The Strange & Gross Origin of “Cuck” | Decoded | MTV

The Strange & Gross Origin Of "Cuck" | Decoded | MTV

The Strange & Gross Origin Of "Cuck" | Decoded | MTV

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The Strange & Gross Origin Of "Cuck" | Decoded | MTV

If you’ve been on Twitter or near a comment section lately, you may have noticed the insult “CUCK” being thrown around. A LOT. If you’re wondering what it means and where it comes from, the word's origins are a strange mix of misogyny and racism that spans a bizarre history from Shakespeare to early 2000’s Pick Up Artists. Watch the episode to find out!

The Strange & Gross Origin Of "Cuck" | Decoded | MTV

#Decoded #MTV

The Strange & Gross Origin Of "Cuck" | Decoded | MTV


The Strange & Gross Origin Of "Cuck" | Decoded | MTV

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The Strange & Gross Origin Of "Cuck" | Decoded | MTV

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The Strange & Gross Origin Of "Cuck" | Decoded | MTV

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50 thoughts on “The Strange & Gross Origin of “Cuck” | Decoded | MTV”

  1. People only use the term “cuck” because they’re too stupid to have a logical argument.

  2. Is this a joke? The racism in the word cuck comes from pornography where a black man has sex with a white man’s wife?? Where is the evidence of this? Also how is it misogynist? Because men use it to describe weaker mean? What has this got to do with hating women? As usual in an attempt to demonize the white man, Francesca has put two and two together and come up with 512. This is one of the worst attempts yet!

  3. Well gee Francesca it’s almost as if throwing around slanderous words to describe a person is actually a bad thing. Isn’t it a shame how the term Nazi is flippantly hurled at innocent folks these days. Cuck is as unwaranted an insult as Nazi is so I will be looking forward to your video calling out those who use that term as well.

  4. the word ‘racist’, as used by the lefties, has no more meaning than the word cuck, that’s never really used seriously anyway.

  5. “I wear makeup to look more attractive, but any man learning how to be attractive is a socially awkward loser who is trying to trick and hypnotise female victims.”

  6. If you don’t have kids and pay taxes for people who are not your people to raise their kids, you are literally a cuck.

  7. “Racially inferior” <--- I'm no expert Francesca but I'm pretty sure the point of cuckoldry is the cuck feeling inferior. If you think it's about whites feeling superior then I have bad news for the left, there's a plethora of articles from left wing activists proudly "sharing" their wives

  8. +M00NDANCEMIKE ” _how is it misogynist?_ ”

    Did you even watch the video? Oh that’s right you’re too busy hearing your own opinionated thoughts than to listen to what others have to say. Francesca isn’t the law nor the spokesperson for anything. It’s just a video. Relax.

  9. +Bartleby Dolan Maybe lefties will stop using racist to describe people being racist if they stopped you know… being racist. Just a hunch. But I’m working on the historical context on why lefties call racist people racist. Your words create a perception that’s hopelessly naive.

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    Figure 1

    HIV Infections per 100,000 people in the United States
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  11. +yea bruh +Tyler Russell +PackagedDuck Or you oversensitive malcontents are confusing sarcastic confidence with smugness. You people are blowing my mind right now, lol!

  12. Five simples rule of how not to be a cuck

    – Stop being a beta leftist
    – Stop watching porn
    – Stop being a degenerate
    – Pray in the temple of Iron
    – Value your nation and your people

  13. Jack, I’ve read your profile description, and im going to have to ask, are you by any means a man who would enjoy watching his wife(If he had one) have sexual relations with a person other than yourself?

  14. Leave it to Francesca to describe a cuckoo bird as, “innocent”. An
    opportunistic species that lays its eggs in other species nests, leaving
    the oblivious parents to care for young that isn’t theirs, and which
    ultimately kills their own biological young.

  15. She’s saying it’s a misogynist term but provides not one shred of evidence. I think I’m entitled to point that out, no? Can you explain it to me?

  16. Constantly getting reassured by all the corporations, media, etc.

    So they always think they’re right. Cucks!

  17. +Jack Heathen
    Actually, it makes a lot of sense. Patrick is pointing out, yet another hypocrisy when it comes to standards imposed on men, as opposed to women.

  18. One problem. Latino isn’t a race, it is more of a culture (that is why you hear terms like Afro-Latinos, White Latinos, etc..), that may skew some results.

  19. Improving your appearance is different than learning tactics to manipulate people. Women wearing makeup is more comparable to men working out.

  20. Don’t worry CUCKS, MTV’s token black SJW correspondent says that being a CUCK is o.k.and if anyone points it out they are racist sexist scum. Wait , isn’t she Cucking blackmen by having a white husband……

  21. Not having your views challenged until well into adulthood does cause a smug sense of superiority, which Franny (her white husband is the embodiment of a cuckold) has in spades.

  22. As I said, it has to do with culture, not race. And you are referring to Mestizos specifically and it varies (depending on how well they are willing to assimilate and all that in other countries).

  23. Because it’s putting an emphasis on you owning your wife/gf you’re a cuck cause she cheated on you instead of her just being a free agent whose dishonest you’ve been besmirched by proxy because she belongs to you.

  24. you’re nazis because we have pictures of you nazi saluting in public and evidence of you identifying as fascists on twitter and else where online. stop playing coy everyone knows your asinine game at this point you can’t deny it anymore.

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