Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)

Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)

Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)

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Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)

Bill and his roundtable guests – Van Jones, Michael Moore, Kristen Soltis Anderson, Former Rep. Rick Lazio, and Chelsea Handler – will answer viewer questions after this week's show.
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Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)

Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)

Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)
Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)
Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)

53 thoughts on “Watch Overtime: October 28, 2016 (HBO)”

  1. We (the US) got into Libya because Gaddafi was planning a new GOLD BACKED
    Pan African CURRENCY, and he was going to start accepting Euros for oil
    payments thereby helping to take down the USD PETRO dollar monopoly and
    impinge on the powers of the BIS as a result. Those were the real reasons
    we went into Libya, Iraq and are threatening Iran: USD for OIL vs Euros,
    Yuan, Rubles or gold for oil. There were, and still are, significant
    humanitarian crises involving children, around the world and especially in
    other African nations, but we do little to nothing to stop it in those
    countries without oil and without the power to hurt the USD. So a country
    has oil, or they lack a “global banking elite sponsored central bank,” or
    they threatened to dethrone the USD’s petrodollar reserves currency status,
    then it’s a crisis we will help create or will always be willing to get
    involved with.

    Our hegemonic ideology perpetuates the global issues we face, and that
    ideology has caused the US to accrue the massive debts we now have. Out
    country’s debt makes our country and our world less safe, not safer.

    All past empires have failed for the same general reasons of massive debt
    built trying mold the world into their idea, only to have that debt take
    them down.

  2. can’t even listen to this garbage… bill will say fucking anything just to
    get hillary elected.

  3. Okay how about they put a smart conservative on the panel for once? I’m
    thinking Ben Shapiro?

  4. i used to think ben shapiro was smart but after a while i realised he
    blurts out the same old conservative shtick just faster and more clearly

  5. Why does everyone get DEFENSIVE when ANY criticism is pointed towards
    why do we allow this sublevel of sexism to continue today?
    why do we still paint women as this delicate flower and men as giants who
    dont know their own strength?
    ~~answer me please~~~

  6. Why do you think that is? He actually cares and knows Clinton is better. He
    isn’t ‘the media’. He has an opinion and gives it unapologetically.

  7. “Anyone who doesn’t agree with whatever I happen to think is the worst.
    Just the absolute worst.”

  8. +vick3d Of course its not but dont tell me todays politicans dont get
    bribes or do as they say “sketchy things”.

  9. I’ve got to go through my subscriptions and drop channels that are
    blatantly biased. I like Bill Maher, but seems like his shows have become
    more biased. He does allow some people from ‘the other side’, but they’re
    pretty much drowned out by a seemingly overly biased position agenda. Bill,
    bring it back to an objective center.

  10. StarFury777 Did you see the episode where he brought on Trump’s campaign
    manager? She has been friends with Bill for decades and they had an
    interesting conversation.

  11. +Carlos Vargas
    Selling out to the highest bidder isn’t politics in any governing fashion
    we should model our society with. But saying it’s beautiful when in all
    actuality it’s a shitstain on your face

    +NotAnUndercoverCop The sky is blue bent in the atmosphere in day, red when
    the distortions are elongated in the afternoon, black at night, and all of
    the fractures of light in-between.
    Both Trump and Hillary are not good candidates, and picking the lesser of
    the two, doesn’t make that one good.

  12. I truly can not fathom why ppl do not “like” Hilary Clinton. As a non
    American it astounds me how polluted your information is. America must have
    no idea, that the rest of the world truly watches in fear that Americans
    will elect their Reality TV President.

  13. +NotAnUndercoverCop you’re a total idiot. You don’t find her setting up a
    private server the least bit egregious? Or deleting 33,000 e-mails with
    bleachbit? Or physically breaking blackberry and iphone devices with a

    And that’s just one of the scandals she’s tainted with.

    Wake up. Idiot.

  14. +NotAnUndercoverCop
    Or he’s still mad at Trump for suing him and doesn’t want to be known as
    the edgelord who accidentally called Trump and his whole family Hitler.

  15. +Sentient Species​ No one said its beautiful. Its actually very depressing.
    Its just how it is. Our democratic system is how it is.

  16. +vick3d
    I thought your ilk thought they were lazy hoodlums. Which is it? And what
    does “we need to come together” have to do with personal responsibility?
    You should delete your comment before the whole world discovers you’re a

  17. adyagiler she is so dumb she’s got her own show that millions of people
    watch lol what have you done that makes you so smart?

  18. well, she’s not even remotely funny either, so I guess that makes her a
    total waste of space.

  19. +Sea Pig Van is just spouting the standard Jesse Jackson downtrodden negro
    song we’ve all heard before. If you’re not tired of it, you personally
    benefit or are just a naive kid.

  20. why do you think he’s smart? Because he rocks the glasses/bowtie combo?

    There are far more intelligent conservatives than Ben Shapiro.

  21. +Micro Aggressor
    Does she always have to be funny for you? Was that the purpose of her being
    on this show? Your comment is a total waste of space.

  22. S Forte I have never commented before. I had too this tome tho.

    Also I’m shocked by how many pointless idiotic comments are posted!

  23. +Carlos Vargas Again, we’re not Latin America or the Philippines or India.
    Anglosphere and Western European countries are among the least corrupt by
    all measures. We don’t need to give that up to apathy.

  24. +Sea Pig you live up to your name, Pig.

    No, she wasn’t supposed to be funny. She was supposed to sound like a
    remotely well informed, intelligent human being. She failed at doing that,
    too: which. was. the. point. laid. out. by. the. OP.


  25. +vick3d
    I’m 51 years old.

    As far as not being tired of it, your premise is false. What you claim is
    his “downtrodden negro song” doesn’t exist, therefore it’s impossible for
    me to be tired of it. If you’ve heard it all before, perhaps you should
    stop listening to the voices in your Fruit Loops.

    Please quote what he said during this show that has anything to do with
    your “downtrodden negro song”.

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