10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time

10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time

10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time

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10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time

10 Cringeworthy Advertising Fails
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10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time

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10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time

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10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time

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10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time

There are times when branding is done right, that it creates a positive image for the company. But, sometimes, companies can get it completely wrong, and they usually pay the price! From a brand that thinks women should think like men, to the now infamous Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner, these are 10 of the worst product advertisement fails of all time.

10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time

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57 thoughts on “10 Worst Product Advertisement Fails Of All Time”

  1. Girls – make sure this comment get even numbers of likes
    Boys – make sure this comment get odd number of likes
    Ready , Set , GOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    let’s see which team won😎

  2. All of these are just a case of idiots(Mostly Stupid Women) taking things way out of proportion. like usual.

  3. Hey random person scrolling through the comments
    You are beautiful no matter what
    Have a good day / night


    *Love from a youtuber whos goal is to hit 10k??*

  5. I hate when girls say bad things about themselves just to gat attention and complimangs

  6. )I think Carrie Fisher would’ve liked it;if you read her books,you’ll see that she had a great sense of humor about herself:-) (but still it was pushing it a bit.!)

  7. SubFeed Sub No I didn’t say that.many of them were truly ofdensive I know (ESPECIALLY that”fat girl costumes”)but some of them weren’t offensive but that’s just my opinion

  8. its werent a counter reply to you. I just like followed your comment up. I 100% agree with u

  9. Riddhi R as a Caucasian, I have not experienced the oppression that African Americans have experienced; however I will NEVER marginalize what they have experienced in today’s “progressive society”. You cannot determine what is offensive vs. what is not offensive, as you are simply a spectator and do not have to experience that oppression.

  10. Can’t even make a Hitler or a feminism joke. I think it’s because kids are starting to come on more.

  11. What the heck star bucks was just trying cheer people up people get way to offended over the dumbest stuff

  12. Cosmic Stars don’t get mad at people get mad at Hitler that didn’t kill us all… (obviously a joke for those triggered people)

  13. If you’re a girl and you’ve liked but it’s odd numbered, unlike to make it even. We have to win!!!

  14. Prodigy Gamer stupid women? I didn’t get offended by most of these but calling women stupid is wrong. Those ads were most likely unintentional but saying women are stupid isn’t

  15. Prodigy Gamer I don’t appreciate you calling women stupid your mother is a women (obviously)

  16. Evelyn Wright I don’t think he called all women stupid.. he meant that women who were offended by these ads were stupid..

  17. So if i take any offense to an ad saying i have to be a skinny beanpole to be accepted im stupid.

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