Inside Korea’s Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

Inside Korea's Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

Inside Korea's Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

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Inside Korea's Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

10 Disturbing facts about South Korea's huge cosmetics and plastic surgery industry. Subscribe:
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Inside Korea's Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

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Inside Korea's Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

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Inside Korea's Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

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Inside Korea's Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

The standard of beauty is ever evolving, but no nation has undergone such a drastic change more than South Korea. With the emergence of K-Pop and Korean Idols in the 90’s many young men and women in Korea are left feeling less than desirable. Even parents are starting to push kids to modify their looks in order to be more socially accepted. Which leaves us with 10 disturbing facts about Korea’s billion-dollar beauty industry.

Inside Korea's Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

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41 thoughts on “Inside Korea’s Shocking Billion Dollar Beauty Industry”

  1. all you need to know is that they want to make everyone white they see dark
    skin as ugly and unattractive. there are tons of skin bleaching products on
    the market in thoses countries, it’s disgusting. and to top it off we have
    all the other facts in the video.

  2. Using all the famous girl groups as examples. XD You know, guys get it too.
    I know so many who have gotten it. Just sayin’.

  3. Omg the colorism part is so true! I grew up in China and had darker skin.
    The kids would laugh at me all the time and call me African. U know how ppl
    say kids are not racisms? They totally are… even though I’m Chinese they.
    Imagine how a black person’s life would be…

  4. My friend is from Guam but was born in South Korea so she’s a bit dark
    skinned and she told me they did bully her for her skin tone

  5. Koreans so what they want about my dark skin, I’m gonna move to Korea to
    marry my kpop idol no matter what! Heck Jackson from Got7 says he likes
    women with dark skin

  6. You say surgeries start at 16 but when I was over there in 2009, I saw
    young girls start their plastic surgery as early as 14 :(

  7. um yes you can *removing and altering* someone’s *facial bones* will *dramatically
    change their structure*

  8. Thefreezzone black people do have a hard time in China from what I hear.
    Hard for them to get decent jobs.

  9. Not gonna lie, I feel that all K-pop groups looks the same (both male and
    female)… >_>

    EDIT: not saying all of them have done plastic surgery for example.

  10. I would love to have more of a V shape face mine is more round. But I think
    there are alternatives than to just jump to plastic surgery unless it’s too
    drastically far from the shape you want. But then again love yourself. But
    I do think if someone is happy with plastic surgery to a healthy degree
    there’s nothing wrong with that either.

  11. Nope Done yep that’s how it is ughhhh what’s wrong with being dark anyway
    it’s not only natural it’s also very good I mean it protects you from the
    sun while light people get damaged but darker people aren’t affected or
    just get darker to protect themselves it’s like fricken science but people
    don’t listen to the facts 😒

  12. At least in South Korea almost all who went to surgery still looks human
    and pretty. Unlike in the western countries whos starting to look like an
    alien with over plumed lips, eyebrows raised as high as Mt. Everest, skin
    extremely stretched like a rubber band, butts and boobs that can almost
    pass as car tires. Like if i rate the plastic surgeons i give A+ to Korean
    doctors. And at least in Korea their clients who are from other asian
    countries too looks pretty much a person. Not a deformed alien

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