Mandalorian Showdown – Imperial Supercommandos Preview | Star Wars Rebels

Mandalorian Showdown - Imperial Supercommandos Preview | Star Wars Rebels

Mandalorian Showdown - Imperial Supercommandos Preview | Star Wars Rebels

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Mandalorian Showdown - Imperial Supercommandos Preview | Star Wars Rebels

In this clip from the Star Wars Rebels episode “Imperial Supercommandos,” Sabine and Ezra encounter Mandalorians who’ve aligned with the Empire. They’re outnumbered, outgunned, and have to make a difficult choice…

Mandalorian Showdown - Imperial Supercommandos Preview | Star Wars Rebels

Watch "Imperial Supercommandos" Saturday, November 5 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney XD.

Mandalorian Showdown - Imperial Supercommandos Preview | Star Wars Rebels

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Mandalorian Showdown - Imperial Supercommandos Preview | Star Wars Rebels

Mandalorian Showdown - Imperial Supercommandos Preview | Star Wars Rebels

95 thoughts on “Mandalorian Showdown – Imperial Supercommandos Preview | Star Wars Rebels”

  1. “Or you, and your friend, will be completely unharmed and will somehow
    manage to beat all 4 fully grown Mandalorian warriors in a single episode.”

  2. Saxon was the Mandalorian who rescued Maul from Sidious in the Clone Wars,
    Son of Dathomir comic. Guess that fan theory about Sabine’s mother being a
    Death Watch Maul loyalist was right!

  3. I hope for Mandalorians to show up in movies, or maybe anthology movie
    about Mandalor and bounty hunters

  4. LordOf TheBricks nah we need Boba back and to show the world the underworld
    of how a bounty hunter gets around

  5. All the Imperials have British accents because even after all these years
    Americans still find them intimidating.

  6. Tom Ashe If she shows up in Rebels, it won’t be as Sabine’s mother. Filoni
    already confirmed the two have no relation.

  7. They might actually for once. These guys are pretty likely related to Maul.
    Could be a multi episode arc.

  8. “Regardless it doesn’t change that the fact that Commander Cody never
    actually used a jet pack in Episode III”

  9. Guardian Prime19 he used it during assault on Utapau, there is scene when
    he and his troops landing using jetpacks

  10. Orest Markheva actually they came down with ascension cables. I know
    precisely what scene you’re talking about and it wasn’t jet packs because
    only Cody had one and he wasn’t in that scene

  11. I don’t think so, in Star Wars Celebration, they show us the clip where
    Ezra and Sabine escaping the Mandos, probably its this episode…

  12. Lucas would have given them German accents, but then he changed his mind on
    the basis that it would have been in poor taste.

  13. Julian Webb Actually that is Boba Fett’s concept armor before his green and
    maroon armor was finalized.

  14. No, The Imperials all have mixed American and British accents go watch the
    original trilogy. Lots of American soundings guys. The fact they don’t use
    that more in this show is ridiculous.

  15. Bo Katan would never join Maul; she and Ahsoka led an entire campaign to
    retake Mandalore from him and his commandos. Even the 501st got involved

  16. You know it could just be a new character. It doesn’t have to be someone
    we’ve seen in the past. Just saying.

  17. +Haman Karn Maybe. But if we’re going with the Manda’lor theory, it’d help
    if she were direct heir to that title.

  18. +StarJoker “The Saxons, the Angles and the Jutes……….but don’t forget
    the Frisians” – Constantine III

  19. now now, we dont need your anti-disney atitude. Beside every thing out of
    the movie was still non canon on the eye of Lucas so even though in the old
    day it was considered “canon” in reality it wasnt so SHUT IT

  20. CobraTrouser I get what you’re saying, but for example look at the star
    destroyers. in rebels they are the same classic destroyers from ep4 just
    stylized. no versions. it seems like they are using rebels as a crutch for
    introducing concept and eu which is cool. I’m curious what Boba will look
    like. all white, or yellow, blue, and beige.

