Pushing the Limits of FaceApp

Pushing The Limits Of FaceApp

Pushing The Limits Of FaceApp

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Pushing The Limits Of FaceApp

Today we see try and find the face swapping limits of FaceApp. GMM #1124
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Pushing The Limits Of FaceApp

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Pushing The Limits Of FaceApp

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Pushing The Limits Of FaceApp

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Pushing The Limits Of FaceApp

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Pushing The Limits Of FaceApp

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71 thoughts on “Pushing the Limits of FaceApp”

  1. _every other youtuber posting their faceapp pictures_

    me: ok cool
    Rhett: there is a new app cal-
    me: opens play store immediately

  2. link you don’t need any faceapp to tell how will you age, your cardigan tells more than enough….

  3. I think it making skin lighter is understandable and here’s why, because when a person puts on makeup to make their face look “better”, they use brighteners and contour highlighters around problem areas. That is probably what this app is doing to get the same effect, this rendering lighter skin tones.

  4. The reason it probably makes the skin lighter is because it’s the simplest way to remove blemishes and make the skin seem smoother. Racist? ummm… definitely not…

  5. I don’t think it was racist on purpose. The algorithm probably use a lighter color to eliminate rosacea and red face skin.

  6. Everything is racist. Everything is sexist. Anyone else tired of snowflakes being offended by literally everything?

  7. Look at how many people agree with me; you post several comments in each GMM video, which all inevitably get bumped to the top, presumably because your profile picture depicts a female. Let’s not pretend that you don’t enjoy the attention, which is why you do this so persistently.

  8. +Aideen Moroney

    Why would you invent new words for the same thing?

    As long as you keep crying about everything and constantly tries to play the victim (even though you’re part of the most privileged group of people to ever walk the face of the Earth), you’ll get called the same thing: a special little snowflake. It’s not rocket science. As long as you keep it up, we keep it up. If you stop, we stop. Simple as that.

  9. LifeWithEm my hair goes up, my hair goes down (up) down (up) Go watch the video again pls…

  10. gjaddajg It is…but who wants to be with a racist? I don’t know how judging
    people based on color alone isn’t racist. But like I said I’d rather two racist be together 😒😒👍👍

  11. Chatbots learn on the fly. This app doesn’t do it like that. The training happens during the development phase.
    Only the company would know what their sources are for Attractive People. I wont be surprised, If it’s just taking it from google image search. They basically show the neural net the picture of an attractive person and tell it that this is what an attractive person looks like. Or this is what an unattractive person looks like.(Sounds bad, i know) They actually need tens of thousands of pictures to make the prediction accurate enough.
    Once their neural network is trained. They can deploy it in these apps. No further learning happens when you are using the app. It just predicts based on the pickled information from it’s training.

  12. Thats something like that I thought happened but its really the how they learn Im curious about. Like you said google image of attractive is a way but I wonder what they actually used. Im a student in computer engineering so every new thing I can learn is gold!

  13. that’s exactly what I was thinking, honestly though I’m surprised it didn’t make people more tan because that seems to be what’s perceived as attractive in the media nowadays lol

  14. I was typing exactly this. The database used was … poorly chosen, I think it’s the best way to describe what happened. I think the company has some fault on that, but, yeah, “people” are racist (in general).
    (Sorry about my english btw)

  15. you’re missing the point. Rhett made it very clear. The algorithm takes averages from the internet. Most people in the world are probably racist. What do European FEATURES have to do with smooth skin?

  16. Having a preference in skin color isn’t racist, it’s aesthetic preference. That’s why they let you choose your race and skin tone in adventure games. To give an example of what I’m trying to say: I would rather get a black cat than a calico cat. I think that judging a person based on the color of their skin that is racist, yet nobody simply ignores skin tones and is blind to it. I presume that it just so happens the algorithm found a correlation that brighter faces tend to be appealing to users. Why do you think geisha would put on so much white makeup? It’s not that humans are racist, it could be that features are better distinguished and appealing against a lighter backdrop. I guess all I’m trying to get across is that I think it’s going to far to call humanity racist over a simple matter of aesthetic preference.

  17. Igmantis This logic makes zero sense what so ever.. how exactly is European features an aesthetic preference?? It is not going too far to say that humanity is generally racist and your argument saying otherwise just proves my point.. you say “brighter faces tend to be appealing to users”.. why do you think that is so? Because humans have been instilled with racist ideologies that white=better looking in nearly every generation. Rhett’s point that the robot is a portrayal of human racism is completely true in my opinion.

  18. gjaddajg So you think a robot making a generalization of a “preference” to white Europeans isn’t concerning in the least bit? Obviously, Rhett’s point that the bot is a portrayal of human racism is true in my opinion.

  19. It makes me thinking, in their(those who claims the app to be racist ) opinion, is every makeup product racist? Because I have never seen any makeup that make people look black. Don’t say eyeshadow, different thing.

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