Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone

Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone

Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone

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Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone

Hey guys! Today Emilia & Eduardo and I baked Halloween Cupcakes…which I'm pretty sure we've baked before hahaha! But we decorated them differently and let's just say this is the 2016 version. They are pumpkin flavour and if you like carrot cake, you'll definitely love these 🙂 xoxo Anna

Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone


Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone

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Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone

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Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone

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Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone

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47 thoughts on “Halloween Cupcakes 2016! | Anna Saccone”

  1. So excited to see baking videos again, I love these so much (even tho I
    despise cupcakes) they are fun to watch!

  2. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 😩😩😩 I’ll never forget that video
    where u were cooking with Emilia and she took a huge handful of dough

  3. Who was filming if Jonathan was in the background ? It can’t be a tripod
    because the clips were moving 😂

  4. (Not being rude)Emelia always try’s to grabs things in baking anyone
    remember in the giant jammy dodger baking vid😂😂😂 that was so funny😂

  5. I think that in the U.K. using cups is just the standard. That’s how it is
    in Aus so I’m guessing that’s where we got it from

  6. Courtney Lunn im from the U.K but i never use cups always grams and none of
    my recipe books are in cups i think its because Anna is using an american
    cook book

  7. Rachel Horne might just be the book. Probably not a British one. In British
    and I usually use grams

  8. Rachel Horne because it’s a American recipe also here in the uk we work in
    grams and Over in America they work in cups that’s why

  9. I just noticed that Emilia and Eduardo were wearing their zodiac sign
    necklaces. I’m an Aries too and it’s nice to see my sign on Eduardo. 💕😊♈️

  10. Who remembers the first time Emilia introduced a video for Anna – pumpkin
    spice cupcakes. “Emilia bake-a cucakes…I bake punkin’ cucakes” So
    freaking cute!!!

  11. I really admire how Anna talks to her children!! She gives them full
    answers on why things are like what, instead of just screaming “no!” at
    them. They’re going to grow up to be wonderful people :)

  12. or when she went to put sprinkles on once and basically the entire thing of
    sprinkles came out in one go hhaha

  13. i haven’t been able to watch the sacconejolys too much because of school
    and oh my god! Eduardo speaks so much now and his accent is so thick! And
    Emilia is so mature!! I can’t wait for baby number 3!

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