38 thoughts on “🏥 IN EARLY LABOR! 😢”

  1. as a mom of 4 let me just tell you prepare to feel an unbelievable amount of guilt the first few months after baby is born because you wont be able to be dedicated to Liam like you are now

  2. Why would they let u go thru all that pain and not do the planned c-section since they said the baby is already 8 lbs?! Hugs and prayers for a safe delivery 🙂

  3. Yes usually they don’t perform plan C-sections until 39 weeks but if your body is going into actual labor they are allowed to perform once you have reach a safe amount of weeks in your pregnancy usually 36-37 weeks. I’m scheduled for mine at 39 weeks. I am 37 weeks but if my body decides to go into labor again my OB will just perform csection. Dr could’ve done C-section if she was having active labor contractions since she’s pretty much considered full term. But I guess some OBS have different protocols.

  4. sending my prayers and be strong..
    soon we will see baby jacob and were all excited for you and your family..

  5. I had my c-section at 36 weeks. But mine was because i was pregnant with twins. They were 5lb 3oz and 5lb 6oz. Now they’re almost 3! Time flies

  6. It’s usually for insurance purposes. The insurance won’t cover my planned csection before 39 weeks unless I go into labor on my own. This may be the case with April as well. Not so much that the baby needs to be “full term” because they’re full term at 37 weeks. If she had dilated past 4, she would have been in active labor and they would have did the csection.

  7. That is too bad they wouldn’t just deliver him. My second and third babies were delivered at 38 weeks through c section. I wish you luck and you will be holding that sweet baby soon!

  8. April don’t dilate and I dilate extremely fast. My water broke at my house with no contractions and the hospital is 10-15 mins away and by the time I got there I was at an 8 with the worst contractions almost ready to push 😳

  9. A due date is just a guesstimate(as are any weight guess before birth). They can be off by as much as 2 or 3 weeks which can make a huge difference for baby. So more and more hospitals and doctors are finding it’s better wait as long as possible for inductions or scheduled c-sections. I know someone who was induced at what was supposed to be 37 weeks(they said baby was 7lbs also) and ended up needing a c-section and delivered a 4lb baby they estimated to be only 34 weeks that needed a NICU stay. In most cases, the longer a baby can stay in the better and it’s better to let baby dictate birth. There are enough risks for baby and mom with an induction and c-section, you don’t want to add risk by doing them too early for no reason. I know the hospitals around here won’t schedule a c-section until 40 weeks and inductions depending on the doctor won’t be done until at least 40 weeks and for some doctors 41 weeks as long as everyone looks good.

  10. I’m worried about April, I hope she and baby Jacob are alright. They have been on my mind all day. Praying everything is okay.

  11. Most Filipino women are really good at tolerating labor pains. And you‘re one of those April. God bless you. 🙂

  12. Yes remember she said she had a scheduled c section on Wednesday and the baby was born early in this morning

  13. Kasi Touvell But she does dilate! She says she doesn’t but then says she dilated 5 cm with Liam so that in itself is progress even though it’s not the full 10. Also April saying she handles pain well and talking through strong contractions isn’t the best when dealing with doctors lol. If they see you’re in agonizing pain they might be more willing to push up your C-section but she’s showing them it’s not that bad. April seems more annoyed at still being pregnant more than anything. I just had my baby and trust me I know you just want it to be over with!!!

  14. Alex Noriega omg same here! I felt so sad and would cry soooo much just thinking about my first child and how It won’t ever be the same & give her all my attention like before. I was afraid my first child would think I didn’t love her anymore. But after a few months everything goes back to normal and u find a good balance.

  15. Alex Noriega hi do you think age is a problem to get pregnant. I am 35 going on 36 I got some negative comments.

  16. Janelle Khan honestly I don’t know ,but i have sufficient from hypothyroidism from birth and it’s is technically suppose to cause infertility but I never had problems getting pregnant and my lasts baby I was 32 I’m 33 now and want my lasts before 35 ,dont let others opinions about something so special affect or bother you 😊

  17. Gosh I have 7 all natural, thats scary! I wish you would dilate darn it! I’m so anxious for youuuu My prayrs for a safe delivery hugs to you and Justin…

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