BFF (Song) – Buddy System

BFF (Song) - Buddy System

BFF (Song) - Buddy System

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BFF (Song) - Buddy System

Best friendship is extremely serious. iTUNES: Since the BFF Song was featured as a live performance in our Buddy System Ep 3 prom flashback, we thought we’d give it the 90s boyband music video treatment here! Shout out to *NSYNC, O-Town, and Backstreet Boys! Thank you for all you did, especially you, Chris Kirkpatrick. -R&L

BFF (Song) - Buddy System

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LYRICS: Click CC Music Production by: Mark Byers

BFF (Song) - Buddy System

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BFF (Song) - Buddy System

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BFF (Song) - Buddy System

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BFF (Song) - Buddy System

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68 thoughts on “BFF (Song) – Buddy System”

  1. Not liking this new project to be honest. They’re trying too hard to become
    something else. Oh well, at least there’s still GMM.

  2. Yeah this is very true, I love it, sadly I can’t get Youtube Red otherwise
    I would watch every episode of Buddy System. :(

  3. I can’t stop thinking about the old Smosh song now “We’re BFFs, there’s
    nothing left but memories and saadddneesss”

  4. it depends on what country you are living in, I could be wrong but I think
    Google/YouTube is just testing the waters right now with the US as it’s one
    of their largest markets.

  5. They’ve always had music videos like this, I like GMM more though too. I
    think the reason it seems like they’re trying too hard is because for this
    series they are acting and to be honest I’m just not really a fan of
    over-exaggerated acting. In GMM we can see them be more authentic, like
    real people who I could actually get along with, where as this almost kinda
    reminds me of Smosh acting which no offense to Rhett and Link but I can’t
    stand Smosh lol

  6. Didn’t expect all these replies, since my original comment wasn’t referring
    to the actual content (I know they’ve done this kind of thing before). My
    issue is with the whole YTR series, I think R&L are not meant for that
    format, since they improvise most of their stuff. Sorry if anybody got it
    twisted, maybe I should have explained myself better.

    And yes, GMM is their best product because it’s full of randomness. That’s
    the essence of R&L In my honest opinion.

  7. What you do AK is you wait for all the episodes to be out, then binge watch
    them for the free month.

  8. If you watch the behind the scenes you’ll see that this show is written by
    R&L, and that they still improvised a LOT of the show. So…

  9. Tyler Secrest OOHHH! THATS WHAT THEY SAY IN THE SONG!! (Im so toopid) ok,
    so now im pretty sure:
    Link said shades
    Rhett said shapes
    Mystery solvedxD

  10. Oh!! YEAH! HAHAHA!! You’re not stoopid, I probably should’ve explained what
    the article was about before just posting it. Haha yeah your color
    blindness comment makes sense. It would be weird if people couldn’t
    perceive shades though.

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