  21. +Xenomorph_the_Great That could be an excuse yet Stormtrooper armor is
    capable of deflecting Tusken Raider slugs. Keep in mind these are the same
    Tuskens that were Podracer sniping. It honestly seems like it’s reaching
    too hard with the whole “good guys of diverse backgrounds” trope. There’s
    no way a blind man can fire a weapon and actually hit his targets as he
    does. Following the teachings of the light side does nothing if you’re not
    actually force-sensitive.

  22. +Darth Maul Yeeessss, kneel before your master. Big fan, to tell the truth,
    but you know you were never really a true sith – you were only ever trained
    as an assassin, which puts you on par with your cousin Asaaj Ventress. You
    know not the true power of the dark side.

  23. There probably are. And I gotta say this is starting to look more and more
    like a trend. Bravo to Dave Filoni, Pablo Hidalgo, and all the others who
    worked as hard as they did to bring some more clone wars elements into

  24. You could be the best shot in the galaxy, but as soon as you put on an
    imperial uniform you can’t hit the broadside of a barn.

  25. Jacob Sailer Probably not. Bo-Katan was a Kryze, Sabine is a Wren, which
    are related to the Viszlas.

  26. +Commander23c Actually in fiction that is possible due to the heightened
    senses of a blind individual. But I get your point, but that won’t stop me
    from trying to enjoy this movie. I never thought stormtroopers were really
    that dangerous to people who are used to fighting them (like the ghost
    crew). Other higher rank stromtroopers however, should be brought into the

  27. +Armin Reindl Wren could be her father’s name. I dunno, I just find it
    convenient they’re name dropping Sabine’s mom and Bo-Katan just happens to
    be showing up for this season.

  28. +Eryn Astan “Lucas art” On every game and book.
    Most of them created WITH Lucas.
    It was already canon (btw in a better way)

  29. Little Chewbacca lol they also had more seasons to do so though. And at the
    end of the day it’s opinion based anyway but you can’t argue that the pre
    ANH is a time period with amazing potential. Vader, Sidious, obi wan, Luke,
    Han. All of them have the potential to be featured or better yet recurring
    on the show

  30. +Arcinius Most people seem to agree that Star Wars Rebels *is* targeted at
    Star Wars fans. (Not to mention, it is written, designed, and animated by
    Star Wars fans) So, you are clearly in the minority. Sorry.

  31. +Muppetfan100 No need to apologise, you didn’t state a fact. From my
    experience, most older Star Wars fans have okay to bad feelings towards
    Rebels, in your experience they don’t. Neither of us are basing our
    opinions off statistics, only our own experiences. You may be correct, and
    I may be correct, but I’m not trying to speak for everyone, just myself and
    the demographic I’m from.

  32. +Xenomorph_the_Great You never really got used to fighting them and the
    Ghost Crew shouldn’t have any combat advantage over them save Zeb and
    Kanan. Even then Kanan barely makes the cut as Stormtroopers were trained
    to be able to take on force users for the rare occasion they appeared.

  33. +Commander23c In canon they were? In which novel or comic does it say so,
    because this is the first time i’m hearing that one. Unless there were
    different types of stormtroopers that were trained to rake on force users.
    The ones in white can’t take on a jedi from what was shown in the films or

  34. +Arcinius “most older Star Wars fans have okay to bad feelings towards

    Heh, no that’s not true at all. Older fans tend to have kids and they enjoy
    watching it with them. Adults also cheered during the reveals and trailers
    of season 3 during conventions. As far as I know the show is generally well
    recieved by all ages.

  35. +DancingValkyrie “From my experience” “in your experience” “You may be
    correct, and I may be correct, but I’m not trying to speak for everyone”

  36. +Tomas Mossy Actually, in this clip, only Saxon is formerly of Death Watch
    and a loyalist to Maul. Near the end of the Clone Wars all of Maul’s Death
    Watch followers, with the exception of Saxon and Rook Kast, were wiped out
    by the CIS.

  37. +Ultimaton100 Actually, there were presumably enough to keep hold of
    Mandalore, as Ashoka later had to aid the 501st in the siege of Mandalore,
    where they took back the planet from Maul’s forces, and Ashoka managed to
    defeat Maul. He escaped by placing Captain Rex in danger, meaning Ashoka
    had to choose between saving Rex and capturing Maul. She chose saving Rex.

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