Iliza Stand-Up

Iliza Stand-Up

Iliza Stand-Up

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Iliza Stand-Up

Comedian Iliza tells jokes about hating Las Vegas and what happens to your girl squad after age 30.

Iliza Stand-Up

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Iliza Stand-Up

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Iliza Stand-Up

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Iliza Stand-Up

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Iliza Stand-Up

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Iliza Stand-Up

69 thoughts on “Iliza Stand-Up”

  1. She’s got a massive chip on her shoulder, it’s bad for stand up cause she’s
    alienating half of her audience

  2. I thought she was pretty damn good. I don’t understand why female comedians
    attract so many assholes in these comment sections. It’s one of the big
    misteries of YouTube.

  3. I’m sure a lot of people will get triggered if we call them sexist, but the
    reality is that most dislikes were put without the person even giving her a
    chance. Just the fact that is a woman, ‘deserves’ a dislike. It’s

  4. +Van Davis but that’s completely true. blacks only ever talk about being
    black, and comparing blacks and whites and literally nothing else

    women make jokes about their vaginas and sex

  5. how do you know that? just how on earth could you possibly know whether
    people disliked this without watching it?

  6. It’s men who believe women shouldn’t do comedy because what they’re talking
    about doesn’t apply to them. Apparently there should only be comedy for
    men, and if men can’t relate to a comedy (because it isn’t about them) it
    must suck.

  7. +Jonida Sanço
    Nope, she’s simply unfunny. You could talk about your period, morning
    sickness and make-up, if it’s funny, I’ll laugh. It’s not about the topic,
    it’s about the delivery.

  8. woman are funny and great, look at ghost busters was hilarious, If you
    don’t think so get over yourself.

  9. Man, dudes like you need to search more for women in comedy. I know, its
    hard. I would say that it is pretty rare, but not impossible. There’s a
    handful of funny women, but none of them are younger than 30 it seems. And
    Amy Schumer is only famous because her family Chuck Schumer runs New York
    City politics at the top level, so she obviously got her foot in the door
    right there with political favors, for a fact. Without Chuck, we would not
    even know who Amy is.

  10. Nicole, wow, how typical. Sexist?! How ironic since this comedy bit was
    entirely sexist. I love how SJW people always namecall people but forget
    what they are saying applies more to the thing they are defending, WAY MORE
    THAN the person they are replying to.

    You gotta be kiding me, how ironic since this whole entire bit was about
    her bashing things about men (like most female comedies), just the perfect
    amount of veiled sexism as hillary’s social media campaign (women+kids
    advocate) is the first thing you see on her pages, because she panders and
    cares about everyone EXCEPT men apparently, if you actually use your brain
    and disect what women+kids advocate on her page REALLY means

  11. And here I am, finding this totally unfunny, leaving my dislike. How about
    we focus on the fact that she says women get the short end because they
    aren’t encouraged to GAMBLE?

  12. I think it’s not because she is a woman comedian, rather that these jokes
    are mainly written for WOMEN. This comment section is filled with guys
    saying how unfunny this is, but this whole set is geared more towards women

  13. She’s not funny in here. Not a lot of women are funny. And that’s okay.
    Like not a lot of guys have sense of fashion.

  14. Tina Fey? Amy Poehler? Bridget Christie? Sarah Silverman? Joan Rivers? Tig
    Notaro? Melissa McCarthy? Kristen Wiig? Chelsea Peretti? But Iliza
    Shlesinger does suck.

  15. First half: material only women would get, so right there lost half of the
    audience. imo completely un-funny, by maybe the girls liked it.
    Second half: just a humorless rant about how guys suck if they dont have

  16. or, at least THIS one is completely horrible at her job and there is an
    army of bored women preemptively complaining about “women arent funny”
    comments (which I havent actually seen). Sorry, pick a different example
    for your tantrum, she was boring.

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