RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 – Part 3

RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 - Part 3

RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 - Part 3

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RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 - Part 3

It doesn't matter where I run or where I hide THEY ALWAYS FIND ME!!
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RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 - Part 3

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RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 - Part 3

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RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 - Part 3

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RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 - Part 3

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RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 - Part 3

97 thoughts on “RUNNING AS FAST AS I CAN!! | Outlast 2 – Part 3”

  1. Anyone else notice that the thumbnail is actually the Friday the 13th Game with Miner Jason and Todd?

  2. *_Listen up, folks, the Markiplier giveaways are a scam. Not only are they uncertified (no checkmark), but they also have little to no subs, and are not featured on Markiplier’s channel. Therefore, our precious Markimoo is not involved with these channels and if he was, he would likely pin the comments so that people could get gifts. Furthermore, none of them use the telltale passcode, which is “GIVEAWAYS ARE DUMB AND SO AM I!” so don’t feed these pathetic morons with your money, if they can’t do better than exploiting people’s gullibility they deserve to be poor._*

  3. Say I if your heart stopped at 9:49……..I!!!!!! But mark made me smile with his “owwwwyyyy”

  4. “Consume the flesh, spice it well” sounds a lot like “strip the flesh, salt the wound” from Borderlands :^)

  5. I’m probably wrong but did Father Knoth rape Lynn? Considering that he’s done that to various women of his following and all that we’ve seen I wouldn’t be surprised. I really hope I’m wrong. 😦

  6. “I Am” is another name for God. Any time you see it stylized that way (note “Am” is spelled with a capital “A”) it is referring to God. Blake seems to think one of the “sides” is Christians. While there are many references to God and many quotes from the Bible, this game, thankfully, does not accurately represent the worship of the Biblical God. Hence, neither side is Christian.

  7. My theory is that Jessica was a freind of Blake and Lynn in school, and the “principal” abused her, hence her screaming in the nightmares and why hes presented as an evil entity in the visions. Jessicas abuse drove her to kill herself.

  8. Mr. Turner oh is that what that is? i just saw what looked like Jason in his original clothes and thought Outlast was paying homage


  10. Jade Darling No I was laughing to hard and my brother was yelling at Mark for being a hypocrite about the lady not using proper grammer when he wasn’t using proper grammer lol

  11. *[ For all you fellow pussies out there– Here’s the scare list! ]*

    – 5:35 “Heretic you say?” (Scare Level, Eek)
    – 7:30 Mumbo Jumbo Is Back! (Scare Level, Oh Gawd)
    – 10:30 She Literally Back Stabbed Me (Scare Level, Oh!)
    – 11:59 Dead People Need Water Too (Scare Level, JEZUS)
    – 14:40 You Need Education, Lemme Give You Some (Scare Level, FACK!)
    – 16:07 Can I AXE You A Question.. Was That Even An Axe? (Scare Level, Oh Gawd)
    – 17:40 Doors Can Talk (Scare Level, Eek)
    – 18:51 Large Box Larry Couldn’t Protect You (Scare Level, JEZUS)

  12. Do you include that quite: “Ok. Alright then,” too when you walk in? If so that’s even funnier.

  13. wrong it was the music teacher but mark calls it the principal and she does not kill herself I wait till you see the ending

  14. No, he raped her. That’s what he means by ‘examined’. Her reaction, the whole “I don’t want to talk about it” thing? I can tell you first hand that’s what that kind of trauma looks like.

  15. Kat Rina 18:09 Markiplier: Hell yeah!!! I’m too smart for his kind
    *goes down stairs*
    Markiplier: Oh Hell no!!

  16. _

  17. All scare levels of this one are : “MEH” … You know… “Oh meh god” “Oh meh jezus” “Oh meh fucking god forsaken mother” ” Oh meh focking shithole shat myself” ….

  18. Outlast is notoriously brutal, often running on themes of insanity, zeal and cults cranked up to sadistic levels violence and gore.
    If I recall correctly the last one was set in an insane asylum with a self aggrandizing doctor trying to teach love though horrible disfigurement fighting for control against a self proclaimed profit with a fondness for arson.

  19. I have the same theory, but I think she was actually murdered by him and he tried to make it look like she committed suicide.

  20. To me it was a bit of a broken message. He says he “examined’ her and she was with child… Not from him raping her but like she was already pregnant before hand… Yet while Blake searches for her he makes sounds like he’s raping her. Even the groan at the end. I don’t know really, I chose to believe she wasn’t raped since when she escaped she was perfectly fully clothed with out anything torn or missing.

  21. More likely she was already pregnant before they arrived and Mr. Crazy thinks the baby is the anti-christ. At least so far that is all we can speculate. I am however curious why the heretics like Blake so much as to call him “father”.

  22. SPOILER: this theory is true, remember the helicopter crash? the bright light that crashes your helicopter and shows up before school visions is coming from a radio tower / microwave relay by the lake. the brainwashing experiment is part of Murkoff Corporation’s secret program. they are the same company from the first game that reopened Mount Massive Asylum under false flag to experiment on humans. in one document you can see the scientist referencing a bet he had with “Jenny Roland”. he means Jennifer Roland, who is known from Outlast 1 to be Murkoff Corp’s Pathologist. this proves the connection to Murkoff and the MKULTRA mind control program. not going to give any more spoilers but yes, he will go insane in the end because as you get closer to the tower and spend more time in the area you lose your mind more and more, get hallucinations and weird dreams of early childhood because the microwave brainwashing signal gets stronger.

  23. Jonathan Testardi what ever gets you by man for real! but if I feel I need any credit for something I do it’ll be on me because of my actions though I try to slide under the radar on those types of deals.

  24. Ruby Crest lol dude right? there’s so many versions I’m not sure which people are saying is the right one though I don’t think anyone is saying their religion is being attacked or w.e you said I can’t fully remember now lmao

  25. No I mean Christians are always crying victim when someone disagrees with them. “Religious Persecution” they call it I think they forgot what it feels to really be religiously persecuted.

  26. I would like to say that as an Atheist that even I know that it isn’t “true” Christianity that is being portrayed in Outlast 2 and even I was offended by him (Blake(The main character guy)) just assuming that it was a off-shoot of Christianity that these fucked-up people worshiped. I feel that saying just because your “God” is similar to the Christian God it must be the same thing, is like the people that say that all worshipers of Islam must be the same as the fanatics that attacked the U.S.A. on 9-11, I punch those people, or at least would like to but have the better sense then to.

    Sorry for rambling I just hate seeing uninformed comments made about religion and I personally would like to state that if Religion helps you in your day to day life good on you and I am happy that you can find solace in it, but be willing to understand it isn’t for everyone for any number of reasons.

  27. Also I’m pretty sure most of media portrays you guy’s as crazy but I’m also pretty sure most people don’t believe that real life christians are.

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