WELCOME TO MARTA’S HOUSE… | Outlast 2 – Part 4

WELCOME TO MARTA'S HOUSE... | Outlast 2 - Part 4

WELCOME TO MARTA'S HOUSE... | Outlast 2 - Part 4

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WELCOME TO MARTA'S HOUSE... | Outlast 2 - Part 4

Marta is the lovely lady in Outlast 2 with the giant crotch-destroying hammer!
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WELCOME TO MARTA'S HOUSE... | Outlast 2 - Part 4

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WELCOME TO MARTA'S HOUSE... | Outlast 2 - Part 4

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WELCOME TO MARTA'S HOUSE... | Outlast 2 - Part 4

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WELCOME TO MARTA'S HOUSE... | Outlast 2 - Part 4

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WELCOME TO MARTA'S HOUSE... | Outlast 2 - Part 4

87 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MARTA’S HOUSE… | Outlast 2 – Part 4”

  1. you should check the videos that you record so you get more information about the place

    please like so that he can see this im really curious about the videos that he record

  2. FINALLY!! a game that alows us to climb the fence instead of finding a key or going in A TUNNEL OF DEATH AND DESPAIR….good to see some sort of common sence?

  3. Bam it’s Lori I’m gonna repost a reply I made on another comment on here because there are too many parallels from the last outlast to this one so I agree, here are my thoughts: Ive been saying this a lot. It’s so crucial, there are so many parallels between the previous outlast and this, our journal entries from Park and Upshur in this game are replaced with new comments in the playback of the video moments he records. BUT OF COURSE MARK DOESNT WATCH THE PLAYBACKS. The parallels in both games help us with plot and explain things! Like the documents from Outlast and Whistleblower in O2 are like the sermon notes from Knoth, the songs by the people, the notes from Val, and more. The presence of Chris Walker/Eddie Gluskin/Frank Manera are replaced with now Marta and the townspeople in chase scenes. The variants in O1/Whistleblower who sometimes hurt you and sometimes don’t are like the townspeople in Temple Gate who sometimes sit around and sometimes stab you. the Morphogenic Engine in O1/WB induced dreams/lucid states in the variants causing them to have mild psychotic episodes that made them get crazier, in this game we have a new Morphogenic Engine–that big beaming thundering white light Blake sees, we have new dreams like the variants had in O1/WB–they are Blake’s dreams in the school w Jessica. The Walrider invented by Murkoff was “God” in O1/WB, as preached to the variants by Father Martin.. it’s a stretch but I think Murkoff is behind this too.. maybe the “God” Knoth and Val compete for is another invention by Murkoff and Knoth/Val are the new Father Martin and instead of preaching to the variants they’re preaching to the townspeople. There’s online comics by RedBarrels (outlast creators) that are supposed to bridge the gap between the games and it looks like Murkoff is still alive and beating and in Whistleblower documents towards the end suggest Murkoff has moved onto inventing and trying out new things because of the success with the Morphogenic Engine? Maybe new things in Temple Gate? Hmmmm..???

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  6. ValorGlory very interesting! again mercury is so far providing some logical reasoning behind the actions of the townspeople and to me, regarding other information from redbarrels, we have a bit of Murkoff within this mercury mystery. Then again it’s a matter of the evidence confirming the mercury part.. I guess we’ll just have to watch more!

  7. Mark, you are missing a lot of additional informations and thoughts. You should play the videos you recorded, so you can hear Blake’s thoughts.
    Also, you can view the pictures you taken of the writings, and make them into a clear texts, so you don’t have to waste battery when reading them.

  8. *jumps out window*


    *hits ground*

    Ow I broke my ankles

    Wouldn’t have expected that mark

  9. “knock knock knock, or should i say knoth knoth knoth” GODD THAT PUN WENT SO HARRRDDDDDDD

  10. To quote my grandma, “if your religion wants you to kill people, then it’s not a religion worth serving.”

  11. I didn’t like Hillary that much. 🙂 people will probably kill me for saying that though…

  12. The guy in that scene Josiah is voiced by Graham Cuthbertson who also did the voice of Eddie Gluskin in Whistleblower. If you listen to Josiah talk, he kinda sounds like Eddie Gluskin.

  13. Yeah and then we see the character NEVER pick up any sort of weapon.

    He has common sense in all the wrong places

  14. She stabs you in the place where it hurts the most.. so she’s definitely more scary or violent. Poor Blake lol

  15. +bluestar32 Are you trying to defend Markiplier?? Don’t be so quick to judge them, for haven’t you, yelled or gotten mad at a YouTuber before? If not, then you’re lying.

  16. Nariod14 so many people got triggered by this..yet they dont know what jokeing around is X3

  17. Solaire of Astora i just fought you on brokensouls3…and..my dragon tooth won forgive me solarie

  18. Fire Disco same way Ethan from Resident Evil 7 healed his wounds by pouring goop all over his arm…….


  19. True^ So don’t let it bother you. You and I both know, Markiplier will continue to evolve as an entertainer and continuously be interesting, just being himself and not some Drone to the Publics demands.

  20. Has anyone heard of mad hatters disease? They used mercury to keep men’s top hats stiff, but it would seep into their skin and send them somewhat crazy. That’s why I figured it must be the mercury anyway.

  21. Riften Guard nah the world wpuld be better off without trump loving whores now THAT would be peace and paradise but this game is messed up

  22. @TotalGeekGamer I don’t even live in america you mongoloid. But to spite you buddy, yeah I’m a trump supporter. If it means i’m entitled to think that Azenith’s comment is douchey, i’ll gladly take up that label.

  23. many people think that God is peace and love. hippie stuff. but look at the World Wide Flood in the Bible. You know, where God kills every living thing on the planet except 8 people and a small zoo. I myself, as a Christian, just like to point out that in Mark 13th in the Bible states that false prophets while be in abundance in the “end times”. Hence Knoth. When my friends talk to me with this sort of thing (the ones whom arent Christian) i always bring up that in most modern religion, man dies for god(s). where as in Christianity, more often in the Baptist faith, God died for man. and before you get all mad at me, think is this way. where do you get your hope and willingness to live? relationships? money? popularity at school or work? anything that is worldly will not save you. God dosent care for what good or bad things youve done. God made all things and everything, from the smallest atom to the entire universe. Man belongs to God. For those who believe that, they say God does not respect people. however, in the book of Job, the man, Job, found favor with him. he went threw many trials that Satan himself served to Job. and after loosing his entire family (exluding his wife) being 7 sons and 3 daughters, all his live-stalk, his wealth, his health and many other things. his wife and his three friends tried to make him curse God and Die. despite all this, he was faithful to God. in the end, God gave him double what he had lost. It was his unending faith and trust in God kept him from the death that all man deserves. thing is, despite how perfect someone tries to be, they can never succeed. thats the reason many hundreds of thousands people hate Christianity. Rules. but what they miss… is that God forgives. God sent His own Son so that man might one day love Him as much as he loves us. if anyone has any questions, i’ll try my best to answer them.

    Also, having the opportunity to win souls for Christ on YouTube!?!
    Praise the Lord!

  24. That’s kind of why he’s so entertaining and why it works so well to make me want to play these games even if I don’t usually enjoy Horror games.

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