Pokémon Generations Episode 10: The Old Chateau

Pokémon Generations Episode 10: The Old Chateau

Pokémon Generations Episode 10: The Old Chateau

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Pokémon Generations Episode 10: The Old Chateau

Late at night, a young traveler and her Chansey lose their way in Eterna Forest. They soon stumble upon a house—but what waits inside?

Pokémon Generations Episode 10: The Old Chateau

Pokémon Generations revisits each generation of the Pokémon video game series to shed new light on some timeless moments. From the earliest days in the Kanto region to the splendor of the Kalos region, go behind the scenes and witness Pokémon history with new eyes! These bite-sized adventures, about 3 to 5 minutes long, will be released every week through December 23, 2016.

Pokémon Generations Episode 10: The Old Chateau

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Pokémon Generations Episode 10: The Old Chateau

Pokémon Generations Episode 10: The Old Chateau

75 thoughts on “Pokémon Generations Episode 10: The Old Chateau”

  1. Yeah, I mean reading a lot of youtube comments on Sun and Moon videos I’ve
    noticed that people have been saying that the XYZ writers are working on
    Generations, which is why sun and moon looks so different. I don’t know if
    this is a fact, but it seems like a lot of people believe it is.

  2. CistudeSuisse that ghost girl is a recurring mystery character in the
    games. I’ve seen her pop up in Kalos and Unova but I wouldn’t be surprised
    if I missed her in Sinnoh too

  3. +ubercult Fun fact: In the original pokemon where Ash visits Lavender town
    he and Pikachu actually died. They came back to life in the end after BS
    Plot device and Ash obtained a Haunter to face Sabrina.

  4. a lot of the same people are working on sun and moon, but not all of them,
    its just a different animation studio studio. I dont know facts on this
    but, I dont think generations is a Japanese thing every other pokemon
    channel I went to has generations except Japan.

  5. As soon as she opened her mouth, I could tell that Cheryl was dubbed by *Stephanie
    Sheh*, aka Hinata, Orihime, Mikuru Asahina, Suzie Q from JJBA, Zhu-Li from
    tLoK, Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil, plus the “true” English voice of
    Sailor Moon.

    EDIT: OH yeah, she’s also Illyasviel from Fate/Stay Night!

  6. +Huzaifa Ahmed I don’t know any of those roles, but it just shows that she
    must be a really good voice actor!

  7. +CrystalEcho Actually the girl in this game is a completely different
    ghost. The reoccurring ghost debuted in X and Y. B/W 1 and 2 also had a
    ghost girl whom you actually speak to in B/W 2. Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
    all had this one mansion here where randomly you could encounter the ghosts
    of a butler and little girl moving around the building with no walk

  8. No they didn’t die, Cheryl ( the green hair girl ) travels with you through
    the forest since she is lost or something in the sinnoh games.

  9. +Cinnamon Sugar Courtney I thought in platinum you could use the boxes in
    the storage room.

  10. CatManThree goes meow I’m talking about Diamond and Pearl; there were no
    forms back then. Rotom Heat, Mow, Freeze, and Fan didn’t exist yet.

  11. Joshua Gaw A lot of crap happened in this house in the actual game. Gliding
    butlers and people that appear randomly in other rooms as well as rotor and
    the staring statues…

  12. +Fluffy Cactus Your own shadow will drag you in and munch on your soul with
    a smile… That or a purple kool aid man will pop out of the floor, stick
    it’s tongue out at you, then jump towards you and scream “YEAAAH!” in a low
    toned voice. (I’m looking at you Pokemon Generations’ Agatha’s Gengar!)

  13. to be fair, the Pokemon anime was made for 10 year-olds in mind, Pokemon
    Generations was made for said 10 year-olds who grew up with Pokemon.

  14. +Cinnamon Sugar Courtney Never mind, I was confused. I don’t know why I
    thought the other forms were obtainable.

  15. +akirajotaro Yeah, but honestly the show was entertaining in general only
    until Brock was removed from the show.

  16. QualityMeme hey, I’m anorexic (fear of throwing up or getting sick) but I
    completely agree with you on 1:50
    I’m one of those people who don’t get offended anymore like most people
    these days unfortunately :/

  17. You do realize it’s a kid show, right? Pokemon Generation is different

  18. she said she was scared of team galactic running amok in platinum. not sure
    in diamond or pearl though.

  19. isnt the fear of throwing up or getting sick emetophoia?? though i can
    understand how that can cause you to develop anorexia

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