Adventures with Ash and Charizard!

Adventures With Ash And Charizard!

Adventures With Ash And Charizard!

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Adventures With Ash And Charizard!

Ash and Charizard: A fiery friendship through the years! Watch episodes of Pokémon on the Pokémon TV app!

Adventures With Ash And Charizard!

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Adventures With Ash And Charizard!

Adventures With Ash And Charizard!

Adventures With Ash And Charizard!
Adventures With Ash And Charizard!

48 thoughts on “Adventures with Ash and Charizard!”

  1. *Ash* “I have an idea, how about i don’t bring one my best pokemon to
    battle a guy who is twice as strong as Paul even tho it’s the finals of the
    Kalos League”

  2. It would be cool if ash made the ultimate team by combining his best over
    the entire anime

    – Pikachu
    – Charziard
    – Septile
    – Greninja
    – Staraptor
    – Krookodile

  3. When you think it’s going to be a Pokemon Generation thing but with Ash and
    Charizard kinda disappointed

  4. What time zone are you in that Monday becomes Friday?

    Right, none because it doesn’t exist. You stupidly expecting something on a
    day it isn’t intended is the problem here, not the upload.

  5. Sigils, ETHEC. dude, chill. I didn’t realize they air on Fridays either, no
    reason to get all up in the dude’s metaphorical grill.

  6. That would be cool but ash cant bring pokemon from other regions its
    illegal according to pokemon generation only one can come and he chose his
    un evolved pikachu instead of everyonelse

  7. This video was pretty poorly made imo. Music sounded like something you’d
    grab off a free music website and it had like no flow to it. Also what was
    with the pillar boxing on the sides? Pokemon you know you own the creative
    rights to your own art right?

  8. hari azuma what gold brought all his Pokemon from johto to kanto and so did
    ash heck ash brought Pikachu aipom with him to sinnoh

  9. What better way to celebrate Charizard in the anime than showing all the
    times he roasted Ash’s face with fire breath?

  10. +Mid Spice you’re right, the videos I’ve made are complete garbage. That’s
    why I don’t make them anymore and am majoring in Video Production in college

  11. If you seriously consider Staraptor and Krookodile to be on his top 6
    strongest Pokemon then I think you should rewatch the whole darn anime.

  12. ShadowZone1996 I agree with you cuz Infernape could easily take on both of
    them or at least Krookadile alone

  13. >thinks 1280×720 was available back in the 90s
    >”what’s with the pillarboxing”
    *J U S T*

  14. I’m remember now, since 1998 at elementary school, my old friends and I
    talked about Pokémon. after school, I watched Pokémon everyday, including
    Saturday morning. :)

  15. The music sounds like it belongs in Super MeatBoy. Also epic video Pokémon
    company. Keep making more, perhaps one with Ash’s faithful companion..Pika

  16. Candyroxnrulz no one did. just you. theres nothing to cry about. theres a
    charizard, theres a fireproof bad trainer, thats it

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