3 Cool Gadgets Under $35

3 Cool Gadgets Under $35

3 Cool Gadgets Under $35

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3 Cool Gadgets Under $35

Charger / Emergency Tool (USA Link) –
Charger / Emergency Tool (International) –

3 Cool Gadgets Under $35

LectroFan Micro (USA Link) –
LectroFan Micro (International) –

3 Cool Gadgets Under $35

iPhone / Android USB (USA Link) –
iPhone / Android USB (International) –

3 Cool Gadgets Under $35

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3 Cool Gadgets Under $35

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  1. more like “the cheapest series we can make the most money off of because YouTube is screwing us in ad revenue”

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  3. I’m so glad you can leave voice messages as comments now!!!

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  4. when the music you are listening to just happens to be the music in the video…and it perfect syncs up

  5. TechTonicByte well, she could let him have like 10% of each payment per chore and have the other 90% into savings or college fund

  6. Am I the only one that has watched probably every video of Unbox Therapy but never actually bought any item 😂😂😂

  7. Yung Pung because it should be common knowledge at this point. there’s no reason to assume people don’t know something unless they are being blatantly stupid

  8. I sleep with white noise and honestly you must try it it relaxes me it’s the only noise I hear all night every night .

  9. Unbox Therapy the noise from the speaker does not calm me down I find the noise around me at night is better

  10. i swear this and ” *Daddy Mikey – Billie Jean* ” …my fave videos right now

  11. Kim Boom Joong Well fucker people burn when they can’t reach your level.. And India sees you burning to ashes 🖕🏻🖕🏻

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