17 thoughts on “WOW: Panelist Tells President Obama First Time She Met Him HE SAID NO to Her Photo Request (FNN)”

  1. I was hoping judicial watch was going to arrest him when he came back into the country!Nothing ever happens with these scumbags!

  2. I guess he finished his first vacation. time to be on TV. then go back to his vacation using tax payers 💰. then go on TV… repeat non stop…

  3. “Poor little black girls” all over the world have it have it tougher than most. Love yourself, be strong, be Trump.

  4. +S Brooks No… All I said is her skin color… Even CNN calls people by their skin color.
    Now sit down.

  5. Master manipulator. Then he proceeded to do NOTHING for her for 8 years. That’s more than nerve- that is disgraceful.

  6. +S Brooks Because I’m sick and tired you people like you bringing it up… So I might as well too.

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