sure you’ll like it.

  8. MOMO Is the best and how much will yu have spend in a yr with those ice cubes tho???????
    fail bud lol

  9. Minor request: can you make the amazon links go to amazon smile instead? It’s a minor thing but still an inconvenience.

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  11. Link Freeman its really not expensive they are other things that might be cheaper but that doesn’t doesn’t mean it’s expensive it’s just not the cheapest. option

  12. Lu Tze you can’t just choose to dilute the coffee whenever you want. It needs to be originally brewed with the proper amount of water or it will taste bad/have the wrong thickness.

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