Dr. Twelfth (Read by Michelle Gomez) – Doctor Who

Dr. Twelfth (Read By Michelle Gomez) - Doctor Who

Dr. Twelfth (Read By Michelle Gomez) - Doctor Who

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Dr. Twelfth (Read By Michelle Gomez) - Doctor Who

To celebrate the release of Doctor Who meets The World of Hargreaves, here is the full animation of the Dr. Twelfth story by the creators of Mr. Men and Little Miss and narrated by the wonderful Michelle Gomez! To get your own copies of the books click here: (US: )

Dr. Twelfth (Read By Michelle Gomez) - Doctor Who

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Dr. Twelfth (Read By Michelle Gomez) - Doctor Who

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Dr. Twelfth (Read By Michelle Gomez) - Doctor Who

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Dr. Twelfth (Read By Michelle Gomez) - Doctor Who

61 thoughts on “Dr. Twelfth (Read by Michelle Gomez) – Doctor Who”

  1. Once upon a time there was a time lady called Missy
    She was so crazy, that everyone died.
    The end

  2. can I just say if 12 and Missy git married and the series ended I wouldn’t mind……..

  3. +Donald Paluga You mean Jelly Babies? Every Doctor regenerate with a Jelly Babies in their pockets (that’s my theory)

  4. It’s a burger! I always bring a snack. I don’t want it now, he’s put me off my dinner-Dr. Twelfth, The Return Of Dr. Mysterio

  5. Wait, the audio contains a mind-control soundwave when picked up by the human ear, to brainwash watchers to go advertise Doctor Who, because BBC Cardiff has been taken over by Missy, so she could earn all the money and ratings and gloat over the doctor, who can only break it when he acts out the scenes that Missy has written for the show!

    … I definitely didn’t pick it out because I am a zygon, I am brainwashed like you, guaranteed.

  6. Why do I get the feeling that this story is somehow connected with the new series? I admit, though, half the time I watched this, I felt like I was watching a new Doctor Who story, there were some typical Doctor moments, the other half both the 1970s and 1990s Mr Men and Little Miss themes were running through my head. Although it would be interesting to see what it would be like if the characters lived in Misterland if they were called Doctor Twelfth (as in it being used as his real name instead of just ‘the Doctor’) and Little Missy…

  7. She’s my second fav I think after Roger. I know we’re getting a Master team up soon with Simm but it would be awesome if Titan Comics or Big Finish do a story with ALL the Masters together, including Missy.

  8. Agreed! Maybe something happens which requires the Master’s specific touch, so they are all banded together and have to overcome their egos in the process to save the universe… because only they get to destroy it.

  9. The ending was hilarious! Adam really got the characters down and did a great job. Wish I could thank him for this

  10. I would mind. Especially after what the Master did with Utopia…
    It broke the Doctor’s hearts.

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