The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo – Reaction – Classmates

The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo - Reaction - Classmates

The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo - Reaction - Classmates

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The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo - Reaction - Classmates

This video contains spoilers for the second episode of Class. Welcome to Classmates! We discuss episode two of Class, The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below…

The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo - Reaction - Classmates


The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo - Reaction - Classmates

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The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo - Reaction - Classmates

Edited by George Shankster
Produced by Chris Allen
The Classmates theme is composed and performed by Blair Mowat

The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo - Reaction - Classmates

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The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo - Reaction - Classmates

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46 thoughts on “The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo – Reaction – Classmates”

  1. Am sorry but I find this whole Classmates thing a bit cringe. And using the
    same people’s reactions from episode 1 it’s pretty obvious their all
    friends but what really annoys me is that they all have their own channels
    so why post the same thing their saying on their account on this one?

  2. Why did Mr Armitige get killed off? Are there plans for an alien becoming
    the headmaster? If so, why not have him just simply retire? Seriously, that
    death wasn’t what he deserved!

  3. Cant wait for next week, the trailer looks great and we get a sneek peek of
    charlie and mathius in bed?!?! :)

  4. I thought he would be like a main character in the series that helps the
    kids. But nope, he got his skin ripped off 😐

  5. Caroline Lie Are you going to review Love and Monsters on this channel next
    and praise the hell out of it? Why is there never a bad word said about
    this series. I’m not saying it’s bad by any means but it isn’t the perfect
    11/10 series you’re all putting across as

  6. I guess it´s just a case of difference in opinions. I personally really
    like the show so far! If there is something I don´t like I will 100%
    prosent say! 🙂

  7. So I’m guessing this is a show in Europe ? Never heard of it. Anyone know
    where I can watch in America?

  8. Apparently killing the principal/headmaster is a running gag in Buffy,
    which Class supposedly takes a lot of inspiration from. I’ve not watched
    Buffy myself, but one of my friends thinks Class is trying to be too
    similar to it,

  9. I’m sorry, I enjoyed the show, but Classmates is making it out to be the
    best thing ever on television.

  10. We don’t like the idea of releasing a video of random kids praising the
    show after every episode. What are they even trying to do? Brain wash us
    into thinking it’s good?

  11. Theres no problem with enjoying the show and it is a good show, but
    Classmates is flat out cherry picking, its points, making Class to be the
    best thing in television history, people come here for an actual review,
    not to hear how Good it is, and see them bumlicking the show. Its almost
    like there using subliminal messaging into making us like it.

  12. thejamsterx well that sucks. So it’ll be airing alongside Series 10 then?
    Well good thing I’m trying to watch each season to doctor who. Originals

    I just finished the first three stories the other day. An Unearthly Child,
    The Daleks, and Brink of Destruction. And i’m trying to figure out what
    episodes are next.

  13. Christ, the desperation ‘Class’ has to be successful and gain a fan base so
    quickly is off the frickin scale. It’s really sad actually.

  14. thejamsterx yeah all i found at my local library was story 7 and 27. I was
    a bit saddened it will be impossible to finish this series.

  15. I love Buffy! They always kill off the poor headmasters! Patrick Ness is a
    massive Buffy fan as well and you can definitely see a lot of similarities!

  16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a show from 1997-2003 by Joss Whedon, which
    takes place at Sunnydale High School. It´s similar to Class in the way that
    there is a group of students battling “evil” while dealing with high school
    drama! It´s great!

  17. What pathetic fan people. It wasn’t good. Not worth watching at this point.
    All I want to know if there are episodes that add to the Doctor’s or
    Clara’s story.

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