Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

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Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

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Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

Just in time for Halloween, get ready for the SPOOPY conclusion of Salad Fingers! Last time we already covered a lot of ground, but I was just getting started, and this story was FAR from over. This episode uncovers who Salad Fingers is, what the heck all his finger puppet friends are doing and WHAT THE HECK is up with that horse??

Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

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Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

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Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

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Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery

68 thoughts on “Film Theory: ENDING The Salad Fingers Mystery”

  1. Finally the Ending! And why are is salad fingers and the people that live
    in the wasteland with him and why is the waste land like this? Did a nuke
    drop or was their a bio weapon or a chemical weapon that was used?

  2. They are his platoon mates from the great war
    They were all killed in the trenches
    They are torn by war
    The great war

  3. This series is set in the distant future after the 2016 election. Salad
    fingers is a lone survivor after Tump becomes president.

  4. I have bad news.
    Firstly Salad Fingers isn’t over yet. The creator said so on part one in
    the comments section.
    Secconly he needs to explain the meaning of salad fingers ending in
    Newgrounds rumble. since that was also made by the creator.

  5. *[Long explanation of some things missed]*

    What MatPat did not clarify enough that Salad Fingers’ exact disorder,
    which I believe to be extreme Depersonalization Disorder which “is thought
    to be caused largely by severe traumatic lifetime events, including
    childhood abuse, accidents, natural disasters, war, torture, and bad drug
    experiences” all of which Salad Finger was shown to have experienced. Salad
    Fingers simply does not express the symptoms of someone with Schizophrenia.

    Hubert Cumbertale is most likely Salad Fingers’ real identity, however at
    this point he has been so distanced from himself that he has forgotten it,
    even forgetting the puppet’s name in episode 5. The name he introduces
    himself by, Salad fingers, is a juxtaposition of his real identity as a
    Butcher (huBert c). The idea that he enjoys the texture of rusty spoons
    (the first thing mentioned in the series!) and pain indicates his longing
    to reconnect to the real world. By the end of the series he does reconnect
    to the real world at the table, as uncomfortable and messed up his family
    may be (like himself).

    OH, and to explain Harry (Milfred Cubicle), perhaps as he has ‘BBQ’ written
    on his clothes, he was a customer or friend of Hubert Cumberdale when he
    worked in the butchers. The fact that he jokes around with him in episode
    10 shows he was once friends with this man (hence him being present on the
    ‘friend hat’). In episode 3, he hangs him up on a MEAThook, which shows
    this connection.The ending is also not as happy as MatPat assumed as it
    only confirms his unwillingness to accept death which was apparent in this
    whole series such as him not liking the giant pole which literally reaches
    up to heaven. But yes, by the end, he has finally come to grips with who he
    was and is, in all his and his family’s faults.

  6. Wait MatPat great vid but there are still some unanswered questions that me
    and I’m sure a lot of others in this comment section have. Like how can he
    be Hubert cumberdale and be that father figure you were talking about. Also
    about fleeing to France, salad’s reason for having a mental breakdown etc.
    Ik it took a lot to make this theory and a lot of these things are
    difficult to solve but do I think u could make a vid to finalize some of
    these other things if you can. Otherwise fantastic theory I love it

  7. Mean I’d find the child fetus with big eyes a little cute, then again it
    tricks Salad Fingers into what a bear trap? So can;t trust anybody.

  8. I’m sitting here, casually fappin as I watch YouTube (don’t judge me).

    Jumpscare ruined me fap >:c

  9. The wasteland is definitely in his head, but it’s absolutely a possibility
    that it was created because of his memories/PTSD caused by his time in
    France in WWI because most of the French battlefields looked pretty similar
    to his wasteland during the war

  10. Bless you for saying that Salad Fingers doesn’t have schizophrenia. I’m so
    tired of ignorant people instantly associating him with that. That being
    said, your theory makes a lot of sense, good job.

  11. +TellmeNinetails Waaaiiitttt are you telling me theres going to be more
    Salad fingers???? Geez how many years will i have to wait for more of it.
    Please explain this stuff to me because i thought it already had its last

  12. remember guys its just a theory ! not actual truth. but still a great

    David himself has said theres no true deep meaning and that he just wanted
    to expose the know it alls that have to find a deeper meaning in
    everything. That its just a simple animation he wanted to create, nothing
    more nothing less.

  13. *Believe it or not… I heard David posted a comment on the first video
    saying something like “Salad Fingers isn’t over yet.”*

    *However, he quickly deleted it… I believe.*

  14. In teh first part the creator said in the comments “Salid fingers isn’t
    done yet…” That and he started posting again about cream.

  15. I think that was the case for the first few episodes and the creator tried
    to string in some sort of story.
    If you look into something deep enough, you can create something out of

  16. I hate Donald Trump, but I’m really getting tired of all these amateur
    comedians who think they’re funny by making jokes that are about as
    sophisticated as, “knock knock” “who’s there?” “Donald Trump! Ha ha I’m so
    fucking funny guys!”

  17. +LtheprodigyH “anymore” you used to get scared by jumpscares but since you
    got used to them it didn’t scare you

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