Soldiers Forced to Repay Bonuses

Soldiers Forced To Repay Bonuses

Soldiers Forced To Repay Bonuses

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Soldiers Forced To Repay Bonuses

Thousands of National Guard soldiers are being forced to pay back bonuses they received for re-enlist during the height of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Soldiers Forced To Repay Bonuses

Soldiers Forced To Repay Bonuses

Soldiers Forced To Repay Bonuses
Soldiers Forced To Repay Bonuses
Soldiers Forced To Repay Bonuses

29 thoughts on “Soldiers Forced to Repay Bonuses”

  1. fellow veterans we need to march on Washington, I’m sick of this crap, when
    veterans are treated like this it’s a shame our own citizens get treated
    terrible, we don’t fight for this country to be shitted upon by the very
    government we try to uphold. How dare you capitol hill, you should be
    ashamed, I would love to see you shitbirds take pay cuts for your lavish
    dinners and limousines and corruption that you dabble in. How about you
    deduct this needed money from your salaries after all you shitstains are
    running this country, it’s your faults.

  2. They served and put their lives on the line . Thankyou every veteran for
    serving. Not right at all. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 How about going at the real problem in
    this country crooked politicians . We shouldn’t have to pay for a president
    that no longer serves. That’s where the money is going. Look At their pay
    plus benefits meanwhile look at vets pay and benefits back words for sure.

  3. Bonuses were given so Bush would not need to activate the draft and send
    sons of rich people into war. Instead Bush activated guard units that are
    to be the last used in a war. Remember the National guard recruit
    advertisement that said , “Only one weekend a month.” Guard units spent
    years in combat and had tours of duty extended beyond their duty period.
    This is how Bush kept his war for profit propaganda machine intact.

  4. We spend 600 billion on the military. I think at least a small amount
    should go to the men and women that actually fought. Not the corrupt

  5. The men and women soldiers if this country lived up to their end of the
    contract ! They should keep there bonuses. Government is getting to Big and
    politicians just don’t get it. God Bless the military men and women of
    America !!

  6. Disgraceful!! A deal is a deal. Our solders deserve every cent of it and
    more. Corruption in government. We need to start over.


  8. If the taxpayer makes a mistake he/she has to pay 100% of the penalties.
    If the government makes a mistake the taxpayer has to pay 100% of the
    Something doesn’t sound right here.

  9. I agree. We need to protect ourselves from this kind of treatment. We need
    a law that makes it impossible for the gov’t to force the blame on the
    military for their short comings.

  10. Exactly I wish I could get a taste of that 600 billion dollars that is
    being wasted by the gov’t on unnecessary projects.

  11. If they signed a contract that contract is sealed. That is bull crap My tax
    dollars are meant to pay that contract so that they get the money they
    risked their lives for.

  12. I highly doubt even 10 percent of people in the military today have
    actually fought anything.

  13. +Aaron Treno Why don’t you ask them yourself. Oh wait that’s right you
    aren’t even in the military. So you don’t even have a clue what these men
    and women went through or what they will face in the future.

  14. Absolutely understandable. Earlier in the year, the Pentagon called
    attention to 6.5 trillion dollars being missing! Which of course, Obama
    made a gift of, half to himself and his DC cronies, and the other half to
    his Supreme Leader in Iran. So now, this is just one way the Pentagon chose
    to make up a part of that shortfall that the politicians stole.

  15. +Aaron Treno That’s just boot camp you idiot. You won’t be doing any of
    that once you’ve graduated out of boot. There’s a lot of career choices in
    the military and once graduated boot camp, you’ll get trained on the job
    you choose. And once you’re out the military will pay you to go to school
    or if you stay in for 20 years and retire you get a monthly retirement
    check the for the rest of your life.

  16. Pentagon officials should roll back salaries for a few years that will pay
    for the bonuses our troops deserve

  17. Feigned concern for vets after ABC News covers up the abuse in the VA!
    Congress under the constitution controls the purse strings. New legislation
    is legal way to correct this dubious method for financing the government.
    If you care, then write your congressmen or elect new ones who will. It
    could be your money that the government goes after next, Social Security,
    Medicare, 401Ks or simply ceasing a portion of your bank account to pay off
    the national debt like they sponsor in European countries. Read Thomas
    Paine’s “Common Sense” pamphlets. Our forefathers fought and died to
    establish their own country so they could print money and not have to pay
    interest to bankers like England did and does. The government sells the
    lives of our kids to bankers indenturing them to pay off the interest on
    the national debt.

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