The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah – Instant Save Performance: “When I Was Your Man”

The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah - Instant Save Performance: "When I Was Your Man"

The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah - Instant Save Performance: "When I Was Your Man"

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The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah - Instant Save Performance: "When I Was Your Man"

Mark Isaiah hopes for an instant save with his take on Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man".
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The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah - Instant Save Performance: "When I Was Your Man"

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The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah - Instant Save Performance: "When I Was Your Man"

NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.

The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah - Instant Save Performance: "When I Was Your Man"

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The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah - Instant Save Performance: "When I Was Your Man"

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The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah - Instant Save Performance: "When I Was Your Man"

The Voice 2017 USA YouTube channel features exclusive content with The Voice coaches, highlights from The Voice auditions, interviews with The Voice winners, as well as The Voice recaps and results. Learn more about The Voice contestants, The Voice tour, the eliminations, and follow your favorite performers all the way to the finale. In season 12, Gwen Stefani returns to join Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton as celebrity musician coaches, while Carson Daly continues to serve as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the first begins with the blind auditions, followed by the battle rounds, the knockouts, the live playoffs and finally, the live performance shows.

The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah – Instant Save Performance: "When I Was Your Man"

The Voice

71 thoughts on “The Voice 2017 Mark Isaiah – Instant Save Performance: “When I Was Your Man””

  1. He trended #1 Worldwide in Twitter during #VoiceSaveMark

    Hanna didnt advance, it was sad so I’m rooting for him! He needs to sing songs like this!

  2. I honestly wish these annoying teen girls can be banned from voting 🙄🙄🙄

  3. I love Mark. This performance Awesome. Like Adam said “Potential” and he was willing to put his neck on the line for him.

  4. Mark sounds better singing slow songs. I’m glad America saved this guy. This is the potential Adam was talking about. Adam needs to pick better songs for him.

  5. now THIS is the heartfelt ballad I have been waiting for and he NAILED IT. His best performance to date. – So You Wanna Be A Singer

  6. I mean, he is not a bad singer, but every performance its equal, always the same tone and stuff, it kinda gets boring… Am I the only one who thinks this?

  7. Why couldn’t he have done this during the top 12 show? I didn’t care for him that much and I loved this!

  8. This season has very few super talented singer. This guy has a beautiful voice though. Song choice seems to be his trouble now. Love this performance though.

  9. I was mad that Hanna wasn’t chosen over him, but not gonna lie this was Pretty good compared to normal. Best performance by mark that Ive seen

  10. #6 comment #savemark I have said it since his first audition there is something that he has that makes me want him to win

  11. Ok I know Mark can sing well so why not give him better song choices that will actuallly chart on iTunes?

  12. Keldemption adam is the one that is giving him those trash songs anyway. mark chose this one and that’s what saved him

  13. Well Adam better pick better songs for him! Hatin’ Adam for picking wrong song choices!

  14. ZE7379 Contestants always pick their instant save song. Been that way since Season 2

  15. Now all those haters from few performances ago are becoming lovers huh….that’s y u don’t judge ppl🤷‍♀️

  16. I actually have to agree with you. Mercy was my fave song of Mark’s. If Adam thinks Mark is potential, pick better song choices.

  17. Becky Rose I hope Adam does not screw up next week. I hope Adam picks a song that’s gonna showcase Mark’s full potential. Or I hope at least that he’s gonna let Mark pick his own songs. I think we have not seen the best of Mark yet.

  18. Why you give your basis rather being so condescending with “poor people”? Just back up your statement

  19. iamNerø Mayben Saying he always sounds the same isn’t the right phrase…they all stick to their comfort zone for the most part. I think what you mean is he has no vocal range. He lives in the lower notes and is pretty good at them, but even in this, which was arguably his best performance, you can hear his voice straining big time any time he tried to take it up the octave.

  20. robertantonnyc good point. Song choice is everything now and ballads that are emotional with haunting melodies are it. I was worried last night for one of my favorites Stephanie rice that her rendition was full of artistry and creativity and may be least impactful on the masses. Songs like this and ‘a case of you’ and what’s that other tried and true pop country ballad song. Yeah that really narrows it down. But you know what I mean I hate to say conform and conquer ! But that’ll work. You got win it to be in it. Something like that. I wish someone would do Guilty or love has no pride by Bonnie Raitt. Those will bring tears …

  21. KL H yeah Chris Jamison came in 3rd place on season 7, but I don’t think it was necessary that Adam brought him up because why make Mark even more uncomfortable when clearly Mark is gonna struggle with the voting too.

  22. Shrek : this is my swamp
    And I wish the country mafia would be banned so that other, more talented, people have an actual chance.

  23. Meeho Shrewdroad I hate him on this show in general. I just watch it because I love Alicia and don’t mind Gwen.

  24. robertantonnyc I don’t disagree it was his best yes. I loved the way he slowed it down and almost whispered it like a prayer at the end. That’s where I think he clinched it. Whereas Troy sort skipped off the stage happy to be there but it was Mark’s ‘I want to STAY’ that he conveyed that I think made him stay. That and talent. Cute kid lively genuine expressions. Adam is the best coach period and especially for this kid. I love how much Adam cares.

  25. BucsDucs99 Yes, that was what i meant. English is not my main language so my vocabulary isnt large enough to describe it properly. He has potential, and yes, i agree this was his best performance to date, but, for me, its not captivating. I feel like people wont like him for too long.

  26. Katya. Katya (I’m Katie) you and I know it. Ballads that have extraordinary melodies and pain-filled (as opposed to painful) lyrics are the key to the championship. That and being male helps. No I’m not saying it’s any sort of sexist or bias just that very few women could be on 1st as opposed to should and don’t. I think I remember one time. This woman Vanessa Fergusson IS by far the finest voice I’ve heard in a long long time. What style. She has her own niche like Aretha and Gladys night and Etta James and patsy cline. Nina Simone Billie holiday. Vanessa …. she’s up there and no hat tonight. Hey I miss Brandon royal. I thought he was really deserved of winning that knockout and then nobody stole him ? I thought he was magical. The one who was sick has not yet regained her full voice. I hope she hangs I. There. Stephanie and Lauren 🌟. I hope I have her name right. She did a jewel song in the blinds. I get attached to these people …

  27. Not a teenage girl, and I think he’s good looking, but I legitimately love his voice!

  28. KL, I think it’s better to do what you do best and let the fans come to you. This really shouldn’t be about who Wins because only one is going to win. It should be about showing what you do to gain fans and move your career forward.

  29. I’m not a fan of Mark but that song suited him well. And actually I’m happy he was saved because I really don’t like Troy. His Chandelier performance f.e is really bad, idk what people love about it honestly. And I didn’t understand why Gwen chose him over JChosen

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