Cybermen Moments – Doctor Who – BBC

Cybermen Moments - Doctor Who - BBC

Cybermen Moments - Doctor Who - BBC

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Cybermen Moments - Doctor Who - BBC

Contains flashing images. To celebrate fifty years of the Cybermen we've selected some classic Cybermen moments, what are some of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below…

Cybermen Moments - Doctor Who - BBC

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Cybermen Moments - Doctor Who - BBC

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Cybermen Moments - Doctor Who - BBC

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Cybermen Moments - Doctor Who - BBC

47 thoughts on “Cybermen Moments – Doctor Who – BBC”

  1. All these years later, and now we know when the Tenth Doctor went wrong. He
    didn’t need to surrender – he needed to fade away and classify himself as

  2. Tomb of the Cybermen has to be one of my favourites. That music and them
    climbing out the tombs, followed by that famous line (which is my alarm

  3. What a fantastic video you did there again Doctor Who my favourite Cybermen
    moments is when they appear at the cliffhanger of Earthshock where they say
    distroy them distroy them at once I thought that was fantastic. My 2nd
    favourite moment is the invasion where they come out of the sowers in
    London and they walk outside St. Paul’s. my 3rd moment is in Dark Water
    where they walk out of St. Paul’s and my 4th moment is in army of ghosts
    and its when they reveal themselves as the ghosts. And thought that was
    fantastic but other than that I enjoyed this video well done.

  4. favourite cybermen stories:
    1) tomb of the cybermen
    2) earthshock
    3) the invasion
    4) the 5 doctors (they appear so this counts)

  5. It’s me or does the music in Army of Ghosts looks like a remix of the music
    in Tomb of Cybermen?

  6. Aren’t Cybermen in David Tennant’s time not actual Cybermen from Mondas or
    is the Cybermen always a term for robotic human without feelings or

  7. The Cybermen in Davids Tennants time were from a paralell world and created
    by a man called John Lumic who was dying and wanted to find a way to live
    forever so set up Cybus industries to make his dream a reality but as we
    all know it went horribly wrong!😎

  8. MemeMaster
    While they are technically a separate race, the parallel Cybermen have
    always been called “Cybermen” the same as the Mondasians from the Doctor’s

    “Cybusmen” is purely a fan term to distinguish between them in discussions.
    Officially, they’re all just “Cybermen”- which makes sense, since according
    to Neil Gaiman the “Nightmare in Silver” Cybermen are the result of both
    races merging their technology.

  9. The doctor is a completely lifeform from a planet fsr away. Similarities in
    the body would most likely be only visual.

  10. +ISM ZAM …yet they couldn’t even handle four Daleks in Doomsday, and were
    defeated by screaming in The Next Doctor.

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