Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop

Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop

Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop

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Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop

While the Hoenn region rejoices after avoiding meteoric destruction, reporter Gabby and her cameraman Ty uncover the story of a lifetime.

Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop

Pokémon Generations revisits each generation of the Pokémon video game series to shed new light on some timeless moments. From the earliest days in the Kanto region to the splendor of the Kalos region, go behind the scenes and witness Pokémon history with new eyes! These bite-sized adventures, about 3 to 5 minutes long, will be released every week through December 23, 2016.

Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop

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Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop

Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop

113 thoughts on “Pokémon Generations Episode 9: The Scoop”

  1. Brendan is an absolute beast! Think about it, the guy:
    Has an epic Sceptile
    Gets “analyzed” by Courtney
    Gets… you know… by Zinnia
    Captures Rayquazza AND Deoxys
    AND on top of all that, saves the bloody world!!!

  2. I caught Deoxys and all my legendaries in Omega Ruby with a Premier Ball. I
    captured Rayquaza with a Premier Ball on the first throw, but Deoxys
    required about a hundred of attempts (and I was *sooo* afraid it was going
    to use Struggle, so I had to Spore the hell out of it) I do this since
    Pokémon XD, so battles offer a little more of a challenge and preemptive

  3. So uh….lets all be aware that Brendan rode on a Mega Rayquaza. Through a
    cataclysmic meteor. In Space. Then caught Deoxys. In one try.

  4. Why cant these animators do small seasons of pokemon with this same
    production value instead of a long running anime with lower quality. All
    that potential is being wasted imo.

  5. This man has a MEGA RAYQUAZA, beat Deoxys with ease, and then caught it
    first try with an Ultra ball. Kinda reminds me of that one dude in the show
    (Sinnoh series I think) where the guy had Latios and Darkrai out of

  6. People in this world believe Clefairy are from the Moon, Staryu and Starmie
    are Aliens and Minior lives in atmosphere… Why is Deoxys existence so

  7. It’s Too soon for the world to learn of Alien Pokémon. Um. In a world were
    10 year olds Befriend Demons and Elemental monsters and can Capture GOD
    yeah. Aliens is a big stretch LMAO

  8. +amoncobra Hmm, you’re right. If you pause around 1:48 it’s something else
    for the show. Looks inspired by Japanese writing, which isn’t surprising

  9. Abrahm Ward maybe it’s the Pokémon alphabet, it’d be funny if we could use
    this to translate the shows weird language.

  10. Because the above Pokémon are only speculated to be from space. Deoxys
    being from space is absolutely proven.

  11. Mordalon omg you are 100% right, I didn’t even made the connection of that
    theory to this video until I read your comment. Made it even more awesome

  12. Cleary, staryu and starmie are rumors, and minor living in the atmosphere
    is different from space. the footage not only shows concrete proof that
    this thing is from space, but shows that it is strong enough to go toe to
    toe with mega rayquaza and can be captured, every power hungry person in
    the pokemon world would try to go to space to get one, or hunt down brandon

  13. Deoxys is more believable as it was actually caught on video, not just that
    but it was also pretty aggressive as well, and might’ve went on a rampage.

    Most of the Pokedex as it is highly exaggerated rumors and myths.

  14. +HyperSonicXtreme He had the best team with him that he could’ve had, given
    what he knew about Tobias.

  15. HyperSonicXtreme Fr tho, Tobias came out the cuts with a Latios and a
    Darkrai like wtf. I was surprised Ash even held his own for a bit.

  16. That’s literally the plot of every game from 3rd gen forward though some
    yahoo wants to use legend power legend goes berserk amazing player beats
    evil team once for all battles legendary catches it and goes on to beat
    gyms and league

  17. Red I should’ve been clearer. I meant that other Gens didn’t have worse
    Pokemon, Gen 1 had Pokemon just as bad.

  18. Joel Melendez this mini series will be better than the whole sun and moon
    anime let’s not lie, we all know it’s true.

  19. i thought clefairy and Jiggs migrated from the moon. I think deoxys is a
    surprise because it isn’t a discovered or observed Pokemon or phenomenon.

  20. T-Rekts Of course, because doing a good job takes time. If you read the
    thread (which I dont blame you for because two guys were having a 3 hour
    insult match) I suggested completing a season and then airing it. Sure it
    would take a year or 2, but for a “leaner” season I personally wouldnt mind
    the wait.

  21. Black369Ace maybe it is lol it just looked like unkowns to me guys it may
    or may not be idk anymore 😂😂

  22. Gomank we haven’t even seen the plot yet. From the images I’ve seen, the
    anime looks much more crisp and cleaner. But more comedic and slapstick

  23. +Hyogail
    But neither was mega rayquaza or this particular deoxys fight (the space
    not island encounter).

  24. Bruh deoxys caught a dragon ascend from mega f**king rayquaza it’s not
    waking up he could’ve used a pokeball and the outcome would’ve stayed the

  25. Caleb Lambright I think they were referring to a kid having complete and
    absolute control of a god of weather.lmao

  26. You’re new to Pokemon are you? It was even hinted in the first generation
    of the games and anime that some Pokemon are alien beings like Clefairy or

  27. +Everything. MMA No, that’s BW ash, XY/&Z ash is way better, but S/M ash
    doesn’t look that good

  28. +Renan Santos​ Yeah, each gen has some perk that people like that I’ll
    admit, whether it’s just a minor detail, setting, characters, plot,
    whatever. I like unova mainly because of meloetta being one of my favorite
    pokémon for that gen within that region, plus the unique design of the
    elite 4 arenas, something you don’t see in other gen, etc.

    +Kyle Marsh​​ Well the thing that you should keep in mind is that gen 1’s
    design was geared towards simplicity so that’s probably the reason as to
    why it’s so memorable and is also more or less the beginning or stepping
    stone of the franchise that almost everybody know by. All in all every gen
    has at least something we know and love for the franchise.

  29. LizardMane only clue it’s spacesuit. In Omega Ruby is color red and in
    episode 7 we hace brendan beat all team magma grunt

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